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Electronic Case Files Federal case files are maintained electronically and are available through the internet-based Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service. PACER allows anyone with an account to search and locate appellate, district, and bankruptcy court case and docket information. Register for a PACER account Case Search. Search for non-confidential cases in Indiana courts that use the Odyssey case management system. This site replaces the original version previously available at mycase.in.gov. Tell us what you think of the new site. Enter a case number, or a citation number, or a cross reference number Case Number Search. Enter a valid justice court case number in this field to search for your case. Valid justice court case numbers are 12 characters long with either all numbers or numbers following two letters (such as TR, CR, BC, EV, etc.). Case numbers, also referred to as cause numbers, can typically be found at the top of correspondence. Please enter a 5-digit California zip code (e.g. 92110) or city name (e.g. Oakland) Case Search. The Arizona Judicial Branch is pleased to offer Public Access to Court Case Information, a valuable online service providing a resource for information about court cases from 177 out of 184 courts in Arizona. Show unavailable courts. To improve performance and to prevent excessive high-volume use, we have implemented randomly.

Find My Case and Court Date Find Cases for School Districts Find Cases for Law Enforcement Agencies Find Cases for Merchants and Attorneys Downloadable Data Extracts These data extracts can be requested for all case types or just for a specific case type (e.g., Eviction Cases). Extracts can be requested for a single day or for a date range (not. Find a Court Date. Find a Case. Remote Court. Background Check. Expungement. Legal Forms. eFiling/CourtNet. Court Data/Analytics. Jury Service. Find a Court / Circuit Court Clerk by Count

Search by Ticket/Complaint Number. To see a sample of a complaint for the location of the complaint number click here. Complaint Number. Arresting Agency. -- Select Agency -- AC - Department of Animal Cont AD - Addison Police Department AG - Office of the Attorney Ge AR - IL ARDC AU - Aurora Police Department BA - Bartlett Police Departmen BE. How to Find a Case or Court Record. Each court has a case register or log where the court lists events for each case. Events include each document filed, hearings and trials, notices, judgments, and reminders. What is not included are copies of the documents in the file. To find a case, you have three options Seach for data related to court cases being heard today and for the next five business days. Start Search Unclaimed Child Support Check Search. Check to see if the Clerk's Office is holding an undeliverable child support check for you. Start Search. Court Forms. Case Inquiries. Payments. Statistics. Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. Twitter. Contact Us. 140 Adams Room 106 Memphis, TN 38103 Phone: 901-222-3400 Office Hours; Criminal Division. 201 Poplar Suite LL-81 Memphis, TN 38103 Phone: 901-222-350

To search and view individual court case information—for free—please go to the UJS web portal. On the web portal you will find: appellate court case information (Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth); criminal Common Pleas court case information. magisterial district court case information including: civil cases. criminal cases Some types of court documents and filings are available there at no cost. If the document you're looking for isn't available online, you'll need to contact the clerk's office in the county where the case is being heard. The clerk's office can advise you on how to get a copy of the document. Search mycase.in.gov Find local court contact Go to the Public Index search page by clicking on the county link. Online Payments - Traffic Tickets and Fines NOTE: Use of a web browser that supports Cookies and Javascript, and enabling such features, is a requirement for searching public case records

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Clerks at the municipal, district, superior, and appellate courts across the state enter information on the cases filed in their courts. The search engine will update approximately twenty-four hours from the time the clerks enter the information. This website is maintained by the Administrative Office of the Court for the State of Washington General District Court Case Information. Online access by locality to civil, criminal, and traffic cases in the general district courts. Case may be searched using name, case number, or hearing date. Online payments are made using this system. Pay Traffic Tickets and Other Offenses in a General District Court

Minnesota Public Access (MPA) Remote offers access to case information via the internet for certain court records in the Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS). The information is limited as described in the MN Rules of Public Access to Records of the Judicial Branch. Court documents cannot be viewed in MPA Remote. MPA Remote Find My Case; Forms; Jury; Judicial Administration; Law Library; Municipal Division; Our Judges; Probate Court; 21st Judicial Circuit Rules of the Court; Self-Represented Litigants; Sheriff's Office; Small Claims; Track this Case

