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Der Profi-Shop für Haustechnik! Heizung, Sanitär und Elektroartike Fittinge beim führenden Marktplatz für Gebrauchtmaschinen kaufen. Jetzt eine riesige Auswahl an Gebrauchtmaschinen von zertifizierten Händlern entdecke Wire Rope Swage Eye Fittings. Get tough stainless steel wire rope swage eye fittings from Grainger. Find eye end fitting options for use in a variety of industries, including 316 stainless steel marine fittings. Use machine or roller swage with marine eye fittings. Check out this selection of swage eye fittings in a wide range of sizes

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  1. Swage fittings are wire rope components other than swage or stop sleeves, that are attached to the wire by compressing, (swaging) the fitting on to the wire. When swaged properly, most wire rope fittings can hold up to 100% of the wire strength, thus allowing assemblies to meet the various working load limits required on assemblies that must be proof load tested
  2. Also known as socket-end swage fittings, install these clevis-end fittings with a roller swage press for a strong, permanent hold. Wire Rope Compression Sleeves— For Lifting These compression sleeves are designed to meet lifting specifications
  3. Marine Eye Fittings. Marine Eye Fittings are primarily made for and used by the boating industry. They are always made out of 316 stainless steel and protect the wire rope on the inside from the elements when swaged. This is required in order to prevent corrosion in salt water environments. Marine eyes also have a rather shiny, high-brow.
  4. al end Fitting -2 Pack. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 1. $10.99. $10. . 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Jun 10. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  5. Wire rope fittings and hardware including aircraft eye and fork, ball & shank, strap forks, stamped eyelets and custom made hardware available. Quality wire rope hardware and fittings. With a variety of hydraulic swagers and rotary swaging machines, we are capable of swaging 3/64 through 1 diameter fittings
  6. als are great for use in putting together many different wire rope arrangements. This is because they offer an ability to be fitted on site with a few simple everyday tools. Swageless eye ter

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  1. als, or snap hooks and shackles, we stock them all in many different.
  2. Swage Eye - Product specifications . TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROJECT One of our specialists will be in touch to discuss
  3. Strap Fork/Strap Eye Fittings. Strap Forks and Strap eyes are the perfect option for pull actuating a device via a pin or bolt attachment, but the attachment point needs to swivel or flex with variable positions. Try to look at swage eye fittings like a more versatile stamped eye. Strap forks are useful for when you need your devices actuation.

UPSON-WALTON™ Wire Rope Swage Socket, Closed, 1/4 in Cable, 4-3/8 in Overall Length, 3/4 in Pin Diameter, Carbon Steel, For Use With: 6 x 19 or 6 x 37 IPS or XIP (EIP), XXIP (EEIP), RRL or IWRC Wire Ropes and Galvanized Bridge Rope. HSI#: FIT25010 Make an eye by passing the cable through the sleeve and doubling it back. Before swaging, make sure the cut end of the cable sticks out at a length at least 2 cable diameters. This will allow for full contact with the cable when the sleeve expands during swaging. Place the sleeve into the tool jaws Get tough stainless steel wire rope swage eye fittings from Grainger. Find eye end fitting options for use in a variety of industries, including 316 stainless steel marine fittings. Use machine or roller swage with marine eye fittings. Check out this selection of swage eye fittings in a wide range of sizes

Swage Eye Terminal - Product specifications . Need something quickly? See if we have it in stock and available to buy online Stake eyes, also known as stamped or crimp eyes, or eyelets, are fittings swaged onto the ends of the cable. Stake eyes come in various sizes according to the wire diameter, and the diameter of the eye hole allows the user to insert screws to attach to surfaces. These cannot be swage by hand, and must be swaged by hydraulic swagers with dies to. Wire Rope Thimbles. A wire rope thimble is used in wire rope assemblies to prevent the wire rope eye from being crushed and reducing wear on the rope itself. When a wire rope assembly is fitted with an eye at the end, a thimble is inserted to form the eye of the loop before the rope is secured in the ferrule or wire rope grip. Wire Rope Grips This video from UK supplier TECNI Ltd shows How to Fit Swageless and Swage Fittings onto wire rope. Stainless Steel Swageless Eye Fittings are ideal for site..

