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*also works great for an adjustable counterpoise! Simply calculate the length, and adjust on the fly! This patent-pending industrial grade tape measure is pre-marked for dipoles and loop antennas up to 30M. It also includes measurements for 1/4λ and 1/2λ Slinky Antenna Build Video here:https://youtu.be/sOm1sOByoH8I've changed out the speaker wire counterpoise on my slinky antenna with a tape measure! Will it. In this case, Mike Hannah creates a slinky vertical antenna with a counterpoise fashioned from steel tape measures. Very basic, but the antenna works. You may want to substitute copper coated wire or aluminum pieces for the tape measures in case you need to solder the counterpoise to the antenna base. Here are some of Mike's observations Site Notices. Night Goggles Outdoor Systems Photonis ECHO WP DTNVGs $6,449 IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP NOW! 6/3/2021 3:21:59 PM. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - 30' steel tape measure as a counterpoise. ARCHIVED. Posted: 11/26/2020 8:49:20 AM EDT

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  1. In many later versions of the W3EDP, the counterpoise wire is installed in parallel with the antenna wire. The original and the later versions of the this antenna can be looked at in several ways (ref. 10C): When the antenna and counterpoise wires are arranged in parallel, as in the Zepp, it has a 67 ft long antenna wire (84 - 17 = 67 ft)
  2. Over on FB, someone suggested adding tuned radials to it but I haven't really been able to find out much info about what size that means for each band. Would I do better with a counterpoise (a metal tape measure works well enough for that)? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  3. Measurements are made from the bottom of the main coil to the screw in the tuning ring. Counterpoise wire should be approximately. ¼ wavelength for the frequency beingoperated is a good starting point. Do not cut the wire just roll up the UN-USED portion. Freq. In MHz Length in F
  4. Kand Lshow the tape measure counterpoise. Photos Mand Nshow the loading coil for 40 meters. The coil can be shorted and a shorter wire threaded through the mast for use on the higher frequency bands. Finally, photo Oshows the rig used in th

Tape measure counterpoise. Plugs into Matching Unit, allows simple repeatable tuning. Three-segment wire, total 25 ft long. Hangs from the SOTA pole. Velcro straps. For mounting SOTA pole to a fixed object and for keeping wire in place Since our inception, Keson long measuring tapes have met the highest standards of accuracy and durability. They resist breakage and damage under the toughest field conditions. We understand that these tapes are critical to your profession. That's something we take very seriously, which is why we supply the best possible long tape measure we. Remember the tape measure loop tuner video we did on field day? Well now there is a commercially made model, and i am giving away 3 of them. Watch the video.

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LICHAMP Tape Measure 16 ft, 6 Pack Bulk Easy Read Measuring Tape Retractable with Fractions 1/8, Measurement Tape 16-Foot by 3/4-Inch 4.6 out of 5 stars 165 $19.99 $ 19 . 99 $29.99 $29.9 In reality it needs a counterpoise 0.06-0.07 lambda, otherwise the reactive resistance is way too high. In other words it would be interesting to see an experiment that would be closer to real-world scenario: 1) a 1:1 balun for center-fed dipole 2) 0.06-0.07 lambda counterpoise + RFI choke for end-fed dipole A base coil section provides the additional band capability. Use on your UHF mount or adapter with a counterpoise wire and tuner for best results. Comet Antenna HFJ-350M specs: Frequency: 3.5 - 50 MHz (9 bands) Max. Power: 75 W PEP SSB on 3.5 MHz; 100 W SSB PEP 7.0 - 50 MHz

