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Nacogdoches, Tx. Another idea, and I have actually seen this sold foir this purpose but you can make yourself. Cut three pieces of 4 PVC about 18 long. Cut three pieces of dog chain (length to be determined) and attach one end to the end of each piece of PVC. Slip one piece onto each feeder leg with the chain up Visit our webstore for firearm parts at https://www.Taylor-Tactical-Supply.comSUBSCRIBE / LIKE / FAVORITEAdd me to you circles on Google+https://plus.google...

How to coon proof a feeder? Whitetail Deer. Contributors to this thread: wvbowbender 23-Mar-13. OkieJ 23-Mar-13. t-roy 23-Mar-13. Before pics had coons hanging all over feeder. After pics had pissed off coons walking around on ground. Protein is expensive. PVC is cheap. No brainer! Register here to reply to this topic. Bowsite Resources If you're the build-it-yourself type and have some barrel or homemade feeders or simply have some feeders with heads not compatible with the standard CoonHoods, the 2-Way Gravity Head is a complete unit designed to transform these feeders into coon-proof feed stations. Available in 2 gravity head heights, 16″ and 24″

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In Texas we are blessed or cursed with wild hogs and plenty of coons....You keep the hogs away from your deer feeder by placing 28 tall cattle panels around your feeder....and when a feeder has a throw radius of 24 feet you can only guess what that costs....but the coon over population is a big issue...they tear up your feeder and waste deer nuggets and corn......a friend told me about a way to COON PROOF my deer feeder and it is very simple 3 inch pvc pipes hanging from a metal wire works great. Must be wire not string so it doesn't just twist around the leg. Needs to be a 3 inch or more pipe also and must be long enough so they don't just jump it. Hang it about 12 inches from the top of the leg and 4 ft long or so

Coonhood is an innovative device used to prevent raccoons, along with other varmints, from accessing protein in chute-style feeders. The PATENTED design allows the unwanted animal's weight to lower the hood blocking access to the feed. When no varmints are present, the hood remains in the upright neutral position which allows the larger. Mar 5, 2014. #18. Forest Grump said: I have come to conclude, from many years of study, that the way to keep hogs away is a 4 foot page-wire fence, & to keep coons out, you need to set up a 3-4 ft electric fence, with no ability to tap trees to avoid it, in order to keep it coon-free. Click to expand..

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Without an annual thinning of the herd, there will be plenty of raccoons wreaking havoc on deer feeders, turkey and quail nests this spring, and around the house or hunt camp. Step 1: Choosing The Trap. If you're interested in thinning out the coon population in your area, then checkout these easy-to-set dog-proof traps re: Suggestions on how to Coon-proof a deer feeder Posted. by Nawlens Gator. on 10/3/17 at 1:23 pm to biggsc. After putting cages on the feeder bottoms, the coons would still jump on the cage and shake corn out. Even with my game cam set at 5 min, I had hundreds of coon pics. I put a trap near the feeder and left the first coon trapped in the cage At the moment I seem to be winning the battle in the ongoing coon vs feeder war. I don't hate coons and I don't really mind if they eat some of the deer corn. If they didn't destroy my feeders I'd call a truce. Here's one I mounted a while back. He sits on the fireplace mantle

squirrel and raccoon proof bird feeder Most people can repel squirrels, deer, or other mammals from eating the bird seed by mixing in some hot red pepper flakes or spraying on a solution that includes hot pepper sauce and letting it dry on seed before filling the feeder. Thereof, Can a raccoon eat a squirrel Javelina, hogs, turkey, doves, quail, deer, squirrels. The corn and protein doesn't go to waste, but coons are getting more than their share. But coons damaging my feeders hurts worse than the others. And I can fence the hogs out! Have a live creek and rivers through our hunting areas insure a healthy coon population, corn or no corn. jc