Bullet Eye Fittings Eye End Fittings (MS 20668) Fork End Fittings - MS20667 Sleeves and Stop Fittings Strap Eye Fittings Strap Fork Fittings Threaded Stud Fittings Threaded Terminal Fittings Commercial Cable Assemblies Safety Cables Verlock Assemblies Wire Rope Ladders Wire Rope & Cable Swage Fittings Stake Eye Fittings Arborist Supplies FlipLine An independent research study has proven that swaged sockets have superior fatigue life than other commonly used types of boom pendants. End fittings for large diameter wire ropes and strand are typically referred to as sockets. The word closed here indicates that there is an eye shape at the end of the fitting 3. Inspect the rope for broken wires-especially near the end fittings. - Even one broken wire near an end fitting may be a sign that the rope is deteriorating and may be near failure. Any valley breaks, that is, wires that have broken in the valley between two strands may also be a sign that there is serious vibra - tion fatigue in.

Stainless Steel Hardware Fittings. Worldwide Enterprises stocks a wide assortment of stainless steel wire rope fittings, including wire rope clips, thimbles, sleeves, shackles, turnbuckles, cable railings and more, including many unique and hard to find items. Too many to list here! If you don't see it please call or write SwageRight. Weight: 0.00 LBS. Current Stock: Product Description. The marine swage eye can fit wire sizes ranging from 1/16 to 1/2 to fit every project, large or small. This swage eye is made from grade stainless steel and is ideal for marine rigging and other industrial applications. SKU Stainless Steel Wire Rope Swage Fittings Range suitable for all cable constructions from size 1mm up to 12mm. Copper Eye swage terminals also available. If you do not see something which meets your requirements please contact sales@tecni.uk or use our TECNI live chat Catalogs. Quality Continuum Quality Continuum >. Wire Rope End Fittings Wire Rope End Fittings >. Crosby® Value Added Crosby® Value Added >; Crosby® 450 Red-U-Bolt Wire Rope Clips Crosby® 450 Red-U-Bolt Wire Rope Clips >; Crosby® 429 Fist Grip Clips Crosby® 429 Fist Grip Clips >; McKissick® S-421T TERMINATOR® Wedge Sockets McKissick® S-421T TERMINATOR® Wedge.

Contact Details. BYROM WORKS KNOWL STREET STALYBRIDGE, CHESHIRE. SK15 3AW. 0161 303 2333; 0161 303 2433 [email protected Wire Rope Swage Eye Fittings. Menu Close . Contact Us {{::vm.contactUsPhone}} Live Chat Email Us Sign In Hi, Sign In Account Dashboard Customer Info. Bill-To: {{vm.session. Wire rope swage sleeves, sometimes referred to as cable ferrules or duplex / crimp sleeves, are used to form eyes on the end of wire ropes. Wire rope swage sleeves are a more secure and more permanent alternative to wire rope clips. Cable swage fittings and sleeves are available in a variety of materials to fit any wire rope rigging application Our wire rope department has a total of 11 rope swagers ranging from 35 up to 1500 tons capacity which enables us to swage fittings of up to a 2-1/2″ rope diameter, and to socket fittings of up 6″ rope diameter. Our processes comply to standards established by recognized fitting system provides (Crosby, OnePress) as well as international.

Non-Bearing Hooks and Eye Swivels; Lifeline Fittings; Safe-Line Clamps MIL-STD-16843, FF-C-450 Type IV; Please inform your Lexco sales representative of your wire rope construction to ensure compatibility with the wire rope plug. The Series A wire rope plugs are for general purpose constructions and are standard Swaged Fittings. The rope is inserted into the fitting bore and the fitting is then swaged onto the rope. This method is used for buttons, threaded studs, open and closed sockets, and to attach a load hook directly onto the rope. This method can be used with nearly all rope constructions and produces a high efficiency bond Wire Rope. Bulk Wire Rope; Wire Rope Slings; Wire Rope Clips; Wire Rope Fittings. Spelter Sockets; Swage Sockets; Swage Fittings; Wire Rope Clips; Thimbles; X100® Grade 100 Chain & Hardware. Off-The-Shelf; X100® Grade 100 Chain; X100® Grade 100 Hardware; X100® Grade 100 Chain And Chain Slings. Single Leg; Double Leg; Triple Leg; Quadruple Le You can attach a fitting to the end of the wire rope; Eyes, or loops, can be created at one end of a length of wire rope by using a mechanical splice with a swaged sleeve, a hand-tucked splice, or wire rope clips. Fittings can be secured to wire rope by swaging, by pouring molten zinc or a resin that bonds to the wires, or by using a wedging.