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This website is available to provide the status of trial court cases in the State of Idaho. All Idaho counties are now available in this new court records system. > For all Court Records Requests, please contact the county court where the case resides. Click this link for the Directory. > Learn more about Extended Access to Court Records Search court cases. Find case information and some documents at mycase.in.gov. E-file a case. Attorneys are required to e-file in this county; others are encouraged to e-file. Learn the basics and get started. Court statistics. Get official and provisional data about the types of cases filed and disposed in courts across the state Using our free case information services you can find future appearance dates for cases in Criminal and Family Courts. You may also view information on both active and disposed cases in Civil Supreme and Local Civil Courts, and by signing up for our eTrack case tracking service you can receive email updates and appearance reminders for Civil. The search tool returns a case summary and, where applicable, calendar information and a list of case activities (docket). Please note - The Find My Court Date search can not be used to find court dates in Seattle Municipal Court. If you are supposed to appear in Seattle Municipal Court, please contact Seattle Municipal Court directly Case numbers must be entered in a specific format. For Civil, Family and Probate cases, start with the proper 3 or 4 case style prefix, the 2 digit year and the 6 or 7 digit sequence number. Case Numbers are up to 12 characters long without spaces, dashes or any other characters. Case Prefix

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Find Your Case. Use this Case Inquiry to look up your case. Please Note: The financial information in the case inquiry does not include warrant amounts. If there is a warrant on the case (indicated by the red W next to the defendant name) interested parties need to contact the court at 775-334-2290 to determine the total amount Find My Court Date. Daily Court Calendar. You can access the daily court calendar by clicking here. If you think you are scheduled for a court date and do not find your name, please contact the court by phone at 509-574-1804 or you may complete the contact form. Your calls and e-mails will be answered as quickly as possible

When searching by case number, you can search using the sequence number listed in the appeal. To find case: M2012-05656-COA-R3-CV, enter 5656 and the system will return all cases where 5656 is listed in the appeal number. When searching by case style, you can search using a name or portion of the style of the case listed in the appeal Find My Case. Use Court Case Search to display all cases that have been dispositioned. This will not include pending cases. Retrieving Information... * When initiating a name search, the last name and first name of the individual must be entered. * When entering the first name, a minimum of the first two letters of the first name must be entered

Pure Law Solicitors, the leading firm in Wales specialising in Criminal Defenc For election-related case documents, please CLICK HERE. Maricopa County Clerk of Superior Court Home Menu. Locations Contact Us Press Publications Employment Login. JEFF FINE. Search. CLOSE. Search Go. You are now exiting the Maricopa County Clerk of Superior Court. The Maricopa County Clerk of Superior Court is not responsible for the content. Search Cases by Name or Case Number. Civil Cases - Civil, Small Claims, and Name Change case types. Non Civil Cases - Traffic/Infraction, Criminal/Misdemeanor, and Civil Protection Orders. Search Cases by Case Number Case Search & Records Information. Criminal case searches and calendars are found on-line at this link. Nevada law requires customers to pay the required research fee for record search requests where the Defendant name or Justice Court Case Number are not provided. The fee is $1.00 per year searched per name. Customers should specify the number. Search. Display a list of Superior Court cases that match the following criteria: (Enter as last name, first name. For example: Smith, John) Proceedings scheduled in a Washington State district and municipal court (except Seattle Municipal Court) can be searched by case number or name of a party using Washington Courts' Find My Court Date