I'm not a fan of coon potion either. It's not soemthing that can sustain a coon, only real food will. Part of putting out a feeder is placing something in it that will keep coon around, help them get through a winter, have larger litters, etc. A feeder should be looked at as a training tool and a way of boosting the coon population in a. Varmint Proof Your Deer Feeder Today - THE INEXPENSIVE WAY. We all know that there are some really expensive deer feeders on the market that claim to be 100% varmint proof, but not everyone has a small fortune to spend on a new feeder, especially if you have already purchased one and you don't want to replace it I just put 3 inch white PVC on the feeder legs where I was having a coon issue with. no more raccoon issues there. lf the saying Liar, Liar your pants on fire were true Mainstream news might be fun to watch Re: PVC Pipe on feeder legs #2341830 05/30/11 10:08 PM: Joined: Sep 2005. Posts: 264

Deer love it. It's a little sticky due to the molasses in the mix but works well if feed ports are fully opened. Texas Hunter feeders have been bomb proof except for squirrels and coons climbing the legs to get a little food. Hoping to totally eliminate that problem with this feeder The feeder above is one of three that are filled regularly year aaround. All the wildlife use it, Deer, turkey, coons, possums and squirrels and a bunch of birds. The animal coming in usually fall into the prey catagory which in turn pulls in the predators. Last Edit: Apr 29, 2011 at 6:54pm by redrooster. lyonch Jan 19, 2019. #1. Anybody using any types of feeders that are proven to be hog proof, I have several ideas but can see issues with most of them. At my club we have finally come to the collective conclusion that our baiting of deer is drawing and holding the hogs. Most members just throw corn on the ground on Friday and hunt it all weekend

If raccoon are a problem in your area, using a hanging feeder is probably a bad idea. There isn't a way to protect tree-hung feeders from raccoons. You can use S hooks and/or cables to make it more difficult for them to pull the feeder down, but it won't keep a raccoon from shaking the feeder or jumping on top of it to reach seed Best Ways to Keep Varmint Away from Your Feeder. 1. Try a Varmint Guard. This bad boy is a 16 x 17 x 4 inch guard to keep your not-so-friendly friends at arm's length. Even if they are able to scale your feeder legs, enclosing the plate with the varmint guard won't allow him to steal what's for your deer or birds. 2 alsaqr said: Our feeders are set to dispense about two to three pounds of corn daily. That is enough to supplement the diet of a couple does with fawns. Problem is the hogs and raccoons get most of it. The feeder with the new tack strips on is pretty much hog proof. That feeder has 34 hog panels surrounding it The simplest way to make a coon feeder is by using a large bucket. For instance, I would use a 5-gallon sturdy bucket. Then, you need to have some PVC pipes, a saw, and pipe cutters to successfully create your very own coon feeder. When it comes to a good bucket, it needs to have a lid. But be sure that this lid comes on and off rather easily They told me that this deer feeder was raccoon proof. Jump to Latest Follow 41 - 60 of 60 Posts. Prev. 1 That feeder is as raccoon proof as Obama's administration was scandal free. Lot's of possibilities here... Just a tiny speck of dust on the 3rd stone in the void

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Electrified Raccoon-Proof Bird Feeder. By Wick. On September 25, 2013. In DIY. Okay so not quite 20,000 volts, but it's a nice zap that makes raccoons want to get away, very fast. One night last spring, a pack of raccoons broke into our basement & ate our baby chickens. I discovered the grisly murders at 1AM. Chicken leg stumps in pools of blood Jan 31, 2020 - Explore Stansnuggs's board Homemade deer feeders on Pinterest. See more ideas about deer feeders, homemade deer feeders, hunting blinds

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Coon Zapper Capacitor for Raising Quail. We have several typical deer feeders that spin cast a mixture of corn, protein, scratch bird seed and quail chicks starter feed each day. We intend these to also serve as quail range feeders. These feeders work very well for our deer population and also attract quite a few doves Apr 5, 2016 - Explore Romina Petresku's board Raccoon and possum proof cat feeders, followed by 159 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about diy stuffed animals, cat shelter, feral cat house Adding a steel raccoon baffle to your feeder pole is the most effective way to stop raccoons. Squirrel baffles won't do the job. Raccoon baffles are much larger, a full 10″ in diameter and about 2 feet tall, preventing the crafty critters from reaching over or hugging their way over it The last 2 seasons I have been using these homemade bump feeders on our property mostly for trail cam use. Anyway, thought I would share how to make them. You start with a 5 gallon bucket and lid and drill a 1 hole in the bottom of the bucket. Next you take 1/2 pvc and drill a 3/16 hole about 6 from one end to hold a wood dowel Mar 30, 2016 - How to hang a raccoon-proof bird feeder. This is also squirrel-proof

