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  1. Ghosttowns.com-the best source of information on ghost towns in the U.S. Ghost towns are listed by state & include biographies, pictures, and other detailed ghost town info. Ghost Towns of Mississippi
  2. Visit These 8 Creepy Ghost Towns In Mississippi At Your Own Risk. When we hear the term ghost town we often think of books and movies but as it turns out they are more real than you might think. The state of Mississippi actually has several of these eerily quiet towns just waiting to be explored
  3. Top Ghost Towns in Mississippi, United States. Ghost Towns in Mississippi. Enter dates. Filters • 2. Attractions. Traveler favorites. Traveler favorites. Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity. Traveler ranking
  4. g with factories that manufactured supplies needed by the Confederate Army. In 1848 it boasted the first working mechanical power textile mill in the state
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Mississippi Ghost Towns Mississippi ghost towns exist as empty holes in the ground. Nothing remains of the home our town except a stone cellar. Sometimes you can see old, broken bottles, or bits of pottery shards, the only reminders that once upon a time, there was a family, or a town that had lived there Visit Ghost Town U S A 's Photo Gallery *** Ghost Town U S A 's Site Map *** Send E-mail to Ghost Town U S A. *** Western & Eastern Treasures . Ghost Town U S A Column Index for Mississippi. O ne of the things you'll notice about searching for ghost towns in the Magnolia State is that there is NOT a lot of printed information on the ghost. This is Rodney, the town that was once a bustling city on the banks of the Mississippi River. Today, it is a ghost town. Angel Puckett, president of the Rodney History and Preservation Society, founded in 2017. Angel is the rural route carrier for the area Other ghost sightings in this cemetery include Cheryl Anne's father, Hal, who supposedly killed Cheryl Anne, her siblings, and her mother, and the ghost of a man who climbs from his grave, steals flowers and wreaths from other gravesites, and then returns to his grave with the loot. 10. Deer Island, near Bilox

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  1. Mississippi. 27 ghost towns There are 4 ghost towns within 50 miles of Biloxi. Rodney, Jefferson County Michael McCarthy / CC BY-ND 2.0. Missouri. 21 ghost towns St. Charles County contains the most, with 4. There are 10 ghost towns within 25 miles of Kansas City
  2. Graves in Rodney Cemetery date to 1828, the year Rodney was incorporated as a town. In fact, Rodney was the state capitol after Mississippi achieved statehood in 1817
  3. Spectre is perhaps the newest ghost town in America, and one of the weirder entries on this list. Director Tim Burton spent six months on Jackson Lake Island building the fictional, idyllic town of..
  4. ence to Ghost Town. Two boys making their way in Rodney in 1940, photo by Marion Post Wolcott. Located in Jefferson County, about 32 miles northeast of Natchez, Mississippi, Rodney was once such an important city that it very nearly became the capital of Mississippi. Today, it is a ghost town with only a.
  5. Most tourists come to the popular Mississippi town of Natchez to see its grandeur: the magnificent views of the Mississippi River, the beautiful antebellum mansions, and the chance to spend the night at a quaint B&B
  6. This is an incomplete List of ghost towns in Mississippi. Mayersville is a town on the east bank of the Mississippi River, and the county seat for Issaquena County, Mississippi, United States. It is located in the Mississippi Delta region, known for cotton cultivation in the antebellum era
  7. Mississippi's 5 most haunted places. 1. McRaven Tour Home. Sometimes called Mississippi's Most Haunted House, the McRaven Tour Home, located at 1445 Harrison St. in Vicksburg, once served.

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Mississippi's Ghost Towns A Ghost Town is a town or community that at one time had a commercial or population center, and is either wholly abandoned or faded greatly from its peak, and now is just a shadow of its former self.--Ghost Towns USA Return to Mississippi Home Pag Season: 2 Vlog: 17Today is Sunday January 1, 2017 and the wife and I took our 5 month old baby boy out exploring a ghost town here in Rodney Mississippi.Yest..

