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TIGER/Line Shapefile, 2015, state, Illinois, Primary and Secondary Roads State-based Shapefile Metadata Updated: November 10, 2020 The TIGER/Line shapefiles and related database files (.dbf) are an extract of selected geographic and cartographic information from the U.S. Census Bureau's Master Address File / Topologically Integrated Geographic. Illinois Department of Transportation Select Year (highway, railroad, and structure). DISCLAIMER: IDOT provides this GIS data available for download in shapefile format and will provide support for the integrity of the data. IDOT cannot provide support for software used for viewing and analyzing this data such as ESRI's ArcView and. USGS National Transportation Dataset (NTD) for Illinois 20210518 State or Territory Shapefile. Dates. Publication Date 2021-05-18 Start Date 2008-01-01 End Date 2012-01-01 File Modification Date 2021-05-19 00:20:13. Citation

Be sure to check out our listings of U.S. State GIS Shapefiles and resources on other websites. Illinois Administrative Boundaries Shapefile (5.6 mb) Illinois Coastline Shapefile (712 k) Illinois Highway Shapefile (67.3 mb) - Primary and secondary roads, highways, streets, paths, trails, interstates. The GIS Lab is committed to provide GIS data for the state of Illinois and the U.S. to both the UIS community and off-campus users. A wealth of public domain data is available for scientists and researchers at no cost. Although many public datasets can be obtained through websites and/or publi Contact Us. Illinois Department of Transportation. Hanley Building. 2300 S. Dirksen Parkway. Springfield, IL 62764 (217) 782-7820 or TTY (866) 273-368

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Download Illinois Counties GIS data. Illinois is the midwestern state of the United States. It is the 25th largest land area of United States. Springfield is the capital city of the Illinois. Illinois Administrative Boundary Shapefile. For downloading GIS data user need to register on website using valid email id Format: Shapefile - 2007 to Present. TIGER/Line ASCII format - 2006 and earlier. Census 2000 available in both formats. The core TIGER/Line Files and Shapefiles do not include demographic data, but they do contain geographic entity codes (GEOIDs) that can be linked to the Census Bureau's demographic data, available on data.census.gov. 2020. 2019 Access Illinois GIS data sets and documentation (metadata) for ArcIMS Interactive Map Services, USGS digital topographic maps, aerial photography, orthoimagery, orthophotography, geology, land use, natural resources, and infrastructure. Illinois data sets and map data layers are available for download free of charge Highway Traffic Signal Inventory for Northeastern Illinois. The Highway Traffic Signal Inventory is a geodatabase containing information about highway traffic signals in the seven-county CMAP region. The inventory, based on... geodatabase. PDF

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  1. TIGER/Line Shapefile, 2016, nation, U.S., Primary Roads National Shapefile Metadata Updated: January 13, 2021. The TIGER/Line shapefiles and related database files (.dbf) are an extract of selected geographic and cartographic information from the U.S. Census Bureau's Master Address File / Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and.
  2. Illinois GIS Data Providers. A list of GIS data and services for Illinois; excludes resources offered at this data clearinghouse. If you know of an on-line resource that should be added to this list, please e-mail Sheena Beaverson at beavrsn@isgs.uiuc.edu
  3. d, especially when travelling on dirt roads. Red Team found this out the hard way when a dirt-road escape route turned into a dead-end, leaving us uncomfortably.
  4. Motorist Delay at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings, Illinois, 2017 File geodatabase supporting highway reliability performance measurement and the GO TO 2040 indicator related to motorist delay at grade crossings
  5. A shapefile is a geospatial data format for use in geographic information system (GIS) software. For KML versions of these files, please see our Cartographic Boundary Files - KML page. For state-based and national congressional district cartographic boundary files for the 103rd through 110th Congresses, see our FTP site