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Olive Also, take a piece of flagging tape and tie it to the part of the dragging counterpoise that is by the quick disconnect. Now when it comes unplugged you'll be able to quickly spot it. Optionally, use a brightly colored wire. But be prepared to have LOTS of people tell you, you're dragging a wire. Identification and Patriotis set of 5 spaded lugs, one 100 ft AEMC® tape measure and carrying bag. Test Kit for 3-Point Testing (Supplemental for 4-Point Testing)...Cat. #2135.38 Includes two 100 ft color-coded leads (hand-tied, green/black), one 30 ft lead (green), two T-shaped auxiliary ground electrodes, set of 5 spaded lugs, one 100 ft AEMC® tape measure and carrying. The counterpoise rods can cause injury and/or severe RF burns. • 3/8 Open End Wrench • Tape Measure 20' • 3/8 Nut Driver • Suitable Eye Protection 5/16 Nut Driver (Deep Socket) • Pliers 5/16 Open End Wrench 0 WD-40® or equivalent. Safety Precautions WARNING! You can be killed if the antennas, feedline, or the equipment used t The antenna consists of a collapsible whip, loading coil assembly, universal mount, counterpoise wire, and choke. The operating frequency is adjusted by moving the tap on the coil. The counterpoise wire length is adjusted for minimum SWR. The MFJ-1622 Antenna will allow the operator to get on the air from locations where antenna size is limited

Mark the counterpoise with some orange flag tape so no one trips over it. The CP is best when a few feet off the ground. Sure its a compromise antenna but not every has the time or space to throw up a dipole when out in the field. I have the counterpoise in a Colemans clothesline winder and another in the Radio Shack SWL antenna spool [Be careful with sharp edges/corners; consider duct tape on the edges & corners.] - In fact excess counterpoise dimensions can have an adverse effect on SWR. One reason is that the 'hot' voltage point of the electric field of the short antenna close to an expansive ground plane in multiple directions results in markedly decreased resistance Configurations available from this one kit are: Half-wave dipole, inverted V, NVIS, sloping dipole, vertical dipole, quarter-wave vertical with counterpoise, and long-wire with counterpoise. The complete antenna kit is stored in a ruggedized canvis or vinyl carrying bag, complete with belt loops and a 156 foot tape measure to adjust the. After some time, the antenna was improved by adding multiple counterpoise wires (as in the original post) and the resulting antenna was working well, the only problem was that, as for all randoms, the antenna wasn't exactly a quiet one, that is, noise floor was pretty high, so, after fiddling with chokes and other countermeasures and lowering.

Tools: Wire cutters/strippers, Tape Measure, Banana Jacks; On The Air. I'll admit: I was a bit nervous putting this antenna on the air. Although I felt the X5105 ATU *should* match this antenna, I had no idea if it actually would. all it's missing is a counterpoise wire which you can buy separately from Chameleon or,. (2) 19 pieces of tape measure. I used the Stanley Fat Max because it was the cheapest heavy duty one I found at Home Depot. (2) 4 pieces of tape measure. Heavy duty 5/8 shrink wrap. Antenna relocation cable (or the means to build your own). Mine is similar to this one. Sandpaper. Electrical solder and soldering iron. I use rosin core, but. The antenna was essentially set up as a vertical random wire with one counterpoise. Tape Measure, Banana Jacks; On The Air. I'll admit: I was a bit nervous putting this antenna on the air. Although I felt the X5105 ATU *should* match this antenna, I had no idea if it actually would Radio Wavz sales@radiowavz.com P.O. Box 851 St. Charles, MO 63302 (636)442-132 a tape adhesion testing device installed at the moving path of the carrier having a tape-outputting wheel, a second counterpoise and a tape-recovery wheel, the tape-outputting wheel provided to paste a tape on the testing sample having the scratches formed therein, and the second counterpoise providing an adhesion force onto the testing sample.

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  1. The radiator, is one half of the di-pole and the counterpoise or ground plane, is the other. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get on with the J-Pole. Some parts you will need! Materials List 10' 1/2 Copper Water Pipe 1 T 1 Elbow 2 End caps 1 SO-239 Connector 3 Machine Screws with Nuts 4 1/2 Pipe Strap
  2. section and bolted on my tape measure sections to make up for the missing ones I broke off in New Mexico. The antenna has two Buddie Coils on it as the top coil is needed for better foot counterpoise wire to a 9.5-foot wire for 17m and 6m operation. Using this antenna, I now can walk through trees etc without fear of breakin
  3. imum for this set up. I will be adding 2 more to improve the impedance match
  4. This tape measure is a lot higher quality than I expected. It's comparable to the $30 tape I bought from a hardware store. The additional markings on the tape for dipoles and loop antennas are handy and I saw a guy on YouTube that actually used one of these as the actual antenna when connected to an MFJ loop tuner. Amazing
  5. The Antenna Calculator for Half-Wave Dipoles. Enter your desired frequency (MHz) of operation (i.e. 3.55). If you have no particular preference within a given ham radio band, then simply enter its center frequency (i.e. 7.15 for the 40 meter band)