Arkansas and the Ozarks are chock-full of fun historic towns, but one of those towns, Siloam Springs, is especially noteworthy, and so makes our list of the best underrated historic towns west of the Mississippi. Siloam Springs was founded by homesteaders after the Cherokee Nation was pushed into Oklahoma Rodney is situated in Jefferson County in the southwestern part of Mississippi, United States of America. The town is not deserted completely, but most of the buildings were abandoned a long time ago. The ghostly silence on its streets and the ruined buildings give an impression of Rodney as the most beautiful and creepiest ghost town in the world ghost tours in mississippi Find the scariest REAL HAUNTED HOUSES in Mississippi including haunts in Jackson, Tupelo, Buloxi, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Greenville, Meridian, Mississippi. Hauntworld helps you find supernatural happenings across the state of Mississippi especially attractions that allow people to find ghosts, investigate, and go on. Brewton, Mississippi is a ghost town in Jackson County, Mississippi, United States.. History. In the early 19th century, settlers were attracted to Brewer's Bluff (Brewton) in Jackson County because of its high elevation, just west of the Pascagoula River. The name was derived from a Brewer family that obtained the property through a Spanish land grant

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Newton County Mississippi . Known Ghost Towns : Bissaasha : Bolers Inn: The town of Union began as a Choctaw settlement. In 1833, enough white settlers had arrived to form a settlement. In 1835, Boler's Inn in Union was build by Wesley Boler and became one of the original stops for the Stage Coach Line that ran from Jackson to Meridian along. Abandoned Delta: Mississippi's Forgotten Treasures. August 4, 2014. 6. 2141. The Mississippi Delta is one of the most under-appreciated places in the state. It is so full of history and yet now. The History of Rodney, Mississippi. Rodney was a city in Jefferson County about 32 miles North of Natchez along the Mississippi River. Originally settled by the French in 1763, Rodney's original name was Petit Gouffre, meaning little gulf.. After the French-Indian War, the area was taken by the British, only to be relinquished to the. Rodney Ghost Town | Jefferson County, MS founded c. 1700s. Hollow buildings and lifeless roads are all that remains of the people who were. Imagined echoes of their stories catch the wind from the river bluffs as you soak in the heavy air from the Mighty Mississippi. You, intrepid wanderer, have found yourself at the end of a long and winding.

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  1. A photographic journey through the ghost town of Rodney, Mississippi. A river town steeped in early American history, significant enough to almost became the first Mississippi capital, now forgotten by all but the most adventuresome explorers
  2. For two great references to Mississippi's towns of the past (in print), be sure to check out The Historical Geography of Extinct Towns in Mississippi, by Howard Glenn Adkins, and Hometown Mississippi by James F. Brieger. Mississippi's Lost Locales -- A - K. Mississippi's Lost Locales -- L - Z
  3. In 1980, near the site of Casey Jones's wreck in 1900, the state Bureau of Recreation and Parks opened a museum in a restored train depot moved to the Vaughan site from Pickens, Mississippi. Vaughan itself is a ghost town with only a store, post office, and a few vacant buildings
  4. Built in 1832, Rodney Presbyterian is Mississippi's most distinct surviving Federal style church. At one time, it sat just 300 feet from the rivers edge that was vital to the growth of this river town. At its height, the town of Rodney was the busiest port for steamships traveling from St. Louis to New Orleans
  5. All that remains of the ghost town are the cemetery and a historic marker. Also Read: Gold Panning and Prospecting in Mississippi. And: The Lost Bill Kelly Gold Mine in Texas . Abandoned Louisiana Ghost Towns . The swamps and bayous hide many secrets from the past. Some towns still have remnants of old structures to let you know where they once.