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Dec 4, 2017 - We designed this an an economical, light-weight deer feeder which because of it's adjustable mounting height, keeps hogs from raiding your feeder! Our own experience and feedback from our customers is proving this to be very effective at keeping out squirrels and raccoon because there just isn't anywhere for them to grab onto! Ships free for only $50 per unit!!! *Please note. Make sure you're ready for the season with the right deer hunting equipment. Find high-quality crossbows and compound bows in this selection, as well as ladders and tripods, climbing sticks and tree steps and treestand accessories to set up a strategic vantage point to watch the woods from. However you plan on hunting, this selection has important supplies to help get the job done

Coon Proof Deer Feeder. Thread starter xbowguy; Start date Sep 29, 2015; Prev. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Go. Big_Holla Senior Member. 19,871 177 S.E. MI to reside & S.E. OH to LIVE! Oct 26, 2015 #21 One thing's for sure we are overrun with coons on our place. The corn we put out has always been just been dumped on the ground and boy. So, these were our picks for the best gravity deer feeders in 2020. The list has everything in it, from the minimal low tech traditional deer feeders to the advanced 2 in 1 product. Thus, make sure that you select the product that suits your needs. Assess your hunting grounds and consider the population you want to feed industrial strength -- the last suet feeder you will ever need! free priority mail shipping in u.s. (for canada, see below*) raccoon proof, squirrel proof suet bird feeder -- u.s. patent no. d611661 see video below. feed standard size suet nuggets or cakes to all sizes of woodpeckers and other birds that eat tree-killing bug Jan 14, 2020 - Explore teri saunchegraw's board Homemade deer feeders on Pinterest. See more ideas about deer feeders, homemade deer feeders, deer 700# - $1775.00. 1500# - $2000.00. Rain Guards= + $350. Mighty Midget Protein Feeder: Choose an option 700# 1500#. Rain Guards: Choose an option No Yes. Clear. Ranch King Mighty Midget Protein Feeder quantity

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  1. Even if you love animals, it's frustrating when greedy squirrels and raccoons empty the bird feeder in a few short hours. If raccoons and squirrels are eating you out of house and home, here's a simple solution. This DIY squirrel and raccoon baffle is easy to make, costs little in materials, and is sure to befuddle even the craftiest of critters
  2. Boss Buck offers a complete line of gravity, protein and automatic, handing & tripod deer feeders, deer stands, deer blinds and deer feeder parts and accessories
  3. A Raccoon is Eating My Suet! Just as I was congratulating myself that I had gotten my feeders strategically set up to attract the birds I wanted while keeping squirrels out . . . a new visitor from nature arrived. A raccoon was eating my suet. This is the story of what was happening and how I solved the problem
  4. Steel Outdoors. Located in Wesson, Mississippi. 601.643.6024. Home; About Us; Products; Blog & Video; Good News; Contact; Download our brochure
  5. There are many ways to make your bird feeder raccoon proof. The most common method is to install a baffle on the pole. This would stop these climbers from getting to the food by climbing the pole of the feeder. You can get a baffle that suits the shape and size of your feeder pole to make the feeder raccoon-resistant
  6. We created just that in our all steel, all welded spin-cast deer feeders. Built to last for years through all types of climates and season changes to be bear and raccoon proof, our spin feeders come with a 5 year warranty on the timer and 1 year on the motor. 500lb Spincast/Automatic Steel Deer Feeder
  7. They told me that this deer feeder was raccoon proof. davethehiker May 22, 2020. Maybe the feeder is raccoon resistant...don't think there is much of anything that can honestly be labeled raccoon proof. Kind of like diving watches... Click to expand... Jonesee May 22, 2020

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Boss Buck BB-1.36 Hunting Game Feeders Accessories, One Size. Brand: Boss Buck. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 278 ratings. List Price: $19.99 Details. Price: $17.04 Get Fast, Free Shipping with Amazon Prime & FREE Returns. Return this item for free Moultrie 30 Gallon Spin Cast Deer Feeder Tripod 200 Pound Capacity Molded Plastic Tools-Free Assembly 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,072 $105.19 $ 105 . 19 $119.99 $119.9