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Worldwide Enterprises stocks a wide assortment of wire rope fittings, including wire rope clips, thimbles, sleeves, shackles, turnbuckles and hand tools and more. We stock wire rope fittings in finishes such as stainless steel, galvanized, painted and copper. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the right fittings to complete your wire. Eye End Fitting - MS20668 CORROSION RESISTANT STEEL . The MS20668 Eye End Fittings are manufactured from stainless steel in accordance with the requirements of MIL-DTL-781 and are certified to those standards. Loos Cableware Division offers a full line of the MS20668 Eye End Fittings and is a QPL manufacturer of these parts.. MIL-DTL-781: YES MADE IN THE USA: YE Aluminium, Copper and Stainless Steel Wire Rope Fittings for Steel Cable Applications. Many Specialist Wire Rope Products & DIY Wire Rope Fittings. TECNI also stock a range of Premium Quality rigging hardware including shackles, rigging screws and thimbles. Many of our supplier manufacture our goods in the UK

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  1. al fittings anchor the wire to a frame or area. Firstly, swage the eyes to attach the wire. Secondly, swaging crushes a fitting. Consequently, fittings have a starting diameter and a finished diameter. Thirdly, the chosen swaging tool cold pressure welds the fitting to the wire. Finally, tool pressure and size varies.
  2. Muncy Industries product catalog includes cable wire/wire rope fittings & accessories, including buttons, swage & spelter sockets, studs, hooks, thimbles & sleeve
  3. Jack Rubin & Sons Entertainment Division 520 South Varney Street Burbank, CA 91502. Phone: 818.562.5100 Fax: 818.562.5101 Hours Mon - Fri: 7am - 4pm Sat - Sun Close
  4. U-Bolts. Chicago Hardware Self Colored Lifting Eyes. Chicago Hardware Drop Forged Pad Eyes. Chicago Hardware Hot Dip Galvanized Bevel Washers. 304 Stainless Steel Rigging Fittings - Bargain Bin

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Description. Swage Eye Terminal 5.0mm G316 Stainless Steel fittings terminate Stainless Steel Wire Rope. Alternatively, a Swage Eye may be called an Eye Terminal. Additionally, It has no handed thread and the G316 Stainless Steel swaged end terminal fastens to an anchor points Swage Terminals. Miami Stainless range of Swage Terminals include Eye, Fork, Rod and Swageless Terminals as well as Swage Studs. S wages are designed as an alternative to securing the ends of stainless steel wire rope loops.. Miami Stainless Swage Terminals are manufactured from high quality AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel and are specifically designed to easily attach to a range of. Swage Eye. Suitable for use with rotary & fixed die swaging machine. Manufactured from high specification 316 stainless steel. Use with 1×19, 7 Strand and compacted stand wire rope (IWRC) Metric and Inch wire ropes. Minimum hole depth 10x wire diameter Wire Rope Swage Fittings and Thimbles Rigging Screws and Turnbuckles U-Bolts, Eye Bolts and Pad Eyes Hatch Fasteners and Lift Rings Hinges Grab Rails and Cleats Rachets and Cam Buckles Boat Canopy Fittings

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Stainless Steel Swage Fitting for Marine and Industrial Applications: Grade: 316: Inner Diameter: 0.26 Material: Stainless Steel: Outer Diameter: 0.59 Size After Swage: 0.138 Size Before Swage: 0.160 Type: Swage Eye: Wire Size: 1/16 Product Weight: 0.03 UO Swage Wire Terminals for Stainless Steel Wire Rope - Swage Fork, Swage Stud, Swage Eye, Swage Toggle. Swage rigging fittings are pressed onto wire rope strand with a swaging machine, providing a termination at least as strong as 1x19 strands. Swage wire fittings can be used to terminate 1x19, 7x7 and 7x19 wire strands Nickel Plated Copper Hand Swages (Ferrules) Suitable for Stainless Steel Wire Only, size range 1.6mm - 6.4mm. Effective use for 7×19 & 7×7 construction Stainless Steel Wire. Stainless Wire Rope Thimble. Size range 2.0mm - 8.0mm. Must be used to protect the integrity of the wire. Stainless Wire Rope Grip Catalog Products Stainless Steel Wire Rope Fittings Bridco Eye Terminal . AISI 316... More. Bridco Swage Stud (Threaded Terminal) AISI 316... More. Bridco Swage Stud with Lag Screw . Part Number Model Dimensions A... More. Bevelled Angled Washers Mini to suit Tensioners . More Rocky Mountain Wire Rope 2421 South 2570 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84119. Phone: 801.972.4972 Fax: 801.974.0621 Hours Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm Sat - Sun Close