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  1. ated with wing nuts. This is so that the position of the tape can be fine tuned. The tape casing is finally clamped in place between the coupler and the base of the fishing rod, as shown in this diagram. Fig. 3: The coating on the tape measure i
  2. counterpoise for the two active elements. The boom of the antenna must be less than 1/2 wavelength long. The longer the boom, ( up to 1/2 wavelenngth ) the more RF phase difference will be detected. I found that spacing the antennas about 1/4 wavelength apart gave the best results. Further apart resulted in more modulation but at the expens
  3. Measuring system (ruler/tape measure). Pole system (camouflage supports work well). Adapter UG-1441--red for radiating element and black for counterpoise (ground)
  4. A Radial and Counterpoise, as used here are the same thing. Neither one necessarily implies it must be 1/4 wavelength long by name. I've seen people use metal tape measures to make portable.
  5. g quite well. In fact K2FF/W5UE and our partner in crime, John, W4II (now K0XX) had combined for a #2 finish worldwide in.
  6. Using 50 foot tape measures to measure the exact length needed to obtain 1:1 SWR on each band works nicely. After measurements for each band, wire and a switch(s) can be permanently substituted for jumper settings and counterpoise lengths so only fine tuning may be needed for your area

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Assembly. Everything necessary to assemble the antenna is in the box; all you will need will be a ruler or tape measure to insert the element sections the correct depth, and a screwdriver to tighten one clamp. Hole alignments are accurate and burr-free; the entire assembly procedure takes about 15 minutes or less No long-wire radials or counterpoise kits are necessary for operation of the AV-640. The AV-640 is self contained for simple, convenient portable or fixed operation. Mechanical construction of the AV-640 is designed for extreme light weight and high wind survival. Aircraft grade 6063-T832 aluminum and high strengt Out came the tape measure and we worked out i could shoehorn in a 160m-10m inverted L antenna. Here at G6OHM the vertical section is 16ft high and the vertical leg runs 45 deg sideways to get the antenna into the garden.The rest of the length is horizontal. My Inverted L also goes over the roof as in the picture St. Louis Vertical. The St. Louis Vertical (SLV) offers portable enthusiasts an easy-to-build, easy-to-use antenna which: Covers 10-40M via a balanced line tuner. Installs independently of external supports. (45 oz. for antenna, mount and radials) (Car, canoe, backpack, bike, etc. In case of pipe earthing system we fill surroundings of the pipe with alternating layers of charcoal and salt, which maintain the surrounding soil of the pipe moist. A details pictorial representation of a pipe earthing is down here below. Counterpoise Earthing. We use 10.97 mm dia galvanized wire for the purpose of counterpoise earthing of electrical transmission tower

a big tape measure. He also carried a copy of the FCC Rules, parts 81 and 83, and was ready to inspect our installation of a big 100-watt Bendix AM transmitter. I had just passed my Second Class radiotelephone license (a rarity for a teenage) and had everything pretty well figured out, except for the tape measure Now you will build the trebuchet's arm. First, tape the AA battery to one end of a popsicle stick. Unbend one end of a paper clip so it is almost, but not quite, straight.Attach the remaining flat part of the paper clip to the other end of the popsicle stick, with the straightened part pointing outward and up (away from the counterweight)

Large black spherical 1 kilogram counterbalance or counterpoise weight for measurement and weighing isolated on Pregnant woman controlling weight gain. Closeup pregnant woman holding scales, tape measure and smartphone I tested without a counterpoise, which I plan to add when I test it for communications in the future. I took the tip off the antenna to see what's inside. The antenna extension is made from steel roll-up tape measures sealed in heat-shrink and riveted together at the base connector