To make a homemade squirrel and raccoon guard: Step 1: Buy a 2' long piece of 6 diameter stovepipe, a 6 diameter stovepipe end cap, 3 sheet metal screws, and a hose clamp. Step 2: Clamp the end cap to a piece of scrap wood, and use a metal bit or hole saw to drill a hole in the center of the end cap the size of the bird feeder pole 3. Deer proof bird pole. Deer proof bird pole systems are very tall as compared to standard pole systems. These are specially designed to keep the deer away from the bird feeder pole. We know a deer standing on his back legs can reach the height of 6 to 8 feet. So, you can use an extension hanger to hang the bird feeder with the pole at a.

best type of feeder ive used is i took a 5 gallon bucket and dig a hole in the ground leavin just alittle sticken up out of the ground (few inches) fill it up 2/3 with corn and the rest with water. the water will keep anything other then coon from eating out of it since the coon is the only one gona go under water to eat once it gets stinkin the coon will find it and its almost impossible to. This works well for a tripod style feeder because of the angle of the legs and the ease of blocking the access points. An overview of how to build one: Take a slick and a slightly larger tube that the deer feeder leg can slide into. The tube is then slid up toward the feeder and fastened to the leg No. 3: Use Gravity-Flow Tube Feeders. Tube feeders keep feed out of reach of hogs but available to deer. Protein feed or corn can be used in this type of feeder, and the design keeps hogs from using it. Brace the legs of the feeder with T-posts to prevent hogs from knocking it down You want to make sure the bottle fits snug inside the wooden housing, or the coons may knock it out of the hole. Put a lid on it with a hinge, so you can change the bottle out when its empty. Cant say for sure if the coons like it anymore than dog feed or corn, but its a lot cheaper and a lot less time consuming then dog feed or corn Re: Coin proof deer feaders - 09/17/20 09:49 PM It really pisses me off when I spend all that money on corn, go to check my feeders, and some bastard has filled them up with Quarters! Posted By: Wester

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UKC Forum Member. Registered: Jul 2008. Location: kentucky. Posts: 204. Different coon feeders. Ok a tire feeder is good in the summer time. I don't care to feed a possum but i don't like feeding the deer. So my question is how can i go with out feeding the deer cause when it is cold the water freezes what other feeder could i use or keep the. I love that shot and as they say for us also applies to the raccoon, where there is a will there is a way. I like raccoons and several years ago I use to feed them on my back deck. I had bowels for each of them and at one time I had 10 on my deck and I could pet them and scratch their backs and they didn't mind a bit I'm new to building my own deer feeders (just moved to NC 2 years ago after getting out of the Marine Corps and haven't been able to build a feeder till last season) so I was wondering if y'all could help me out. I built a gravity feeder from PVC and it'll hold roughly a 30lb bag of feed

Coons usually climb over at a T post because the panel isn't as shaky. They must be SE Oklahoma tape measures if your panels are only 15' long. Lol The ones here are 16' long and 32 tall. A 16'x24' pen is plenty of room to feed and allow several deer room to move around. Dec 20, 2012 The coons keep climbing the legs of my feeder and pulling on the wires to my solar chargers. About rripped the screws out holding one on and everytime I go down there, my solar panels are pointing down from those stupid thing pulling on them

Aug 16, 2012. Hog Town USA. I have one of the Boss Buck 350 gravity feeders. I get more daytime pics of bucks using it than I ever have of them using a spinner. You will have to come up with a way to coon proof it. Im using there squirrel pans on the legs. That kept them at bay for a month or two but they eventually figured how to get around them heres the motor out of a All Seasons - 7 years and still works If you do decide to go with a feeder - get yourself or make yourself a good varmint cage - damn Coons.Also some cooper tubing for the wires etc for the solar panel coons! I had the same problem a few years ago.At the time I dealt with it till the season was oveer and spent the rest of the year thinning them out,but what I have try doing since is useing a timed feeder although you may still see one or two now and then.If you set you feeder to go off right before sun up and alittle before dark the coons dont seem to come out of the wood work till way later. Hearty Appetites: Deer feed constantly, and when they find an easy, tasty food source, they quickly polish it off, including emptying out even large bird feeders. Because deer are social and move in herds, the cost of continually refilling feeders can be damaging to any birder's budget. Garden Damage: Deer don't confine their foraging just to bird feeders, and once they find a bird-friendly. Catching the Texas Deer Feeder Bandits. The bandits I am referring to are the raccoons, here after referred to as coons, which eat most of the deer corn we buy and have taken to destroying the feeders and motors as well. First off I need to say that my wife and girls love to watch the coons while they are in the deer stands hunting