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A shapefile is a geospatial data format for use in geographic information system (GIS) software. Shapefiles spatially describe vector data such as points, lines, and polygons, representing, for instance, landmarks, roads, and lakes. The Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) created the format fo Illinois 2,494 Real Property 1,255 Landowners 41 Roads Data source: The road system visualized is comprised of arterials and expressways in the Illinois Roadway Information System. Basic IRIS road data is posted in zipped shapefile format. IRIS metadata is posted in the IRIS manual at . Mileage total is the sum of District 1 mileage plus Kendall County from Table HS-4 in the 2013 annual IDOT. For transportation implementing agencies, CMAP develops small-area traffic projections based on our most recent regional travel-demand analysis. Currently, CMAP travel models use adopted regional 2050 socioeconomic projections and assume implementation of the ON TO 2050 Comprehensive Regional Plan for Northeastern Illinois Jan 15, 2021 · TIGER/Line Shapefile, 2016, state, Illinois, Current Unified School Districts Shapefile State-based Metadata Updated: January 15, 2021 The TIGER/Line shapefiles and related database files (.dbf) are an extract of selected geographic and cartographic information from the U.S. Census Bureau's Master Address File / Topologically.

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  1. Illinois NG 9-1-1 . Geographic Information Systems . Data Standards . Initial Release: 9/1/2018 . Last Revised: 5/6/2020 . Prepared by the Illinois State Police and Illinois GIS Association Committe
  2. To make sure you are using the most current ecoregion data, download shapefiles of ecoregions. Illinois GIS Data (shapefiles, metadata and symbology) Illinois Level III Shapefile (351 kb) Illinois Level III Metadata and Illinois Level III Symbology; Illinois Level IV Shapefile (762 kb) Illinois Level IV Metadata and Illinois Level IV Symbolog
  3. Human Services View Human Services. Local Government View Local Government. Natural Resources View Natural Resource
  4. Shapefile: D F G P S U: Oil/Gas Platforms in Federal Waters: Active oil and gas platforms in U.S. Federal waters, Gulf of Mexico. U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management: June 2020: 7/10/2020-D F G P S U: Oil and Gas Wells: Includes probable actively producing oil and gas wells in the United States, excluding Indiana and Illinois

Data for this map were gathered by the Illinois Water Inventory Program, which has tracked water use at high-capacity community wells and intakes (over 70 gallons per minute) throughout the state since 1979. The Distribution of Water Use in Illinois map is available online as a 36 x 54 PDF file (7.2MB). An interactive map of this water use. Illinois County GIS Resources The following links are to GIS resources by county for the state of Illinois. Not all counties have GIS sites yet. We will try to add all the ones we can find. If we missed one, please email us the link! Hopefully this will be a resource for teachers to use to work with their county studies.. 1836 A New Atlas Map Of Illinois With Its Proposed Canals, Roads & Distances from place to place, along the Stage & Steam Boat Routes. 1845 Atlas Map of Illinois. 1856 Atlas Map of Illinois. 1856 City of Chigago, Illinois. 1856 City Of St. Louis Missouri. (with) The City Of Chicago Illinois Atlas Ma Transportation - roads, railways, waterways, POI (points of interest), populated places, natural places, buildings; All map data available to download is in shapefile format. You hawaii.zip Idaho Transportation idaho.zip Illinois Transportation illinois.zip.

The data is distributed in ZIP archives which contain ESRI shapefiles. Driver built-in by default. For additional information, contact: Les Howard, phone 402-472-9192. ESRI shapefiles consist of three files. Illinois Water Shapefile (7. blkgrp is a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame with polygons made from the 2000 US Census UScensus2000blkgrp Federated Domains. This site only This site only cookcounty.data.socrata.com cookcounty.data.socrata.com performance-archive.cookcountyil.gov performance-archive.

GIS Data - Peoria - Illinois River Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles (DOQ) Digital orthophoto quadrangles (DOQ) are georeferenced images of aerial photographs that have had camera orientation and terrain displacements removed. These data are being compressed and redistributed through this Web site as a service for program partners of the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center shapefiles shapefiles tif tif kml kml sustainability sustainability SR1050, of the Illinois Department of Transportation. As per Illinois statute, only crashes with a property damage value of $1,500 or more or involving bodily injury to any person(s) and that happen on a public roadway and that involve at least one moving vehicle, except. Click on individual counties to download the shapefiles of Roads ,Hydrography ,Urban Areas 1990,Urban Areas 2000, Rails, Water Polygon ,Census tracts 2000 , Census tracts 2010 and County 2000. Geological Survey of Alabama, Oil and Gas Board GIS Data. USGS National Boundary Dataset (NBD) for Alabama 20190212 State or Territory Shapefile