This website provides public access to the case records of the Maryland Judiciary. Access to these records is governed by the Maryland Rules on Access to Court Records. Acceptance of the following agreement is required to continue. Note: If you believe information provided is inaccurate, please send written notice to the court where the. Welcome. Welcome to Municipal Court Case Search (MCCS) - the fast, secure and convenient way to look up Municipal Traffic or. Complaint information online. Please have one of the following available: Press Search to continue. For specific questions regarding ticket or complaint information please contact the Municipal Court directly Search Court Dockets, Calendars and Case Information. Free access to basic case information and scheduled court dates for members of the public and attorneys. Find information on how to access electronic case information and calendars for the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC), Appeals Court, and Trial Court. You can search court dockets, view oral. Case documents (filings, etc.) are not available online. For information on obtaining case documents (in person or by mail), please click on the type of case, below: If you come into Court and have our staff do the search, you must provide the case number, case name, title of the document (s) requested, and file date of the document (s) Search Court Cases On-line. The online case search is used to find basic information on a case and its location. Information You Need to Find a Court Record Online. You can locate a case if you know: The name of a party associated with the case, or The case number, or The District Attorney (DA) case number

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  1. al cases filed and heard in Will County. On a daily basis, the office interacts with the public and attorneys perfor
  2. e the general status of historical and in-process court cases. This information is not the official record of the court
  3. istrative Rule 9(G). If you wish to view a pending case or a closed case, Odyssey (the judicial tracking information program) provides access to court information via the internet
  4. al (All 16 Justice Courts) Records Quick Links. Harris County Archives. Harris County Records and Information Management Plan. History of Texas Records Laws. Records Control Schedule 2019. For suggestions or comments regarding this site please email us at webcomments@hctx.net..
  5. Case Docket Number: Select Court: Supreme Court. Court of Appeals. Use the By Party Name search to locate the Court docket sheet for a specific party name. The party name can be the name of an individual or organization. Case Search Tips. Party Name: (Lastname Firstname Middle Initial OR Company Name) Show Open Cases Only
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Access to Superior Court records is defined by federal law, state law, court rule, and / or case law. For more information, please read the Washington Court's Access to Court Records Brochure . The KC-Script Portal provides King County Superior Court case number and participant name search functionality and access to case information Click here for important information regarding our service that allows you to obtain electronically certified copies of court documents on-line. Click here to view a daily listing of new court cases which includes party name and address information. Click here to view Public Data Files, including Name Index files for Circuit Civil, County Civil, Circuit Criminal, County Criminal and Traffic.

Search By Case Number. If you chose the Search by Case Number button, you are asked for the case year, case type, and case number. The Circuit Clerk's records are indexed by year, case type, and case number. Each year the case number starts over at 1 for each case type. Family and Divorce child support records date from 1987 Find information and announcements on cases currently before the courts. To find information on current cases, click Search Court Cases, Calendars, and Dockets.. Learn More about Pending Court Cases. Oral Arguments. Amicus Announcements Harvey Ruvin Clerk of the Courts of Miami-Dade County case search page. Please enter a case number and select submit to get info on felonies, misdemeanors and civil.

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About My Court Case Sometimes people need basic information about court cases, but don't have time to go to court to look at the file. This website can help you get information about your court case on your personal computer, or a computer in the library, court, or some other public place-whenever you want View civil case parties, attorneys, calendars and hearings. Searches for Thurston County superior court case and hearing information may be performed using the Odyssey Portal. Odyssey Portal is available on our home page under Case & Hearing Search. Public case and hearing information is available for general public viewing at no cost Both County Court District Court. Division. Date Range. 6 Months 3 Months 1 Month 1 Week Today Specific Date. Date. Case Number. C CR CV CW DR JD JV M PR R S T. 4-digit year Case class Case sequence. Party Last Name or Company Name

