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Cancun Vs Riviera Maya. If you are already in Cancun and feel trapped in Mexico's largest tourist heaven, you are in luck. The nightlife here is some of the best in the country as well. However, be careful when heading out as the city has become more dangerous due to the increased presence of the drug cartels These are the best places for adrenaline seekers looking for nightlife in Riviera Maya: Coralina Daylight Club. L'Ambassade. Coco Bongo Playa del Carmen. Mandala. Playacrawl. See more nightlife for adrenaline seekers in Riviera Maya on Tripadvisor. Save more and get more from your trip. Learn more Riviera Maya is less compact than Cancun, more spread out. Hire a car if you wish to have a bit more freedom and explore the Mayan ruins at Tulum or Coba. Playa del Carmen is the gateway to Cozumel, and in itself has great beaches, with a family friendly vibe

1. Re: Cancun vs Riviera Maya. Cancun in the hotel zone is mostly high rises in a tourist only area for the most part. RM includes al lot of space but most hotels would be more spread out with a few floors but a lot of tropical setting much of which is back from the beach Cancun is a large city located at the northeast tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. It was the very first tourism specific destination built in the early 70's. The Riviera Maya is a region to the south of Cancun that starts at Puerto Morelos and ends at the Sian Ka'an Biosphere. In some ways we are comparing apples and oranges - city verses. The biggest difference: Riviera Maya vs Cancun (or Playa del Carmen / Tulum vs Cancun) Most of the hotels in Riviera Maya are huge family-oriented resorts and some of them even consist of 3-5 lobbies (or 2-4 different hotels). For example, Grand Bahía Principe where we stayed for 5 days, has 3 different hotels - Akumal, Coba, and Tulum

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  1. Ariel view of Cancun. However, when comparing Riviera Maya vs Cancun you may be in for a surprise depending on who you ask. Here is why you should check it out: What is Riviera Maya? Riviera Maya is the section of land formerly known as the Cancun-Tulum Corridor and has some vast underground river systems
  2. Cancun also offers bar-hopping tours, which bring visitors to several nightclubs in one night. Playa del Carmen: While Playa offers many of the same nightlife options as Cancun (Coco Bongo, Mandala, and Senor Frogs, included), there are many more bar options here. Plus, it's easier to bar hop thanks to the grid layout
  3. Playa del Carmen. Playa del Carmen is in the heart of the Riviera Maya, a fishing village that has developed and grown to become one of the trendiest destinations in Mexico in recent years. Despite its recent development, it still maintains the small-town charm in the Caribbean. As the locals call it, Playa is a tranquil city, clean and well-kept, and in recent times has been acquiring fame as.
  4. The Riviera Maya actually runs about 70 miles along the beach south of the airport so some hotels may take a bit longer to get to but are worth the drive. So with luxurious resorts in Cancun, the Riviera Maya and Playa Mujeres, what are some of the major differences between the 3 destinations? High rise vs. low rise buildings- Cancun will.
  5. Cancun vs Riviera Maya: A Crowded Beach in Cancun. Cancun is a city that really needs no introduction. One of the most popular tourist destinations in North American, Cancun is famous for its beautiful tropical beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and great nightlife
  6. Punta Cana vs Cancún vs Riviera Maya. Despite being places that offer the same (hotel complexes, excursions, nightlife, beaches) the three destinations are essentially very different, and this will help facilitate things for your choice

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  1. Riviera Maya. This idyllic spot on the map features the most elegant accommodations offering high-end facilities and amenities, glistening pools, lush grounds, and numerous gourmet dining options. While Riviera Maya is a much further drive from the International Airport, the time spent in transit is well worth the reward
  2. The ultimate guide to Cancun's nightlife. Cancun and clubbing go together like Friday nights and wine. Head to this top party destination on Mexico's Caribbean Coast and you'll experience some of the best bars, clubs and general good vibes in the world. There are sprawling strips full of themed bars, award-winning clubs and back-to-back festivals, along with party-focussed hotels where.
  3. Cancun vs. Playa del Carmen vs. Riviera Maya is about to be harder. When Isla Mujeres approaches, the whole situation is tilted in favor of Cancun. Just 13 kilometers from Cancún, this island embracing the Caribbean Sea will keep you busy with lots to do. Diving, diving, visiting a turtle farm, or just relaxing in the sun are just a few of them