Each GIS data file for the Punta Gorda to Point Arena region is listed below with a brief description, a small image, and links to the metadata files and the downloadable data files. The data were compiled in ArcMap. Raster data layers are registered TIFF images and are in the UTM Zone 10 coordinate system. Line features are in shapefile format. Each shapefile consist of at least three actual files. This is a commonly used format that can be directly used in Arc-anything, DIVA-GIS, and many other programs. It can be imported to most other GIS programs. Shapefiles contain a single class of vector data such as points, lines, or polygons. Gridfiles are used in DIVA-GIS This section focuses on access to and use of Illinois enacted redistricting shapefiles. Enacted Redistricting Shapefiles (ERS) are shapefiles that have been developed as the result of legislation enacted by a state or other governmental entity through the redistricting process, based on Census 2010 data, that define/show new political area boundaries Highway Funding. The FAST Act authorizes $305 billion over fiscal years 2016 through 2020 for highway, highway and motor vehicle safety, public transportation, motor carrier safety, hazardous materials safety, rail, and research, technology and statistics programs

Will County is located in the northern part of Illinois and is one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States. The county seat of Will County is Joliet. Founded in 1836, today Will County is a major hub for roads, rail and natural gas pipelines The DFIRM is designed to provide the user with the ability to determine the flood zone, base flood elevation and the floodway status for a particular location. It also has NFIP community information, map panel information, cross section and hydraulic structure information, and base map information like road, stream, and public land survey data Geographic Information Systems. DuPage County is the second most populated county in the State of Illinois over 75% urbanized with a population now approaching 1,000,000. Starting in 1980 a G.I.S. program was initiated to make the county government entirely self-sufficient in meeting all mapping and G.I.S. data needs. Type. Number. Townships. 9 In this exmple, I used a point shapefile called places_2county (Fig. 3), which contains places and designated places defined by the U.S. Bureau of Census in the Madison and St. Clair two county region of Illinois; a line shapefile roads_2county (Fig. 3), contains roads within the bi-county area with about a 19 km (11 miles) buffer of roads; the.

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MICRODEM supports many types of data and data formats. Insure the files you download are in an acceptable format. Avoid ESRI e00 format and SPCS data if possible, and never get ERDAS Imagine data.. Some data sets consist of multiple files, and you must pick the correct file to open the data set. General notes on downloading data Locations of Landfills in Illinois. A landfill is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burial. Historically, landfilling has been the most common method of organized waste disposal. Permitted landfills can be divided into three categories based on the three major stages in the lifecycle of a typical permitted landfill Designated Roads Data - Shapefiles of GIS Roads Layers: The links below contain shapefiles of various designated roads, including shapefiles representing the FDOT linear referencing system (basemap). The data is provided statewide in WinZip format and is updated weekly. The data projection is UTM 17, and the datum is NAD 83

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Illinois Department of Natural Resources BLANDINGS TURTLE CONSERVATION PLAN (Application for an Incidental Take Authorization) Per 520 ILCS 10/5.5 and 17 Ill. Adm. Code 1080 It is understood that a 150-day minimum time frame is typically required for public review, biological and legal analysis, and permittin The USDA Forest Service Geodata Clearinghouse is an online collection of digital data related to forest resources. Through the Clearinghouse you can find datasets related to forests and grasslands, including boundaries and ownership, natural resources, roads and trails, as well as datasets related to State and private forested areas, including insect and disease threat and surface water. Find Johnson County Maps IL to get accurate Illinois Property and Parcel Map Boundary Data based on parcel ID or APN numbers. Go with traditional Johnson County Plat Books or information heavy Johnson County IL GIS County Data with related geographic features including latitude/longitude, government jurisdictions, roads, waterways, public lands and aerial imagery 2011. Boundary Solutions, Inc. Roads and highways in Ada County, Idaho, 2011