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  1. istrative Office of the Courts has developed the Georgia Judicial Gateway (GJG) to facilitate access to numerous services provided by both public and private entities. This Portal is provided to enable Citizens and Court Professionals to access Vital Judicial Services throughout the State of Georgia
  2. Find My Court. Select your local District Court or Justice Court below depending on the kind of case you have. Please note, Municipal Courts do not handle civil cases and do not require these forms. For information regarding Municipal Court services, please refer to Find A Court. District Courts handle the typical family law cases, such as.
  3. To obtain an official certified record of the court, please visit the Court and request the specific documents in person or do so in writing. Certification and copy fee information is available here. The information on the case search page is maintained by Webmaster@kerncounty.com
  4. Court Case Information and Document Sales. Court Case information is available at no charge. The Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino has implemented an enhanced service which provides remote access to document images from case filings in civil matters. The fee for access to these documents is $0.50 per page

However, Court Rule (1161.2(a)) provides for access to such cases by interested parties who can, at a minimum, provide one plaintiffs name, one defendants name and the property address. If you do not find the case you are looking for, you can submit a request for the court to conduct a search for you To conduct court business via online services, which includes requesting an extension, establishing a payment plan or making a payment, submitting electronic correspondence, reserving a court date, or setting up automatic reminders for your case (s), access My Court Portal as a guest user or create an account. Survey Case Search. The Criminal and Traffic Cases systems are intended to assist the public in accessing available case data without having to visit the courthouse. The information provided on and obtained from this site does not constitute the official record of the Superior Court of Orange County. The case information provided is based on the.

To find out when you are to appear in court, call the Guilford County Clerk of Court's office at 336-412-7300. Or, you can search for your court date online . City of Greensboro | 300 West Washington Street, Greensboro, NC 2740 To search for a case by a business name, click Advanced Filtering Options, navigate to the General Options section, and select Business Name from the Filter by Search Type drop-down list. Type the business name in the search field above, and click Submit. Or use the Smart Search; if the business name includes a comma use a wildcard search by. Vasco A. Smith, Jr. County Administration Building 160 N Main Street Memphis, TN 38103 Phone: 901-222-230 Appellate Docket Search Search for appellate cases by docket number. Appellate Court Records. Searching District Court Records at the Courthouse. Searching District Court Records Online - A Guide to XChange XChange is a subscription-based clearinghouse of state court information. Archived Court Records Historical Court Records (more than 50.

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UPDATE ON EVICTION CASES (as of June 30, 2021) Sworn Petitions for Residential Eviction Under the Supreme Court's Thirty-Seventh Emergency Order (viewable here) for any RESIDENTIAL eviction based in whole or part on the nonpayment of rent, filed through July 27, 2021, the sworn petition for eviction must state that the plaintiff has reviewed the information about the Texas Eviction Diversion. Case Lookup Forms/Documents Make A Payment Child Support Bar Association eFile Welcome to the Kankakee County Clerk of the Circuit Court website. The Circuit Clerk position is an elected one, voted on by the people of Kankakee County. It is a constitutional office and part of the 21st Judicial Branch of Illinois, including Iroquois County. Our offices [ Trial Court Cases. The Alaska Trial Courts include the superior and district courts. Additional information about these courts is available on the Alaska Trial Courts page. Search for cases, tickets/citations, and pay online

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Visit the Colorado Courts website to find legal information about your child support order. Check the docket for an upcoming court hearing. Obtain copies of child support orders. Find legal forms and instructions for child custody, parenting time and child support. See Colorado guidelines to determine monthly child support payments Find information on high-profile cases before the Illinois Supreme Court and Illinois Appellate Courts. Careers/Employment A listing of all current job openings in the Illinois Judicial Branch Find a court or tribunal. Find contact details and information on courts and tribunals in England and Wales, and some non-devolved tribunals in Scotland. You can find the following details: This. Only attorneys practicing in Seattle Municipal Court need a to file documents. Using the left-hand menu, you can find case information and records using a case number, defendant name, vehicle license plate or courtroom. For access to case records for older cases, please contact the Records Department, smc_copy_requests@seattle.gov Criminal Case Lookup. If you are a party to a Criminal case being heard in the Supreme, District or Magistrates Courts in Queensland, the Criminal Case lookup will allow you to find information about your upcoming court events. This includes all criminal offences, indictable offences, summary offences, traffic offences, applications for special hardship orders and applications for work licences