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One of the main advantages enjoyed by the Riviera Maya over Cancun and Cozumel is undoubtedly the range of options offered to travellers. It includes Mayan ruins like Tulum, many cenotes, and spectacular dive sites; long periods of relaxation are offered even in just one or two days in the heart of Mexican culture When it comes to Tulum vs Cancun, the nightlife is by far one of their biggest differences. Tulum Nightlife . On the other end of the Riviera Maya, the nightlife in Tulum is much different. Tulum nightlife can be best visualized as chilled out and sophisticated beach bars with an occasional music festival sprinkled in the mix

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BEST FOR: staying in the heart of the action—from nightlife to sightseeing Fun-loving Playa del Carmen is your best bet for nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and accommodation options to suit all budgets. While the beaches here aren't as pristine as in Cancún or Isla Mujeres, the city's central location (a 45-minute drive from Cancún's airport in the north and 50 minutes from Tulum in. The Cancun International Airport (CUN) is also the gateway for the nearby Riviera Maya. Just south of Cancun, the Riviera Maya is the 100-mile stretch of coastline hugging the turquoise Caribbean Sea that extends to hippie-chic Tulum. The cosmopolitan beach town of Playa del Carmen is about half-way between Cancun and Tulum Dining and Nightlife in Cancun vs Puerto Vallarta Pool Bar at the Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort Thanks to its roots as a fishing village, versus Cancun's purpose-built destiny as a resort town, Puerto Vallarta's food offerings tend to be a bit less designed for tourist palettes

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Cancun Characteristics. Great beaches. No surfing. Beach and city are separated, most tourists don't go into the city though it has some great food spots and markets. Large resorts with few small boutique hotels. Good attractions within 90 minute drive. 20 minute drive from airport. Most restaurants are sub-par and good food takes effort to find Playa del Carmen vs. Cancún - Choosing Your Vacation. Playa del Carmen and Cancun are two major tourist destinations in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. Located on the east side, these two cities are both in the state of Quinatana Roo, and a part of the Riviera Maya. When comparing Playa del Carmen vs. Cancún, there are many things to.

The Hard Rock Riviera Maya takes a strong runner-up stance with its unique sports experiences and adults-only option. If you are weighing the pros and cons of Hard Rock Cancun vs Hard Rock Riviera Maya, keep reading as I dive into detail on which resort is the best for most travel situations Cancun vs. Riviera Maya vs. Tulum. On September 30, 2014. November 16, 2017. By Resort to Laura Madrid In Cancun, Foodie, Mexico, Riviera Maya, Tulum. Mexico always delivers on all levels for me - incredibly delicious cuisine, warm and intuitive service, some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the hemisphere, and not to mention the. Answer 1 of 12: Dear all, I'm planning my summer holidays (CW 32-33), but I need your help to understand wich is the best location between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. I'm looking for: - clean sea - sun - nightlife I'm pretty sure Cancun is.. Oftentimes, people use Cancun and the Riviera Maya interchangeably; however, they are two different things. Cancun is a city with a lot of residents while the Riviera Maya is a region south of Cancun with many smaller resort towns such as Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Puerto Morelos all located along the water Cabo vs Riviera Maya: Ruins and a Beach in Tulum. Located on the south end of the Riviera Maya, is the city of Tulum. Tulum was the original tourist attraction in the Riviera Maya, and the Yucatan as a whole, attracting visitors way before Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or Cozumel

The Riviera Maya combines the magic of the Caribbean like few other destinations you will get to know, with unique beaches and a beauty you have to see with your own eyes, with an intense history, a civilization rich in culture and folklore. CANCUN VS PUNTA CANA. As you can see, both are ideal places to spend an unforgettable vacation Vergleiche und finde großartige Angebote für Riviera Maya Suites in Playa del Carmen. Wir durchsuchen das Internet und finden das passendste Angebot für Dic Cancun vs. Playa del Carmen. The only downside to Cancun nightlife is the distance between venues. However, taxis exist for a reason, as a local agency we are able to save you money on all the hotels and tours in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen is a nice in between of Cancun and Tulum you have the much more localized feel.

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Desire Riviera Maya is a small 4-star clothing optional Resort, conveniently located about 30 minutes from the Cancun International airport. This hotel has a boutiques style feel, elegantly decorated with beautiful trees, cabanas and sexy ornaments that make the hotel feel very cosy and warm Mexico Smackdown: Los Cabos vs. Cancún and Riviera Maya Part 1. Each week, Yahoo Travel pits rival destinations against each other to determine once and for all which place is the best. This week it's Los Cabos vs. Cancún in a Mexican vacation duel Mexico & Central America - Cancun vs. Riviera Maya - My best friend & I are going for a long weekend. Looking to relax at the beach during the day & party at night. Wondering which is a better. The Royalton Riviera Cancun is celebrating its one-year anniversary this week. The 1200 room resort offers a multitude of dining options, a wide range of bars and even more activities to keep the whole family entertained.. To be honest, as you drive up the very long drive, it's unimpressive and actually looks penitentiary-like Riviera Maya vs Cancun or Cozumel. Riviera Maya is also located in the Yucatan Peninsula, and it's about equal travel time from Cancun and Cozumel. It's known for its large, luxury resorts that are often very secluded. Riviera Maya is a popular recommendation from travel companies, and I stayed there during my first few visits to Mexico