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Many of the datasets listed below are also available for viewing and download as CSV, KML, shapefile, and File Geodatabase from the WSDOT Geospatial Open Data Portal, and as web-based services from the WSDOT Online Map Center. TRANSPORTATION FEATURES. Bridge Data - All Bridge and Tunnel Inventory. View. Download. Bridge Data - Bridge On Locations Unable to load //maps.lakecountyil.gov/Proxy/proxy.ashx?https://lakecountyil.maps.arcgis.com/sharing/rest/portals/self?f=json status: 40 Interstate 90 (I-90) in the U.S. state of Illinois runs roughly northwest-to-southeast through the northern part of the state. From the Wisconsin state line at South Beloit, it heads south to Rockford before heading east-southeast to the Indiana state line at Chicago.I-90 traverses 108 miles (174 km) through a variety of settings, from farmland west of the Fox River Valley through the medium. WUI maps are intended to illustrate where the WUI was located in 1990, 2000, and 2010. We map two types of WUI: intermix and interface. Intermix WUI are areas where housing and vegetation intermingle; interface WUI are areas with housing in the vicinity of contiguous wildland vegetation. WUI GIS data were designed to provide a spatially.

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  1. Cook County's Roads, according to the U.S. Census Bureau (960 x 700) Working my way through Nathan Yau's Mapping With Shapefiles in R tutorial (FlowingData.com), I created these maps sourced solely from the U.S. Census Road Shapefile for Cook County, Illinois (Tiger Line Road Map page).I plan to use that database for a series of maps with overlaid data from Chicago's Open.
  2. Illinois Route 267 (IL 267) is a north-south highway in the U.S. state of Illinois.It runs from U.S. Route 67 (US 67) and Illinois Route 111 in Godfrey north to Illinois Route 104 and Business Interstate 72 (abbreviated BL 72) in Jacksonville.This is a distance of 59 miles (95 km). However, the state of Illinois' 2006 data shows the length of Illinois 267 as 39.46 miles (63.50 km), which is.
  3. Map. Lloyd's official map of Missouri Scale 1:760,320. LC Civil War maps (2nd ed.), 296.2 Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1861 by J. T. Lloyd. General map of the state indicating county names and boundaries, cities and towns, railroads in operation and projected, roads, and rivers. Includes advertisements for Lloyd's great.

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  1. Find Wayne County Maps IL to get accurate Illinois Property and Parcel Map Boundary Data based on parcel ID or APN numbers. Go with traditional Wayne County Plat Books or information heavy Wayne County IL GIS County Data with related geographic features including latitude/longitude, government jurisdictions, roads, waterways, public lands and aerial imagery
  2. e when data is in table form. Here you can download the state boundary, county division, rail, and highway gis map in just a few.
  3. ROADS_SCENIC_BYWAYS_SW is a line shapefile showing the locations of national scenic byway roadways. Some routes are made up of several roadways. Ohio River Scenic Byway -- Whether clinging to the shores of the river, or linking farms and historic river communities, the Ohio River Scenic Route is the common thread joining a geographically broad and culturally diverse region together
  4. Historical and contemporary maps of, and documents relating to, Tuscarawas County dating from the 1890s to 1980s are included in pdf format. Wayne County GIS Data by Wayne County Auditor's Office. Call Number: G4083.W4 2006 .W3. Publication Date: 2006. Includes GIS data in shapefile format of Wayne County, Ohio
  5. In tigris: Load Census TIGER/Line Shapefiles. Description Usage Arguments Details See Also Examples. View source: R/enumeration_units.R. Description. Description from the US Census Bureau (see link for source):Standard block groups are clusters of blocks within the same census tract that have the same first digit of their 4-character census block number
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  1. ute Shapefile: U.S. Geological Survey
  2. istrative interests of members; and providing a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and experience
  3. Geographic Information System (GIS) Shapefiles The GIS Shapefiles of the project area with the -- environmental survey request limits highlighted and labeled should be placed in a separate folder within the supporting documents folder and named (Shapefiles). GIS shapefiles . must . include files with .prj, .shp, .shx, .dbf extensions
  4. istrative shapefiles contain boundaries of standard geographic locations in effect in 1998. The information contained in these files may have changed since their creation. You may find more current shapefiles for the United States from the U.S. Census Bureau external icon. These shapefiles are made available for use with Epi Info™ and.