Ghost Towns in Colorado. Year round you can explore the best abandoned, old ghost towns in Colorado's Rocky Mountains and beyond. Some high elevation former mining camps are only accessible in the summer. 2WD cars will be fine for most, though, some require a high-clearance 4×4 or a hike-to access. Not all ghost towns listed are worth. The small town of Rocky Springs, Mississippi is a ghost town with nothing more than a walking path around what was once the town with a few old safes, cisterns, plaques were buildings may have once stood. The only building left in town is the Rocky Springs Methodist Church and cemetery that is out back

It was possibly a logging town and existed around 1918. SANDEFER (Simpson Co.): Does anyone know of a place called Sandefer / Sandifer Mills that was located in the Fifth Beat of Simpson County, MS, as listed in the 1860 U.S. Federal Census? ***** Visit Ghost Town U S A 's MISSISSIPPI Ghost Town Pages . Also visit: Ghost Town U S. 9. Chapel of the Cross Cemetery, Madison. chapel of the Cross Cemetery, in Madison Mississippi. Another cemetery which belongs on the list of the most haunted places in Mississippi, is the Chapel of the Cross Cemetery in Madison. The most interesting tale is linked to the final resting place of Henry Grey Vick Mississippi lost treasures may be located in ghost towns. Frank W. Pandozzi is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Clickbank, and MyTopo affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, mytopo.com, and clickbank.com Lorman, Mississippi. : Ghost Town of Rodney. Rodney was cursed by a fickle Mississippi River, a fire, and a railroad that went somewhere else. Address: Rodney Rd, Lorman, MS. Directions: From US 61 go west on 552 towards Alcorn. Turn left on Fellowship Rd (it's a big hill) and then take Firetower Rd to Rodney Rd on right

Extinct Towns & Villages of Panola County, MS . Extract taken from Publication of the Mississippi Historical Society, By the Mississippi Historical Society, Edited by Franklin L. Riley, Secretary, Volume V, Oxford, Mississippi, 1902, pgs 362-363 , from chapter entitled Extinct Towns and Villages of Mississippi by Franklin L. Riley Submitted by Debora Rees From Alcorn, highway M-558 dead-ends at the ghost town of Rodney. Once a bustling river port town, Rodney was home to 35 stores, Mississippi's first opera house, and nearly 5,000 residents. Andrew Jackson was a frequent visitor to Rodney and Zachary Taylor lived there prior to his election to the presidency The trail extends 440 miles and links the Mississippi River and the Cumberland River in Tennessee. The mile we hiked was an overgrown road slowly being retaken by beautiful thick forest. Liana walking on a riverbed near the Old Natchez Trace. Along the trail were the remains of the Ghost Town of Rocky Springs. While Rocky Springs was a thriving. Historical, Cultural Attractions in Mississippi River Towns. What To Do in Each Community, Museums, Hiking, Biking, Getting on the Rive Biloxi, Mississippi Three distinct hauntings are said to have occurred at the Air Force Base. The first ghost is reported to have been the ghost of a cadet who hanged himself to death and his was said to be a malevolent entity who haunted the room he died in. His ghost apparently vanished when his wing of the..

St. Elmo, Colorado. St. Elmo, located less than 83 miles southeast of Aspen, Colorado, is one of the state's best-preserved ghost towns. Formed in 1880 for miners in search of gold and silver, the. Adams County Mississippi . Known Ghost Towns. White House Tavern: Natchez Under The Hill: Tambora: Mt. Locust Inn The last remaining Natchez Trace Inn Located near Natchez. If you have information on these, or other Mississippi Ghost Towns, please contact us

This Page Is Based On The Copyrighted Wikipedia Article List of ghost towns in Mississippi (); It Is Used Under The Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0. JEFFERSON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) - The Town of Rodney doesn't even show up on the state highway maps anymore, but one of Mississippi's oldest towns is beginning to come back to life.