Juxtaposed between a jungle frontier and a Caribbean beachfront, views from the terraces and balconies of the Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun are worthy of a poem. Centered around a gargantuan wait-serviced pool and swim up bar, life here, with its unlimited top-shelf spirits and complimentary greens fees at nearby Grand Coral Riviera Maya is, in a word, good Nightlife: There's no shortage of watering holes and nightclubs throughout the Riviera Maya, but there is only one Coco Bongo. The enormous, pulsating discothèque with multiple dance floors has. Cancun is recognized throughout the world for its spectacular white sand beaches and its fascinating sea in turquoise blue tones. With unique natural places, Mayan culture, water activities and adventure. International cuisine, spectacular golf courses, sophisticated spa facilities; exclusive shopping centers, typical handicraft markets as well. It was created as the natural evolution of Cancun into a larger destination, and since the Riviera Maya brand came to light, it became a complete hit. It was just perfect. All the good things foreigners love about Mexico in a single name: Riviera (beach, sun, fun, golf) Maya (history, culture, ancient wisdom, pyramids)

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Iberostar Paraiso Maya is further from the action on the Riviera Maya, which may be a plus or a minus depending on whether you want a relaxing vacation or some nightlife. In a direct comparison, Iberostar Cancun is the clear winner The best Hyatt Hotels in Riviera Maya in Riviera Maya are listed below: 1. Hyatt Ziva Cancun. Hyatt Ziva Cancun has a better beach and better pools than almost any other All-Inclusive hotel in the area. Hyatt Ziva Cancun is an All-Inclusive Family Resort (as oppose to the Hyatt Zilara which is adults only). This stunning All-Inclusive. Cuba or Mexico: sights and culture Tulum ruins, Mexico (5) In Cuba, taking at least a 2-day trip to Havana is a must.Among many things, you can admire the sunset on the Malecon promenade, go see Hemingway's house, visit the Revolution Museum and the El Morro castle. You can just walk around the city to enjoy the architecture, and eat at a casa instead of a state-run restaurant (much better. And the Winner of Puerto Vallarta vs Cancun & Playa del Carmen is Our second comparison of Puerto Vallarta vs Playa del Carmen in 2021 ends with pretty similar results as 2014. Puerto Vallarta stills wins overall by a small margin but Playa del Carmen gained some ground by coming in tied for a couple of spots where they'd previously lost Been to both Hard Rock Cancun and Hard Rock RIvera Maya.I would check your dates to see if Rivera Maya is open to families as they do this several times a year. If your wedding date is when the resort has both sides, that would be my pick! Cancun has a good location to explore off property and a great beach but thats about it. The rooms are outdated, very thin walls, kids welcome and not as.

Just south of Cancun is the beautiful Riviera Maya and the town of Playa del Carmen. This area is a remote oasis away from the active city. Rising no more than three stories high, most resorts along the lush Riviera Maya are All-Inclusive with a wider variety of restaurants and bars than their Cancun counterparts We are a family of 4 with two boys ages 21 and 15 looking to use Hyatt points Christmas week in December. Which property would have the better beach? We would be booking two rooms, and debating between the Puerto Morelos location vs Playa Del Carmen. We've only been to the Riviera Maya once before 10+ years ago when our boys were much younger. 529 posts. 124 reviews. 102 helpful votes. 2. Re: Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun vs Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen. 26 Jul 2021, 2:12 AM. Save. From what I am reading about the beach at the Grand Hyatt, it sounds like the brand new Hyatt Ziva in Puerto Morelos (Formerly a Secrets resort) would be the better beach, thank you for the response Get information on Cancún Travel Guide - Expert Picks for your Vacation hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, and activities. Read the Fodor's reviews, or post your own Riviera Maya is a district situated in the east of Cancun, Mexico. It is a resort and tourism district which contains many tourism spots and resorts for tourist to stay and relax during their visits. It is along the coasts of the Caribbean Sea (eastern coastal part) of the Yucatan Peninsula, straddling the coastal Federal Highway 307

In the video, I'm comparing Hard Rock Cancun vs Hard Rock Riviera Maya. This is one of the most popular questions on my website. Which I can to HRC and HRR.. Twenty years from now You will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do, than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from.