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  1. A very useful component is the tape measure, which is graduated in both feet and meters. A counterpoise is a conductor or system of conductors used as a substitute for a ground in an antenna.
  2. ishing returns. You can use a tape measure as a tuneable counterpoise at a push or even as a dipole if you use 2
  3. Even a TAPE MEASURE can ,and often is adapted as an antenna or counterpoise when needed (it has a gator clip attached to it too). « Last Edit: August 11, 2016, 07:03:08 AM by Carl
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After much study to include the webpage I made regarding the KISS-SSB, I tried a new-to-me counterpoise system. I knew it was going to be long so I ordered 200' of 18AWG wire for this test. The purpose was to see if I would get any different results against the existing counterpoise I now have.. Tape Measure Vertical - Weekend Antennas. Posted on June 16, 2017 by ve3ips. Another jaunt to Dollarama for a tape measure and a tent pole. They still are not stocking speaker wire. This will be available to try out t the Toronto QRP Society meeting. Has been proven on the bands provided you have a tree For the past couple of weeks, I've been playing with end-fed wire antennas. Before I get into the nitty-gritty details, let me first make a distinction between end-fed half-wave antennas, such as the ones sold by LNR Precision and end-fed wires that use some kind of tuning to achieve a 50 Ω output impedance.. End-fed, half-wave antennas (EFHWs) are a half-wavelength long and are resonant. I have buy a MP1 SuperAntenna on Wimo website, in last February, this HF antenna is dedicated for portable operation, covering from 10 to 30 meters, (and more if you buy coil option for 80m) I use it mainly on my balcony, because of lack of space. In my quick test, i have do some QSO in Europe, with somes stations in Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Macedonia, with 100W on 20 meters band

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331-916-0008 Construct a Counterpoise 331-916-0009 Construct a Long Wire Antenna 331-916-0010 Construct Slant Wire Antenna 331-916-0017 Construct Vertical Half-Rhombic Antenna ii. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Sectio Introduction. Lightning is a capricious, random and unpredictable event. Its' physical characteristics include current levels sometimes in excess of 400 kA, temperatures to 50,000 degrees F., and speeds approaching one third the speed of light. Globally, some 2000 on-going thunderstorms cause about 100 lightning strikes to earth each second counterpoise weights representing a greater or less weight than the marked capacity of the instrument; or Where a tape measure is marked with a tractive force is shall be tested when subjected to that force and a change of plus or minus 10 per cent of the tractive force shall not cause a variation in length exceeding the maximum permissible.

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It is important to use a counterpoise. A standard recommendation (see QST, March 1936, p. 32, An Unorthodox Antenna) is an 84' long end fed and a 17' long counterpoise (6.5' for 20m). While these lengths have been shown to work well on many bands, which is helpful if you're in a hurry to get on the air, read up on the topic and experiment Prior to about 15 years ago, the basic methodology for ground testing remained fundamentally unchanged since it was originally devised in the early 20th century. The end-user would use a test instrument and probes to first inject a current into the earth between a test electrode and a remote probe, measure the voltage drop caused by the soil to a designated point, and then use Ohm's Law to. General Industry Information. The Lightning Protection Institute is a nationwide not-for-profit organization founded in 1955 to promote lightning protection education, awareness, and safety. The lightning protection industry began in the United States when Benjamin Franklin postulated that lightning was electricity, and a metal rod could be used to carry the lightning away from a building Fourth Problem to Solve: The Lack of a Good RF Ground You could try a counterpoise.This is a length of wire that is added to simulate the presence of a good RF ground right at the receiver - when no good ground is available (like a water pipe) which is generally the case for those who live in an apartment building. Normally, a passive counterpoise is a quarter wavelength of insulated copper.

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With a suitable counterpoise this configuration should result in quite a low radiation angle. With the right conditions this can provide surprisingly good results. The first being a simple notebook and tape measure. It can be worthwhile to record details of an antenna like whip length, number of active turns on each coil, element angle and. Experimentally selecting the length because the length is influenced by the antenna environment and the counterpoise height over the ground) Reflection coefficient, Return loss / SWR was measured using VNA directly connected to the antenna feed point and observed remotely while adjusting the length of the counterpoise. (A metal reel measuring.