The T Terminals all features, engraved wire size, Blue Wave logo, and swage depth marking for faster and easier swaging. Be aware t-terminal fitting is mast brand related, exact dimensions are critical for proper function. Learn More. From €10.00 Fogh Marine in Toronto, Ontario is a full-service wire rigging shop. Nicro Press and Swage fittings are installed on site. Choose from 1x19 (stiff) wire, 7x19 (flexible) wire, PVC coated wire, or Dyform® wire. Lifeline fabrication, Shrouds, Forestays, Backstays, Furling Systems, and any other wire work are done in-house. All rigging is performed by our on-site rigger A4 Grade Stainless Steel Wire Rope DIY Compression FittingsCreate end fittings on your wire rope without using any tools with these fittingsAvailable to buy. They can easily be set using a hydraulic hand tool, or we can arrange for your steel wire rope fittings to be swaged onto your wire rope by our in-house wire rope rigging team. Swage ends are also known as steel wire rope jaw fork terminals, eye or eyelet terminals, dome head terminals, or swage threaded stud wire rope terminals

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  1. als have been designed for use with 1×19, 7×19, 7×7 and compacted strand stainless steel wire rope from 3mm (1/8) to 26mm (1) diameters, and can be ter
  2. Lifeline Fittings (Johnson Hand Crimp), 304/316 Stainless Steel. 443-214-9246 443-214-9246 Cutting Tools (Wire Rope & Bolt/Chain) Hand Swage Tool; Passivating Fluid; Hand Swage Swivel Gate Eye. 2 products Hand Swage Toggle. 2 product
  3. Swage sockets are recommended for use on 6 x 19 or 6 x 36 IWRC regular lay ropes. They are also satisfactory on galvanized bridge rope. They are NOT recommended for use on fiber core or lang lay ropes. Spheroidized annealed for cold swaging. Sockets properly applied have an efficiency rating of 100%
  4. Huge Selection of Wire Rope Fittings At our core, we are still a rigging shop, focusing on the supply of wire rope and related products to loggers and other kinds of industrial professionals. Because of that, we are equally focused on offering high-quality wire rope fittings of all types. We carry a full line of wire rope clips (aka cable clamps), thimbles, sleeves, sockets and other.
  5. Stainless Steel Chain, Wire Rope & Marine Fittings | Wire Rope Shop. Wire Rope. fittings. A huge selection of fittings - Ferrules, Grips Thimbles, Tools. FIND OUT MORE. Custom Wire. Rope Assemblies Make your own steel wire rope fabrications with our custom DIY builder. FIND OUT MORE

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Stainless Steel Sleeve T316. Wire rope sleeves and stops are wire rope accessories used to terminate the ends of wire rope and cable. A wire rope stop may be placed anywhere on the steel cable but is primarily used at the ends to keep the wire rope from fraying. The oval sleeves are used on to make eyes on the end of a wire rope sling or steel. Each company focused on wire rope terminations; swage sockets, spelter sockets, button ferrules, (Molly Hogan) flemish eye sleeves, aluminum turnbacks, etc. As the industry evolved, so too has our product offering to include dynamometers, wedge buttons, sheaves, solid wire rope thimbles, roll-off hooks, and stainless duplex sleeves, to name a few Sturdy swage marine eye fitting for standing rigging applications. Marine eyes provide a thicker eye width than aircraft eyes and are used for masthead terminals, double jaw turnbuckles and with marine forks. These swage marine eyes are constructed of 316 stainless steel to provide an excellent blend of strength and corrosion resistance Type 31 Slings - Flemished Eye and Mechanically Swaged HOW TO ORDER EXAMPLE: For a 3-leg bridle sling, with eye hooks attached to each leg, rated capacity of 6 tons at 30 degree, 8 ft. long. ORDER: One - 1/2″ diameter Type 31-1-OL-1EH, 8 ft. long

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SSSD Stainless Steel Swage Dome Head Terminal. £0.60. SSSE Stainless Steel Swage Eye Terminal. £1.10. SSSF Stainless Steel Machined Swage Fork Terminal. £3.10. SSSS-N Stainless Steel Swage Stud Thread With Nut. £0.80 A swage fitting has more length and is a slimmer design than the equivalent swageless fitting. Swage fittings have a long drilled shaft relative to the wire's diameter (diagram 1). The depth of the shaft dictates how much wire will end up buried inside of the fitting prior to swaging. Once the wire is inserted into the fitting, the fitting is. 5 PC 1/8'' Wire Rope Swage Eye Terminal Hand Aircraft Eye Stainless Steel . Share | Stainless Steel Dome Swage Fitting for 1/8 Cable Rail Railing Flat End Swaging Swager. $7.99. In Stock & Free Shipping. Add To Cart One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniform