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Infinite Excellence, for Adults. Make our Riviera Maya All Inclusive resort your adults only home away from home. Redefining the expectation of what resorts can be, Excellence Riviera Cancun welcomes guests with gracious hospitality, luxe offerings, and ahead-of-the-curve amenities. Here, six meandering pools and pristine tropical gardens shine. Known for its powdered sand beaches, vibrant nightlife, and centuries of rich culture, we offer unforgettable Cancun tour experiences for people who want to have fun exploring and enjoying all that the Yucatan has to offer. Cancun Adventures has provided unparalleled excursions in the Mayan Riviera for over 20 years Km 45, Carretera Cancun Tulum, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, 77710, Mexico. Set amongst landscaped gardens, this adults-only, all-inclusive resort features six pools, eight restaurants, numerous bars and a relaxing spa. Guests may enjoy all-inclusive privileges at the neighboring Generations Riviera Maya and dining privileges at El Dorado Casitas.

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Join the party at Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa. Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Lagoon of Bahia Petempich, Breathless Riviera Cancun is a vibrant, chic and modern all-suite resort for adults with a unique layout consisting of three horseshoe shaped buildings and areas, each with their own personality and atmosphere #COVID19 Update- Cancun & Riviera Maya. Hello to all our Customers and friends! ‍♂️ ‍♀️ ️錄 This week (Jul 26 to Aug 1) Quintana Roo estate..

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A nice viewpoint in Playa del Carmen my favorite spot in Riviera Maya. The backpacker route in the beautiful state Quintana Roo is quite clear once you decided to come to Mexico. Starting from Cancun you will go all the way down the Riviera Maya and discover tons of things! Depending on you preferences just stay longer either at Cancun, Playa. Re: Cancun vs. Riviera Maya? I like Riviera Maya better because it's not as developed so you can feel like you're somewhere tropical, but you're still close enough to Cancun to be able to go there to shop or enjoy the night life. We stayed at the Excellence Riviera Maya, which was only about 20 or 30 minutes from Cancun Been to both Hard Rock Cancun and Hard Rock RIvera Maya.I would check your dates to see if Rivera Maya is open to families as they do this several times a year. If your wedding date is when the resort has both sides, that would be my pick! Cancun has a good location to explore off property and a great beach but thats about it. The rooms are outdated, very thin walls, kids welcome and not as.

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CANCÚN & RIVIERA MAYA. Cancun is located in Quintana Roo. It is an island approximately 25 kilometers long, connected to firm land through bridges. This great city is divided into 2 main parts: Cancun's center, and the world-famous Cancun's Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone), where the luxury hotels are located, as well as modern malls Answer 1 of 13: I am traveling to Mexico in December. My travel agent has sent me info on the Iberostar resorts in Riviera Maya. Can anyone tell me what the differences are between that area and Cancun. The more I read about the beaches and excitement , I am..

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Summary of Cuba or Mexico: Varadero vs Cancun. To sum up, I would say that Cancun (and Riviera Maya) is a better destination in terms of hotels, food, attractions and value. However, Cuba is a very special country and visiting Havana (2.5 hours driving from Varadero) is a unique experience. It's worth going there already because of that Maya Riviera, Cancun Activities and tours . Mayan Zip Line-you'll both love this fun and exciting activity. 1/2 day expedition.Set out on flights over the jungle*s foliage & cenotes on a series of zip-lines. Bike journey thru jungle paths & snorkel in cenotes. Tour departs hotel lobby. Lunch & drinks included. $92.00 per perso 124 reviews. 102 helpful votes. 2. Re: Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun vs Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen. Jul. 25, 2021, 4:42 p.m. Save. From what I am reading about the beach at the Grand Hyatt, it sounds like the brand new Hyatt Ziva in Puerto Morelos (Formerly a Secrets resort) would be the better beach, thank you for the response. Reply Unlike the driving conditions you may encounter in some other areas of Mexico, in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, you'll generally find good signage and roads that are in decent shape.There are a few things you should be aware of to help ensure that your experience of driving in Cancun is hassle-free, though Both were lovely and here are the similarities and differences in Riviera Maya vs. USVI. Ease of getting there: Depending on where you are, the Riviera Maya might be a shorter flight. The Cancun area of Mexico is fairly centrally located to many U.S. cities, whereas flying to the Caribbean can be a big pain for people located in the western states