Unlike most ghost towns of the American West, Lincoln wasn't a mining town that went bust. The stream-fed valley was home to agriculture from prehistoric times, but by the late 1870s, it was. The Haunting Town of Rodney, Mississippi: A Photo Essay 9 minute read. The Haunting Town of Rodney, Mississippi: A Photo Essay. A Southern photographer's haunting images from a bridal shoot and seasonal flood portray her intimate connection with the ghost town of Rodney, Mississippi. Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of. The ghost town is now part of Great Falls National Park, and the old main road has become a trail that provides hikers with a special front-row view of the ruins. Elko Tract, Virginia. Elko Tract has an especially fascinating history because it has more than one tale to tell. This small ghost town outside of Richmond was once a run-of-the-mill. Extinct Towns & Villages of Lafayette County, Mississippi Submitted by Debora Reese. Extract taken from Publication of the Mississippi Historical Society, By the Mississippi Historical Society, Edited by Franklin L. Riley, Secretary, Volume V, Oxford, Mississippi, 1902, pgs 348 - 350 , from chapter entitled Extinct Towns and Villages of Mississippi by Franklin L. Rile Adams County, Mississippi. Ghost Towns Click Here. For These and . More Great Books. Know of good ghost town locations? Email them to us and you and your club will receive full credit! Search for in . Fort Rosalie/Fort Panmure.

Rocky Springs Ghost Town On The Natchez Trace Rocky Springs Mississippi is a ghost town and historic site located in Claiborne County, Mississippi, between Old Port Gibson Road and the Natchez Trace Parkway (mile post 54.8). The old town site can be viewed by the public during daylight hours A road trip in search of the Civil War ghost towns of the South. A road trip in search of the Civil War ghost towns of the South. Around 1870, the Mississippi River literally turned on Rodney. They are ghost towns now. But in the late 1800s, each had a moment of glory that blazed and died like a sudden flame. Most were mining towns, where men lusted after the earth's riches - gold, silver, turquoise, copper, lead and coal. A few were farming communities that flourished for a time and mysteriously fell silent. Literally hundreds of towns not only died, they vanished The ghost town sits at the confluence of the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers, about 15 miles from Selma, Alabama. While it was well situated for trade and commerce, Cahawba was also prone to flooding. When the state capital was moved, the town's population declined. Today, the entire area is full of ruins: abandoned streets, cemeteries, and even a.

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Climate Helped Turn These 5 Places into Ghost Towns. The vanished town, built on a prong of the Mississippi River's bird foot-shaped delta, succumbed to subsidence, wave erosion and wetlands. Some of the residents settled in the nearby town of Wallowa. A few lingered at Maxville to work in what remained of the timber industry until a bad winter storm in the 1940s caused most of the remaining structures to collapse. After that Maxville became a ghost town. The general area of the site of the Maxville ghost town Rodney was founded in 1828, and in the 19th century, it was only three votes away from becoming the capital of the Mississippi Territory. Its population declined to nearly zero after the Mississippi River changed course. Today a small number of inhabitants remain but the area is considered a ghost town The presence of ghost towns in Maine owe to this north-easternmost state being home to some of the earliest US settlements. Each region has its fair share of ghost towns - relics of both gradual changes over the course of history and sudden, dramatic events - and Maine is no exception. There are plenty of examples of intriguing ghost But no. The old town was a farming community built in the 1850's. Apparently, there was a prison in the area. It's a little creepy if you go around the area. You would never think there were a post office and people living there. Unfortunately, most farmers left Florida. Ghost towns in Florida are very hidden