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They told me that this deer feeder was raccoon proof. Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by davethehiker, May 22, 2020. Thread Tools. Thread Tools. Print; Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Maybe the feeder is raccoon resistant...don't think there is much of anything that can honestly be labeled raccoon proof. Kind of like diving watches.. Make your bird feeder raccoon-resistant by installing a bird baffle, locking down your bird feeder, or simply buying a pest-resistant bird feeder. Try conventional methods such as using spice, talk radio, or motion-light around the feeder to scare the raccoons away. This article will teach you all the ways to make your bird feeder raccoon. Tip 10: Raccoon-resistant bird feeders - Stop raccoons from attacking your bird feeders and protect them with a new line of heavy-duty, durable Raccoon-resistant Bird Feeders. These have been designed to hang below eye level so that the animals can't reach it without dropping whatever they're holding on their paws

Coon feeder for dog proof trapping duration. 5 gallon bucket deer feeder best design duration. I use a 5 gal. Just tie one end on for now as youll want to tie the other after youve slung it over a tree branch where you want to feed your deer. Skip navigation sign in. Simple made deer feeder made from a 5 gallon bucket. Bryan terrell 339405 views All Season Feeder offers 1,000lb Pro Evolution is the most weather and varmint resistant feeder on the market Call @1.800.841.1720. The 1,000lb Pro Evo is a heavy duty protein feeder designed to keep varmints and rain out! Holding 1,000lbs of protein, this feeder is for those who are serious about supplemental feeding kev. ***** are climbing the legs of the deer feeder to reach the spinner. The amount of corn my wife and I had in the feeder should have last around a month or so, but has only last a couple of weeks. I thought about putting some 3 inch pvc pipe on the legs. Attach the pipe with some wire so it can turn when the **** tries to climb the pipe Also, managing the acreage to feed and hold more deer all year long so you don't have to artificially put out corn for deer and other things to eat. A little management goes a long way. Go out there one night with a spotlight and a 22, then set traps to catch what you don't kill. Traps and .22s are what we use This coon proof, Banks Outdoor Gravity feeder, is one of our list's best gravity deer feeders. This feeder's Capacity is 300lbs, which is more than enough for most professional hunters. And for a good reason, if you are looking for a high capacity feeder, this beast is a must for you


  1. Fortunately, there are ways to keep raccoons away from your deer feeder. Setup traps around your deer feeder. Raccoon traps, available at most home and garden stores, should be at least 12 inches by 12 inches by 32 inches. Almost anything can be used as bait, including cat food and tuna. Once the raccoon is trapped, you will want to move the.
  2. t-Resistant Steel Cone fits practically any container. Great for use on bottom of barrels or containers to direct feed onto feeder kit spinner/scatter plate
  3. The next deer feeder features a simple but effective design. It can carry around 40 pounds of corn or protein feed and is promised to be raccoon-proof. Unlike many others, it can be mounted to all sorts of things. The feeding ports can be fully adjusted to your desire. Its big cover is promised to be watertight and offers easy refilling
  4. t Cage (Coon Cage) for Deer and Game Feeders at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products
  5. Posts: 1,351. lubbock tx. OK, last year we built feeder pens with t-post and barbed wire to keep the cows out-built the pens big enough for 2 55 gallon corn feeders and 1 protein feeder. Hogs found the set up and burned through the protein fast. This year we put 4 hog panels around the protein to keep hogs out, but so far we have no deer either
  6. Outdoor Cat Feeders That Are Raccoon-Proof 1. SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder for Wet & Dry Food. While I don't have this microchip pet feeder myself, I've cat sat a number of times for a kitty whose pet parents have one of these for her. I can't say there's much to dislike about the product. The cat goes up to the pet feeder, the plastic.