Xcaret is the park with the most fun activities in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Also, discover all the tours and excursions you can do in the most popular tourist attractions like cenotes, snorkeling, zip-lines and more. XEGURIDAD 360º | SAFE TRAVELS World Travel & Tourism Council Learn about the preventive measures implemented by Grupo Xcaret Cancun's nightlife scene is yours to explore on this VIP nightclub experience. Six-hour nightclub tour in Cancun. Visit three of Cancun's hottest nightclubs with your personal party guide. Enjoy the VIP treatment with unlimited drinks, no lines or cover charges and reserved tables at each clubs. 5 hours of open bar drinks 6. Excellence Riviera Cancun. Designed for adults only, the Excellence Riviera Cancun is a luxury all-inclusive resort on the Riviera Maya, though it's just about 20 minutes south of the Cancun airport. The elegant, classic resort is shrouded in jungle foliage, which spills out to a lovely stretch of Caribbean beach Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa and is located adjacent to the existing resort. The Breathless Xhale Club buildings, which consists of 164 rooms, is what will be rebranded to adults-only Secrets. Guests will get a Preferred Club Suite Resort at the new Secrets Riviera Cancun, so you can pamper and relax by day and get the benefit of the.

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Activities & Nightlife. It's never a dull day or night for that matter at the Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya resort. Dance, laugh, play, swim, and relax to your heart's content. The swimming pools, white sand beach, live entertainment, themed parties are more than enough to keep you entertained Cancun and the Riviera Maya! It has incredible beaches, wild nightlife, cheap drinks, and delicious food, and all of it comes at an affordable price. But as with any popular holiday destination, Cancun has a lot of places to stay, but not all of which will cater to your travel needs Generations Riviera Maya is an all-suite, all-inclusive resort that sits about halfway between Playa del Carmen and Cancun on the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The beachfront resort. Official maps from The Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau: English (pdf) Spanish (pdf) German (pdf) Mandarin (pdf) Russian (pdf) Portuguese (pdf) Cancun Adventure Tours. Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 3.5, Centro Empresarial Nautilus Local 5 Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Mexico

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Catalonia Riviera Maya Resort & Spa - All-Inclusive - Cancun, Mexico.Come and get ready to spend some unforgettable days in the heart of the Mayan Riviera, surrounded by marvelous landscapes and seductive, white sand beaches.Catalonia Riviera Maya Resort & Spa is located in the wonderful Puerto Aventuras development. This is a tourist. The Royal Cancun is located in Cancun Hotel Zone, on the sheltered north shore of the island with breathtaking views of the bay looking out towards Isla Mujeres. It is a ten-minute drive from Cancun's malls and nightclubs in the Punta Cancun area, major malls, golf clubs and Downtown Cancun. Cancun Airport is a 30-minute drive away Riviera Maya Tours. The Riviera Maya is a beach destination in the Mexican Caribbean that covers dozens of miles from the limits of Cancun until south of Tulum. It features its astounding all-inclusive resorts for every taste, even adult-only options or family-oriented hotels. Also, Riviera Maya offers many activities to explore the sea and. Welcome to Royalton Riviera Cancun Royalton Riviera Cancun - All Inclusive Riviera Maya. Your all inclusive vacation starts in Mexico's Caribbean paradise, Royalton Riviera Cancun.Cancun is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations because of its great fashion and shopping, ecological tours for the more adventurous, fabulous bars and restaurants, world class golf and so much more

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Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and the Riviera Maya are already welcoming international tourists from the United States and Canada. The health protocols are in place, businesses have been certified after implementing a protocol of around 150 different measures to ensure the safety of guests and staff It's over-18s only at the Hideaway at Royalton Riviera Cancun, so everything from the pool to the à la carte restaurant has an lively adult-friendly feel. Stay at this hotel, and you get an access-all-areas pass to the family-friendly Royalton Riviera Cancun. That means ten restaurants and 17 bars are up for grabs, plus seven pools and a spa How it's grown since being a fishing settlement in 1970. Playa Del Carmen is the second largest city with a growing population of 135,000. Despite the rapid recent developments, Playa Del Carmen has always retained its quiet charm. Tulum is the largest city in the south of the Riviera Maya and has a population of around 40,000 2 oz of tonic water. PREPARATION: Put vodka, orange juice, lemon juice, and ginger syrup in the shaker. Add ice and shake. Serve in copper jar with fresh ice. Finish filling with tonic water. Add mint small branch. When Prohibition took hold, the thirsty took off. Many of the best bartenders left for Cuba and the vibrant lure of its nightlife.