Measure and cut wire, wound my first unun and then off I went with my go kit (a Yaesu 857d and MFJ-929 tuner with a cheap computer PSU to power the rig up) up to a friend's cabin in Wisconsin. Hoisting this antenna was much easier as I only need one friendly tree and ended up with a basically a sloper antenna Big Wires - A 160 / 80 / 40 Meter Multi-band Antenna. Top Band, as 160 meters is called, presents a a challenge because the long wavelength leads to large antennas. One can always play tricks with loading to be able to use a physically shorter length of wire. There are many articles on compact 160 m antennas, but this is not one of them

20 meter trap in the top of that tube. Set to dimension C from the table in Fig. 7, again measuring from the top of the plastic at the bottom of the tube, and from the top of the tube to the bottom edge of the trap. 12. Install spider assembly as shown in Fig. 5, it should be flat against the top of the 20 meter trap cover items covered by the codes for Liquid Measures and Measure- Containers. [1951] D. DEFINITIONS. D. 1. Pre-Packaged-Ice-Cream Measure-Container. —A container intended to be used once only, to determine in advance of sale the quantity of ice cream, sherbet, or other similar frozen dessert, on the basis of liquid measure Heavy Duty 25 ft. x 1 in. Modifications void your warranty (especially radio MARS/CAP modifications). Not this one! End hook is triple riveted for extra strength and ensure years of consistent use I'm not sure how accurate the voltage meter in the FT-857d is--I tested a 7Ah SLA that I supposed was failing, due to the voltage reading from the FT-857d showing 11.6v, dropping to ~11.2v or lower on Tx (I actually saw it ~10.6v during a tuning cycle). According to the Greenlee, the same battery measures ~12.6v at idle and ~12.0v under 20w load

The HFJ-350M is designed to be used with a counterpoise in order to work properly. It covers the 3.5, 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28 and 50 MHz bands. Maximum power is 75 Watts SSB on 80 meters and 100 Watts SSB on 40 through 6 meters. This antennas requires a counterpoise and antenna tuner. Recommendation level Measuring Transmission Loss. Rubber duck antenna that is on the TYT . I added a counterpoise to see what would happen as I feel that the chassis of the radio makes up the other half of the antenna. Very very weird results. When I was testing out my 3EL tape measure Yagi, I placed a transmitter on my property and tried to find it. John did not have a tape measure to measure a room, so he used his shoes. Using his shoes end to end, the room measured 20 shoes wide by 25.5 shoes long. When he returned, he measured his shoes. They measured 280 mm long. Create a new unit JohnShoes. Define it as 280mm. Define the width and length of the room in units of JohnShoes

A. Shall be measured by the number of linear feet of cable or counterpoise wire installed in trenches, duct bank or conduit, including ground rods and grounding connectors, and trench marking tape ready for operation, and accepted as satisfactor Brief Guide to Fundamentals of EMC in Railways. In Railways, Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) between power systems and other systems especially other communication, signalling systems is a necessary demand for the reliable and safe operation of devices. It is obvious that the traction power systems could interfere with signalling systems. 3/8 Open End Wrench • Tape Measure 20' 3/8 Nut Driver • Safety Glasses 5/16 Nut Driver • Pliers 5/16 Open End Wrench 745-3108 Counterpoise Ring SS W/tabs RI 2 745-3116S #16 Hose Clamp SS 3 765-1062 Plastic Ca 5/8 C2 1 Part Bag #3 Part Description ID Number Quantit

You'll need about 8-15 inches or so of feedling sticking out the far end. Of the pipe, for your RF Connection. Also place the 3/4″ X 1″ Tee on the other end of the pipe. Throughout the rest of this process make sure the center conductor is attatched to the element sticking up and the sheilding to the counterpoise sticking down Antenna was an 84′ endfed with 17′ counterpoise. Wire was my normal 14awg THHN, available and easy. End of the wire was about 25′ up in a tree. The 20m band tuned up awesome and was usable without a retune over the entire band. I was able to get 40 and 80 to tune, but not all that easily Remote HF Antenna Tuner build - part 1. We have recently moved house to a place that allows putting up a wire antenna for HF. A dipole fed with open wire line would have had my preference, but that is not possible. Instead, a single wire from the roof down to the garden is possible, and the large metal roof can then act as the counterpoise.