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Benton Co. History: The Ghost Towns of Osauka, Medora. SAUK RAPIDS -- Municipal Park along the Mississippi River on the north end of Sauk Rapids is a very popular park. However, at one point that. Mississippi Ghost Towns. Thread starter EliManningCash; Start date Mar 15, 2021; EliManningCash. Gold Member. Aug 8, 2018 123 212 43. Mar 15, 2021 #1 A friend of mine in Oxford has recently taken... Reactions: firelt4, ColonelBear, rebribrub and 30 others. rebel_rx All-America Selection. Gold Member. Jun 13, 2008 7,68 Henleyfields Haunted Ghost Town and Hayride, Carriere, Mississippi. 3.3K likes. Halloween event for 2019 .(Haunted House) and Hayride. THIS YEAR 2019 IS((( EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT THROUGH SATURDAY.. Rodney, Mississippi was my true destination. Thirty miles north, it's a ghost town. Rodney once had a post office, a pastry shop, and a hotel. It had two grand churches, where the Presbyterians and Baptists found pews, prayer and gossip. That was back in the mid 1800s, though, when Rodney had a population of nearly 4,000

Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images. Legends of America Photo Prints Login; Home; Photo Gallerie Ghosts of Mississippi: Directed by Rob Reiner. With Alec Baldwin, James Woods, Virginia Madsen, Whoopi Goldberg. A Mississippi district attorney and the widow of Medgar Evers struggle to finally bring a white racist to justice for the 1963 murder of the civil rights leader 5 Must-See Ghost Towns in Oregon. Ghost towns elicit thoughts of dark and dreary nights complete with horrifying sounds, mist-shrouded cemeteries and things that go bang in the night. But, what may not cross your mind is the general life of everyday people that used to reside in these previously bustling and economic busting towns

The Town of Rocky Springs. At the end of this trail is evidence of a once thriving community. First settled in the late 1790s, the town grew from a watering place along the Natchez Trace, and took its name from the source of that water - the rocky springs. In 1860, a total of 2,616 people lived in this area covering about 25 square miles This ghost town is located in Price, Utah which is approximately two hours away from Salt Lake City. It has been described as the world's longest art gallery. 9 Mile Canyon offers a variety of recreational activities ranging from hiking, biking and picnicking Bankston. County: Choctaw Zip Code: Latitude / Longitude: 33°23′50″N 89°22′00″W / 33.39722°N 89.36667°W / 33.39722 Elevation: 410 ft (120 m) Time Zone: Central (CST) (UTC-6) Established: Disestablished: Comments: Bankston is a ghost town in Choctaw County, Mississippi, United States. The nearest community is French Camp, located 8 mi (13 km) south-southwest

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Text Is Available Under The Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike License; Additional Terms May Apply.By Using This Site, You Agree To The Terms Of Use and Privacy. The ghost town was discovered by hunters, when one of them saw a chimney sticking up out of the ground. The forgotten town has been submerged under water for years and not a lot of people even knew it existed. Key Takeaways: There are a few ghost towns in Mississippi, but a lot of people don't realize there is an underwater one as well SLIDESHOW: 8 ghost towns in Mississippi. Published: Jul. 20, 2015 at 12:18 AM CDT | Updated: Jul. 20, 2015 at 12:25 AM CDT The Magnolia State has several abandoned towns that are stuck in time. Webster County Mississippi . Known Ghost Towns . Greensboro Hartford: Middleton . Contact Us If you have information about these, or other Ghost Towns in any Mississippi County

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Ghost Town (GC38A9) was created by Gary on 2/9/2002. It's a Not chosen size geocache, with difficulty of 2, terrain of 1.5. It's located in Mississippi, United States.This virtual cache is in the ghost town of Rodney, Mississippi. Briefly, Rodney was a thriving Mississippi river town in the 19th century 28 votes, 17 comments. Any ghost towns to go explore? Or other abandoned places In fact, Rodney was the state capitol after Mississippi achieved statehood in 1817. So what happened? In 1870, the Mississippi River changed course, moved two miles west and Rodney lost its port. Loss of river trade caused many residents to move to more progressive towns. By 1930, Rodney was no longer considered an official town