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Repellents and deterrents - using effective deterrents like motion activated floodlight or repellents - such as motion activated audio repellent and motion activated sprinkler - is another natural option to keep raccoons away. 1. Mint-X Trash Bags - Best Raccoon Repellent Bags. See More Images This corn feeder fits in the back of a standard truck bed and can be filled from the ground. 12-volt solar panel and battery are included. 600 lb. - $929.00 1000 lb. - $1,129.0 GreenGo Deer Feeders. 400# Low Profile Feeder - Item No. 19GG400. 800# Low Profile Feeder - Item No. 19GG800. 750# Free Choice Protein Feeder - Item No. 19GG750P. The 400# & 800# stand-to-fill feeders feature a 14 gauge steel hopper, reinforced inside and includes the Timer and battery. The lid is hinged for easy access Given such use, it's respectable to put together a string of helpful information, tips, strategies, and uses. Welcome to deer feeders 101. Deer Feeder: A tool used to supply feed, usually in the form of grain (corn) or a specially blended deer/wildlife feed for nutrition, to deer or wildlife in supplemental feed programs Feeders are designed to satisfy the needs of everyone interested in wildlife — a hobbyist through the most accomplished skilled game managers. The best Boss Buck Feeders are the longest-lasting, most versatile feeding systems. Manufacturers are selling a full range of deer feeders, hunting stands, game blinds and feeder accessories

Grackle Proof Cage Bird Feeder will stop grackles and squirrels from your bird feeder. The purpose of a 10 dia. cage around this 4 port tube feeder is to keep squirrels and large birds from reaching the seed, and this feeder adds a touch of timeless class to its function DARLINGTON, MD, written by C.G., June 10, 2019: Link: We ordered your feeder to replace a Squirrel proof feeder that wasn't up to snuf when dealing with Raccoons. We tried a number of setups with the older feeder; including hanging it on a cable between two trees. The Raccoons simply traversed the cable hanging upside down and raided the feeder Durable galvanized steel with black weather-resistant finish. 7-1/2 inch diameter. 28 inches tall. Raccoon Guard measures 28 inches tall. Stop raccoons & squirrels from climbing up to your bird feeders. Fits round poles up to 1-1/2 inches or square poles up to 1-1/8 inches. Easy to slide over the top of your sectional pole Our Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is now Raccoon Proof. Our Bird feeder, empty with the lid on the ground. When my wife got a cute bird feeder as a gift a few years back, who would have thought it needed to be a squirrel proof bird feeder as well. I innocently mounted it on a wooden pole in front of our dining room window for easy viewing

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The revolutionary deer, game, or fish feeder. Buy it for life as this is built to withstand punishment other feeders cannot. Easy set up, protection from bears and hogs, wide feeding range, all metal parts and flexible placement Googled up homemade deer feeder and tried one out. I had a piece of 6 pvc so I used it and tapered it down to 4 with thinner drain pipe and a Y with a drain in the bottom holds about 50 # of corn. Wrapped it with camo duct tape and ratcheted to a t-post about 10 off the ground. A friend used sewer drain grade pvc and it worked well after the deer got used to it. Didnt take long for my first. 1000# = $1100.00. Mighty Buck Corn Feeder: Choose an option 1000# 600#. Clear. Ranch King Mighty Buck Corn Feeder quantity. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. Compare. SKU: N/A Categories

Raccoon Proof Bird Pole Trio is a Bird feeder Pole that has three bird feeder hanger arms on a Raccoon and Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole system. This Bird Feeder Pole kit has three extended hanger arms with a large 28 long, 8 diameter cylinder raccoon baffle below. (Note: Backordered) $. Your Price Superb Bird Feeder Poles need to be truly squirrel stopper poles. Bird feeder poles are essentially Bird Feeder Stands.The goal of bird feeder poles should be to block squirrels and make squirrel proof bird feeders. To be a good squirrel proof pole, bird poles have squirrel baffles below to stop squirrels from climbing up the pole

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