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Steel wire rope and fittings are a GS Products speciality, with an extensive range including stainless steel and galvanised wire rope. Known also as SWR, our rope and cable fittings are suitable for many applications in a wide range of industries including construction, industrial, fitness and maritime use With fifteen hydraulic swagers from 50 to 1500 tons and six rotary swaging machines, we are capable of swaging 3/64 through 1 1/2 diameter fittings. We are also equipped to swage specialty bar and tubing onto cable. Automatic cut-off machinery and bench swagers couple to turn out a finished product at a competitive price. Zinc Die Cast Technolog SSSF Stainless Steel Machined Swage Fork Terminal. £3.10. SSSFEYE Stainless Steel Self Assembly Eye. £11.00. SSSFFOR-M Stainless Steel Self Assembly Machined Fork. £16.50. SSSFSTU Stainless Steel Self Assembly Stud. £17.85. SSSITD Stainless Steel Internally Threaded Dome Head Terminal Experience The Strength & Low Stretch Of Stainless Steel Cable Railing Today. Shop Now! Most Corrosion Resistant Steel Available On The Market. Shop Our Railing Online Today

No. 1. Loos Cableware 668-4X Stainless Steel Eye End for 1/8 Diameter Wire Rope. Convenient package of one swage fitting for 1/8 cable. 316 Stainless Steel Eye End for swaging on to Wire Rope. 316 Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance even in salt water environments. Great for Sailboat Rigging 1.866.689.3726. Your single source for Wire Rope, Chain, Synthetic Rope and Ground Engaging Tool Rigging Wire Rope End Fittings With Swaged Eye Hook . 2.product Parameter (specification) Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Guofeng. Model material:galvanized or stainelss steel. type: steel braded wire sling. Struction:1*7,7*7 or other. color: metal . Size:as required . MOQ: 500pcs . 3. Prodection detail The Suncor 316 stainless steel Quick Attach Eye mechanical swage fitting allows very fast attachment to any type of cable (1X19, 7X19, or 7X7) using only simple tools. Quick Attach jaw and eyes easily fit together. Working Load Limit (WLL) is determined by the WLL of the wire being used The eye of the closed socket is designed to accept the pin of the open socket so they can be linked together. Threaded wire rope end fittings can be made with any type of thread pitch or thread length required for the application. With open and closed socket wire rope terminations the plane of the attachment to the wire rope is also important

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  1. T-Ball Swage Fittings are sometimes used for Forestay attachment on smaller boats. When adding a Furling System a T-Ball Eye and a swage Toggle Jaw are required for proper articulation and Furling warranty. OS T-Ball Swage Fittings for 1x19 and 7-strand Wire Rope are most commonly used for Shrouds and Running Backstays
  2. ation on the wire rope that connects it to the load. Eye or Eye Splice - A loop, with or without a thimble, formed at the end of a wire rope. Fatique Rated - Tested to a
  3. als are available from 2mm right up-to 26mm. Our fittings are forged using the very best in marine grade steel with absolutely no welds. All of our swage eyes, ter
  4. Check out our extensive range of wire rope hardware and fittings including grips, strainers, sockets and more. We have more than 1,500 lifting, rigging and height safety products to choose from. Shop today from Australia's leading lifting specialist, All Lifting
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Lopbinte 2Pcs Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Swageless Eye Terminal Wire Cable Rope DIY Fitting Rigging Hardware Balustrade Kit price £ 21 . 99 KKmoon 5PCS Invisible Receiver Stud Swage End Fitting Cable Threaded Stud Terminal for 1/8 Cable Railin Turnbuckle (Open Body-Forged) Hook/Hook. Turnbuckle (Open Body-Forged) Jaw & Eye. Turnbuckle (Open Body-Forged) Jaw & Jaw. Turnbuckle (Open Body-Forged) Stud & Stud. Stainless Steel Wire Rope. Wire Rope 1 x 19 (304) Wire Rope 1 x 19 (316) Wire Rope 7 x 19 (304) Wire Rope 7 x 19 (316