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To obtain information about enforcing or changing child custody, parenting time, or support, obtain contact information for the friend of the court by selecting the appropriate county in our trial court directory, consult the list of interactive voice response (IVR) system numbers, or sign up to use MiCASE and get case information online Look Up My Case. To look up your court case, click on the name of the court below where your case is pending and follow the steps on that court's website: Eighth Judicial District Court. Boulder City Justice Court. Bunkerville Justice Court. Goodsprings Justice Court. Henderson Justice Court. Las Vegas Justice Court. Laughlin Justice Court

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Find My Court Hearing Date(s) Court Dates by Date; Court Dates by Case Number; Court Dates By Name Small Claims, Name Change, and Civil Cases; Court Dates By Defendant Name Criminal, Infraction, and Protection Order Search cases of Wisconsin Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, & circuit courts. Circuit Court. Pending before the Supreme Court. Supreme Court & Court of Appeals. The Wisconsin Court System protects individuals' rights, privileges and liberties, maintains the rule of law, and provides a forum for the resolution of disputes that is fair, accessible. Case Search. Search for cases filed in the County Clerks Office, including cases filed electronically. You can search by Index Number, Party Name, Attorney Name, or File Date. * Required fields Search Name/Case/Court Dates. The Washington State Court system, also known as the JIS system, contains court case information from multiple jurisdictions across the state, from both limited and general jurisdiction courts (District/Municipal and Superior Courts respectively.) Search Washington Courts Statewide Case or Name Search. Search. You may search for a case by a party's name or case number. Be sure to choose the correct county and input the information carefully before submitting your search. Once you have located the case, you can view the index of documents by clicking on the case number

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Notice Records (Land records, deeds, etc.) MdLandRec.net provides online access to Maryland land record documents. This service is provided by the Judiciary and the Maryland State Archives. Plats.net is a digital image reference system for Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats. It preserves and makes accessible all plats filed with. Court Case Finder. The following buttons will direct you to pages where you will find case records and record requests based on jurisdiction . If the location you are looking for is not listed, visit the public access to court information page provided by the Arizona Judicial Branch. Please be aware that most jurisdictions require you to submit. • Cases where charges have not yet been filed by the District Attorney's Office • Closed cases with no pending court proceedings. If you are unable to find the case information you are looking for, please check again in 72 hours, unless it is a juvenile case - Juvenile cases are not included in the displayed records Each case of the Court of Appeals' cases is heard by a three-judge panel. An agreement of the majority of the judges on each panel is needed to decide every case under review. The court sits in different locations across the state to hear appeals. The Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal gives ruling and opinions on cases which are then published

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Criminal Case Information and Calendar can be found on the Superior Court website. A criminal case is a proceeding in which someone is charged with a public offense (i.e., with committing a crime), evidence is presented on both sides, and a decision is made as to the person's guilt The online portal site allows you to search case data from the Court's case management system. Public Portal. Calendar of Future Cases. The planned calendar for the next business day is shown in the files listed below, divided by department. Calendars are updated each day at approximately 4:00 p.m. Please note, the calendars listed below do not. Court Records Search. Search Public Records, Account Creation Tutorial, and request Certified Copies of Court Pleadings. Records & Case Information Request System. For questions on your case or to, request for Support Pay Histories and Case Statistical and Court Registry Balance Reports Customers can access a search for case number by party or defendant name in the Los Angeles Superior Court via a secure web server. Name searches incur a public access fee to reimburse the Court for the costs of providing public access to its electronic records (California Rule of Court 2.506 and Government Code Section 68150 (l)) Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information from individual federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts.The PACER Locator has the abillity to search across multiple court units In Person: The public access area located at the Clerk's office in Room M-206 offers customers the option to view publicly available court records for free.. To print documents, there is a charge of $.25 per page for regular copies. Certified copies of documents cost $5.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page