Map Ordering Instructions. All maps are sold in the department listed. Please refer to these departments for fee schedules. County Clerk's Office - 630-407-5500. Division of Transportation. Election Commission - 630-407-5600. Available Products. Department Ride Illinois and the City of Aurora have developed a free 24″ x 18.25″ map which suggests routes for bicycle travel throughout Aurora. The front of the map shows trails and preferred road routes. The back of the map provides resources and useful information for safer biking, plus bus routes and bikes on transit information 1-0 SUGGESTED CITATION FILES: 2020 TIGER/Line Shapefiles (machine-readable data files) / prepared by the U.S. Census Bureau, 2020 TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION

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Shapefile Feature Classes • Simple vector format with features connected to dBASE format table • Stores location, shape, and attributes of point, line, or polygon geographic features • Requires at least three and up to 16 separate files stored in same workspace (i.e. folder) 31 Sources: Esri. 2015 Go to the USCB's Cartographic Boundary Files - Shapefiles page. Download the appropriate shapefiles. For a map like this example of llinois, the state, county, and city (place) boundaries are probably most appropriate. Extract All the shapefile contents from the .zip archives. View the Catalog Pane Illinois shapefiles. Reads and writes Shapefile, GeoJSON and Shapefile, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, DBF and CSV files are supported. IN-shapefiles Indiana precinct shapefile with election results from All data below are zipped Esri shapefile format, NAD83 Illinois State Plane East coordinates and are meant for those with GIS software or other applications compatible with GIS data. S. School of. Illinois on Google Earth The map above is a Landsat satellite image of Illinois with County boundaries superimposed. We have a more detailed satellite image of Illinois without County boundaries Maps. One of our most frequent requests is for the GIS files for the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System. Over the last 3-4 years, the managing agencies, lead by the National Park Service, and ESRI have worked to greatly enhance the GIS database. Hopefully, the new product is self-explanatory to those needing the data

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The NCDOT GIS Unit is pleased to announc e release of the GIS Data layers on the GIS unit webpage specified below for Second Quarter 2021. Future Quarter releases are tentatively scheduled for the following months: August, November and February 2022. 1. The NCDOT Rail Division data for Crossings, Track and Facility locations have been updated Many King County services are continually adapting because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each agency will update its pages with current information Geologic maps of US states. Digital geologic maps of the US states with consistent lithology, age, GIS database structure, and format. Data for the District of Columbia is included with Maryland. Separate geologic maps are available for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico

Rank Cities, Towns & ZIP Codes. by Population, Income & Diversity. Sorted by Highest or Lowest! Maps & Driving Directions. to Physical, Cultural & Historic Features. Get Information Now! Zoning Board of Appeals-Cancelled PURSUANT TO THE OPEN MEETINGS ACT, notice is hereby given that the regularly scheduled meeting of the Town of Normal Zoning Board of Appeals set for Thursday, July 15, 2021, at 5 p.m. has been cancelled. Town of Normal Mercy Davison Town Planner Dated this 18th day of June, 2021, at 5:00 p.m Chicago is crowded-- so it has plenty of traffic. Here at Illinois Vehicle, we've used US Department of Transportation data along with online mapping tools to visualize when roads are busiest along with the busiest roads in the Chicagoland area.. Traffic by Time of Day. The above animation shows that traffic starts to slow starting each day around 6am, with congestion clearing at 10am Download Seamless Wetlands Data. NWI data can be accessed in several ways depending on your needs. To display and query wetlands data in your software application please use our Web Map Services.This will ensure you have the latest data and reduce data management overhead

Census shapefiles for the state of your choice (via ESRI) - Choose a state and then a dataset to retrieve shapefiles. Shapefiles do not include complete attribute tables - you can download the necessary data from the Census Bureau's website and then join or relate the shapefile with the census data using the FIPS column as the common. Illinois shapefiles. For permissions information, contact the Illinois State Geological Survey. The Ohio Department of Transportation 1980 West Broad Street, Columbus Ohio 43223. This archive contains a shapefile of roads from New York City that The next step is to create a workspace for the shapefile. Custom GIS services are still provided for.