tape measure to set valve lash. There are two ways to find poor connections in high current leads. One is by inspection, using our eyes and hands. Frayed or broken strands, loose crimps, corrosion and loose fasteners can show up in visual inspection. The second method is by measuring voltages while that area of th Field Day Plans (proposal) Field Day 2021 outline, Planning is a wonderful thing, but it is merely a plan. Things will change, and those changes always seem to dictate final outcomes. Our Plan is to assemble an antenna farm Friday evening, two vertically polarized multi-band antennas intended for our Digital stations

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The tape is still better for measuring dipoles, however. Hook up the tuner, throw out a counterpoise, and get on the air. One of the fastest wire antenna setups, not critical for height or direction, and very effective for short and medium range communications. The vertical section gives a respectable low angle signal as well for dx According to the specs, the Q7 produces 2dB more output at 50Hz than the 3/5A and has a frequency response of 60Hz-20kHz, which is impressive for an infinite-baffle (sealed box) design with a five inch woofer. Like the 3/5A, the Q7's sensitivity is on the low side at 83dB, but its similarly benign 15Ω impedance makes it an easy load that. Take the ring terminal from the Counterpoise Hoop wire and one terminal from the wire extension. Place both terminals over the drill hole at the end of the 80 counterpoise rod that has the yellow end cap and is attached to the aluminum tube on the Counterpoise bracket. see figure 6. Insert a screw attaching these terminals to the Counterpoise rod

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I then removed the 1m long counterpoise and I was no longer able to obtain a match at any setting (fig. 11). Essentially, the antenna was not energized. I had taken measures to prevent as much coupling as I could to the shield of the coax (no direct connection, fig. 12, and ran the coax 90 degrees to the antenna) Replacing Fuel Tanks. Posted on 2015-06-01. by Bob. Fuel tanks made of black iron on any 1970s-1980s era boat are always an issue. Some seem to last forever without a problem; others develop leaks along the welded seams; most eventually leak - it's just a matter of time. Sanderling was built in 1987 by Blue Water Yachts in Taiwan, a. 500 ft. 16/4 Grey Stranded CU In-Wall CMR/CL3R Speaker Wire This 500 ft. 16-Gauge In-Wall Speaker Cable This 500 ft. 16-Gauge In-Wall Speaker Cable is rated for in-wall use. It eliminates the need for extra wires around your speaker system

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Related terms for 'weight': counterpoise, counterweight, dead weight, dense, density, heaviness, heavy, heft, light, lightweight, load, net, net A Yagi-Uda antenna or simply Yagi antenna, is a directional antenna consisting of two or more parallel resonant antenna elements in an end-fire array; these elements are most often metal rods acting as half-wave dipoles. Yagi-Uda antennas consist of a single driven element connected to a radio transmitter and/or receiver through a transmission line, and additional parasitic elements with. Surge Protection Subsystem. Another important components of the Lightning Protection System is the Connection Components which include but not limited to: Clamps, Connectors, Terminal components, Bridging components, Expansion pieces, Measuring points. And I explained the Strike Termination Subsystem in this Article Southwire's Bare Copper is used for residential electrical systems before entering the home, usually at the meter base. It is also used as a residential grounding wire. Solid and stranded bare copper (Classes AA & A) are used for overhead transmission and distribution applications. Solid bare copper (Classes B & C) are used for non-insulated hook-ups, jumpers and electrical construction Dipole antennas plans category is a curation of 163 web resources on , Dipoles, K0RWU Multiband dipole 6-17 meters, The Folded Dipole. Resources listed under dipole category belongs to Antennas main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators

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Translation for: 'to trim (border with braid, tape etc)' in English->Chinese dictionary. Search over 14 million words and phrases in more than 490 language pairs

CPVC tape measure antenna designBuild it: 2 meter Tape Measure Yagi Beam Antenna - KB9VBR