Ghost Town (GC4340T) was created by Awhwa on 12/21/2012. It's a Micro size geocache, with difficulty of 1.5, terrain of 1.5. It's located in Mississippi, United States. This area used to be very busy industrialy.Now days it looks like a ghost town.This is one of the only buisnesses left.Happy Hunting. Congrats to mskissguy&frannyfru on the ftf The South is full of ghosts, and ghost towns. Rodney, Mississippi is one of those towns, famous for its boom and bust in the mid 1800's, just three votes shy of becoming the state capital. During its peak in the 1860's it boasted a population of over 4,000 people and even claimed the state's first opera house T here is only one authentic ghost town in America that actually exists inside the city limits of a functioning town. That ghost town is Peppersauce, or East Calico, which is considered part of the Calico Rock Historic District. There are more than 20 different buildings and structures that still exist in various states of decay in the very oldest section of this once booming port town

Rodney Ghost Town, Mississippi: See 29 reviews, articles, and 69 photos of Rodney Ghost Town, ranked No.138 on Tripadvisor among 748 attractions in Mississippi 28155 Highway 20, Bend, OR. Price: $1,499,000 Phantasmagorical particulars: Right off Highway 20 in the center of Oregon lies the ghost town of Millican.Current population is zero, which is down.

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The Google News Search feature is quite useful for web-based ghost hunting, especially around Halloween. Newspapers throughout the world are printing articles about local ghosts and ghost tours. I stumbled on an article about a ghost tour being held in Columbus, Mississippi and it put me on the path to a handful of articles. I've Continue reading The haunting of Columbus, Mississippi The ghost town of Cotton Gin Port in Monroe County, Mississippi was once part of Marion County in the Alabama Territory. Located on the east bank of the Tombigbee River, this area was a crossing for many Indian trails since it was apparently an easy place to cross the river The gravestone of John E. Powers marks a life span between July 6, 1853 to July 21, 1853. One of many gravestones from that era in the Rocky Springs graveyard. Like many sites along the Natchez Trace, Rocky Springs found its origin as a stop for travelers. The natural spring provided a valuable watering hole and a natural name for the community. A Newton County ghost town Can you call a town a ghost town if none of the structures are still standing, if all that is left are foundations? If you can, then Newton County has a ghost town in Conrad, which is now on the property owned by the Nature Conservancy. It lies about two miles south of Lake Village in the Conrad Station nature preserve

Map to recommended offbeat attractions, and road trip sights -- museums, monuments, tourist traps, folk art, pet cemeteries Ghost towns hold a strange attraction for travelers. Perhaps it's being able to see the remnants of a once-popular, once-thriving town that has been left to the elements. Ghost towns are not just a Wild West phenomenom (although some of the best preserved are found in the arid Southwest). You can find these abandoned towns across the country. The town of Blakeley, one of the first in Alabama, was settled on the Tensaw River in 1814 by Josiah Blakeley and chartered as part of the Mississippi Territory. In 1818, it became part of the. But Rodney, Mississippi, isn't deserted. Eight people still call it home. Incorporated in 1828, the city was once a bustling river town boasting 500 residents, two newspapers, 25 stores and two banks A once-booming Mississippi River town with a history of racial violence is now eerie and mostly abandoned. 37.0053, -89.1765. Notes. Add/Edit Notes. Added by Hoben. Add Abandoned Town of Cairo.

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Aptly named, Goldfield was swarming with miners hopeful for gold in the late 1800s, but was dried up by 1898. The area was inhabited and renamed Youngsberg in 1921, but was abandoned once again in 1926. In 1988, the defunct city took the route of a few other ghost towns and became a tourist attraction with a handful of activities including a zipline, a reptile exhibit, and horseback rides However, the United States has countless ghost towns in virtually every state. One of America's most haunting abandoned cities is a once prosperous port town called Cairo, Illinois. A prolonged economic downturn and sustained racial unrest, reduced this city of 15,000 people to a nearly vacant town of a little over 2,000 Lucin Ghost Town, UT. Price: $18,500. Steam Railroad Town: A relative pittance for poltergeists! Founded as a water stop for steam rail engines, Lucin sits on the west side of the Great Salt Lake.