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GIS Interactive Map. The National Park Service Geographic Resources Program hosts an interactive trails map viewer. Choose the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail and then zoom in to find the details you need for trip planning WELCOME. Hello and welcome to Effingham County Government. We encourage you to use our website to access information about your government. Effingham County is located in Central Illinois approximately 75 miles south-east of Springfield, the Illinois State Capitol. Effingham is the county seat of Effingham County DIVA-GIS - Shapefile maps for all countries, including administrative boundaries, roads, railroads, altitude and land cover. World Bank - Country shapefiles can be downloaded through the World Bank's Mapping platform as follows: Click on 'explore countries' to select a country, click on 'download' in the top-right corner, and select 'Indicators.

Illinois shapefiles. edu, visit us online, or call us at 217-333-6300. Tiger 2000 for Illinois American Indian/Alaska Native Areas, Block Groups Demographics, CountyESRI Shapefile Technical Description. About 26 states are available already. blkgrp is a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame with polygons made from the 2000 US Census UScensus2000blkgrp A geographic information system (GIS) is a framework for creating, storing, managing, analyzing, and visualizing data that identifies geographic locations of natural and man-made land features and boundaries.. Features (e.g. schools) and images in GIS become geospatial when they are referenced to locations on Earth using geographic coordinates. Information refers to tabular data. Welcome to the Lewis County Map Library. Lewis County GIS has constructed and maintains hundreds of map layers of land features such as roads, rivers and drainage basins, hydric soil, hydrology, topographic relief, urban growth areas, and city and district boundaries planningCadastre. information used for appropriate actions for future use of the land. Examples: land use maps, zoning maps, cadastral surveys, land ownership, parcels, easements, tax maps, federal land ownership status, public land conveyance records

Illinois shapefiles. You can also email us at [email protected] Federal Geographic Data Committee The FGDC coordinates the sharing of geographic data, maps, and online services through an online portal, GeoPlatform. 303 Tillman Hall 1 University Circle Macomb, IL 61455 USA. Roadway Details in Minnesota. The drivable surface material of the roadway. The operational characteristic of a given route segment. Values indicate if the segment is a one-way or two-way road as well as if the segment is a ramp, couplet, unbuilt, non-mainline, or non-inventory direction. Indicates whether a road segment fits the FHWA's. Standard: The entire data set will be delivered for the order area chosen. Extract: A partial data set will be delivered for the order area chosen. The current inclusion type is . To change the inclusion type, click. The Data Inclusion option indicates how much geographical area will be delivered with a selected map layer Illinois Rivers Shown on the Map: Big Muddy River, Des Plaines River, Edwards River, Embarras River, Fox River, Green River, Illinois River, Kankakee River, Kaskaskia River, Little Wabash River, Mackinaw River, Mississippi River, Ohio River, Rock River, Sangamon River, Spoon River and Wabas River. Illinois Lakes Shown on the Map: Carlyle Reservoir, Crab Orchard Lake, Lake Shelbyville, Lake. Maps that denote mile markers for state, federal, and interstate highways are available for all 88 counties in Ohio on the Transportation Information Mapping System (TIMS). On TIMS, select Milepost Map under Map Type and generate downloadable .PDF maps for any county in Ohio. Rail maps. For statewide railroad maps, visit the Ohio Rail.

Provide shapefiles and dgn files in State Plane coordinates. We will no longer provide shapefiles in UTM coordinates. The coordinate system used should be NAD 1983 State Plane East (feet) or NAD 1983 State Plane West (feet) as appropriate based on location GIS Web Services. Browse GIS Data Set Inventories. List All Data Set Owners - An alphabetic list of all data sharing cooperative members who have data sets available.; List All Data Set Owners by Sector - An alphabetic list of all data sharing cooperative members who have data sets available, grouped by business sector, e.g. Academia, State Government, etc. Perry County Online Tax Map Viewer. The online tax map viewer is now available and can be viewed by clicking the link above. Please e-mail any questions or comments to. gis@perrycountyengineer.com Police Pension Board. Public Safety and Community Relations Board. Technology Commission. Transportation Commission. Zoning Board of Appeals. Departments. Administration. Building Safety. City Clerk