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Swaging System video. S-505 Swaging Sleeve ** NOTE: S-505 Standard Sleeves are recommended for use with 6 x 19 or 6 x 37, IPS or XIP (EIP), XXIP (EEIP), RRL, FC or IWRC wire rope. Before using any National Swage fitting with any other type la , construction or grade of wire rope, it is recommended that the termination be destructive and documente Stainless Steel components, tube and wire supplier selling directly to the public, please ring or email for enquiries. Hand Swage Wire Fittings RIGGING SCREW JAW-JAW AISI G 31 Industrial Fittings Muncy 7/8″ Roll Off Box Hook The Muncy Roll-off Hook is manufactured for roll-off trucks with a 7/8″wire rope cable assembly terminated with a swaged button. Made in US Wire Rope, Slings and Fittings. Wire rope to suit a wide range of applications, available with either black or galvanised finish or stainless steel. Includes wire rope slings or terminations with hand or machine splice eyes, tapered ends, chemically set sockets or swage sockets

Swage Studs. Swage stud turnbuckle fittings are used to seamlessly connect a turnbuckle to the end of a wire rope. Swage stud turnbuckle fittings are threaded to accept wire rope wires directly into the fitting, and to be swaged for a secure attachment between the wire rope and the turnbuckle It is Ideal For Marine And Architectural Wire Rope Swage Assembly Applications. Unit Weight: 2.5 Ounce Rough Estimation . 5 Pieces 1/4 Inch Wire Rope Fittings Boat Marine Swage Eye Terminal SS316 | eBa Swage Socket Slings. A wire rope sling is used for different lifting and rigging applications. Wire rope can be used both as a static support system or it can be used to help move an object or load. Using this type of rope as support could look like putting it on suspension bridges or towers. Wire rope slings can be attached to cranes to help.

Stainless Wire Swage Fittings - Anzor Fasteners, NZ's Largest Range of Stainless Fasteners and Fittings. S7802F Eye Terminal. S7803 Fork Terminal. S7805 Toggle Terminal. You may also like. Swage Pliers. Wire Rope & Fittings. Stainless Wire Rope Easily Crimp any of our fittings that take upto a 10mm Diameter Steel Wire Rope with this DIY Crimping Swage Value Tool. Ideal for use with Swage Eye, Swage Jaws, Swage Studs, Steel Wire Rope Balustrading, Gym Equipment, Landscaping and many other Steel Wire Rope DIY Crimping Swage applications . 4kg Product Total Weigh Wire Rope and Fittings. Whatever your needs for hauling, lifting, securing or connecting with wire rope, we have what you need when you're looking for cable and all necessary fittings. We offer a complete selection of wire cables and wire rope, from galvanized safety orange vinyl-jacketed cables to full 7 x 7 galvanized cable and more Shop 316 Fastening Shop's Swage Fittings. We have these in different sizes and specifications. Browse our Wire/Rigging product selection online today Skydog Rigging carries a wide variety of Wire Rope & Cable products. Galvanized, Stainless Steel, & 6x25, 6x36 Wire center or Fiber core

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Often used for hand rail applications, E-Rigging hand swage toggles are available in both 1/8 and 3/16 inch sizes and made from marine grade type 316 corrosion resistant stainless steel. As with all of the hand swage fittings, the cable is inserted into the shank of the fitting and crimped three times with a Tyler Tool 20 inch hand swage tool Call +91-8042905240. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Standard Stainless Steel Wire Rope Fitting. ₹ 150/ Piece. Get Quote. Stainless Steel 1-10 mm WIre Rope Thimble. ₹ 10/ Piece (s) Get Latest Price. Material: Stainless Steel. Diameter: 1-10 mm 5 PC Swage Eye Terminal End for 3/16 Wire Rope Solid Stainless Steel 316 Grade. $22.50. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Aluminum Swage Stops for 3/16 Wire Rope Cable: 50 and 100 pcs. $9.90. Stainless Steel Compression Fittings 1/8 in End A Diameter 1/8 in End B Diameter Swage Terminals Specifiation Stainless Swage Terminals are manufactured from high quality AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel and are specifically designed to easily attach to a range of different connection points These may include stainless steel balustrade fittings Shackles Eye Nuts and Bolts Wall Fixings Hooks.. 3.2mm Stainless Wire Rope Kits. Stainless Steel Balustrade Fittings are made of high quality AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel. Stainless Steel fittings are a durable, low maintenance safety option for your deck, fence, vernada, pergola or staircase. The Fastener Factory has a wide range of marine grade stainless steel (316) DiY fittings to.

Wire Rope Balustrades | Stainless Steel Balustrades | RSDCable Splicing | The Vintage AviatorStainless Steel External Tube Hinge, Tube HingeS22104Hydraulic Cable Cutter - Hit Tools Wire Cutters | U