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Ihr Wunschauto von ausgewählten und vertrauensvollen Vertragshändlern ohne Verhandeln. Vergleichen Sie nach Preis, Standort und Kundenbewertungen und wählen Sie ein Auto aus Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde Autos Automobile Auto Share Facebook Posts Post new items to multiple Facebook Groups and Pages simultaneously. Keep friends and followers engaged and on top of your latest photos, news and blog posts How to Auto-Post to Facebook When your content is ready to schedule, you'll see an option to automatically post to Facebook. Make sure the Auto-Post to Facebook toggle is on in order to schedule your desired date and time. Your content will automatically post to Facebook (as long as it meets all of the feature and image requirements)

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  1. Below your post, click the Share Now dropdown. Select the second option Schedule. Select the date and time you want your post to publish. Select Schedule. If you want to see your scheduled Facebook posts on Facebook, you can click over to the Publishing Tools tab and from there you can select Scheduled Posts to see.
  2. You can auto post to Facebook groups live on the browser or schedule yout posts to be posted automatically. Works on all devices GetXPost is a cloud based app that can be used on any device with any browser and needs no installing or long setup ! Time Delay & Auto Paus
  3. Auto Post To Facebook Using Social Champ Create, schedule, engage and track results from a single dashboard to make the most of Facebook marketing with Social Champ. Start 7-day free trial No Credit Card Require
  4. Facebook Autoposter is web-based (cloud) tool! That mean no need download anything! Autoposter work with any device! Just Log In, schedule or post campaigns

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Auto-Posting, cross-promoting and simply sharing at the best times on social media is easy. Blog2Social makes it faster and easier than ever. Automatically share, re-share or re-publish your blog posts on multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest How to Automatically Post From Facebook to Instagram? Cross-posting from IG to FB has been out there for a while. Publishing your post on Facebook through Instagram, on the other hand, is a.

After using above code you post will be posted automatically on your Facebook profile automatically.You may also like get facebook like, share and comment using PHP. Thats all, this is how to Post On Facebook Automatically using PHP.You can customize this code further as per your requirement. And please feel free to give comments on this tutorial Auto Share Facebook Posts Automatically join groups based on a given keyword or imported list of group id's on complete autopilot. No need to manually join groups! Auto share Facebook posts are very simple to do now! Click on the available Facebook account in the provided posts or page tabs and use Enable account option. Furthermore, you are free to play with more options to automatically add post title, description and image on Facebook. 3. The application of WordPress plugins to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook First, select your Facebook page as the source and the types of posts you'd want your automation to consider for auto post boosting. I chose photos and videos. Then choose the conditions in which a post needs to meet in order to be auto boosted. You can set conditions where all have to be true or just one has to be true Facebook Auto Poster Software Tool Helps to Auto Posting on Facebook. You Can Easy Publish Your Ad on All Facebook Groups, Pages and Friend's Timeline With O..

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A Facebook auto poster is a tool that publishes your Facebook posts at a scheduled time. It simplifies your workload and saves you time In this tutorial we'll show you, step by step, How to Auto Post to Facebook Groups, scheduling all your posts at once on Postcron - https://postcron.com - an.. Automatically post on Facebook with PHP using Facebook PHP SDK. How to create a Facebook app. Obtain and extend Facebook access tokens. Cron automation Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde Autos RoboFB can help you post to all your Facebook Groups automatically, even Joined groups! You can reach thousands of targeted audiences every day through Facebook groups, without posting one by one to groups like a laborer. You can also auto join groups based on keywords with RoboFB! Get Started. Solve Problems

Post to Multiple Facebook Groups & Pages with the #1 Facebook Auto Poster Pilot Poster is the best tool for posting to all your facebook groups automatically with ease. We offer you a way to promote your business on Facebook and get much more exposure and sales Download a plugin from official AccessPress Facebook Auto Post page and install it under Plugins > Add New page in your admin panel. Activate a plugin after the installation and open AccessPress Facebook Auto Post to configure plugin settings. To enable auto posting check Auto Publish option. The next step is Facebook ID and secret keys

MaherPost takes care of your Facebook marketing by auto joining Facebook groups and post to all joined Facebook groups automatically. So you just sit back, relax and see the traffic and leads flowing in. Being in business for over a decade, MaherPost is the only Facebook Auto Posting Tool that works for posting to joined groups Let's get to work and start Scheduling Posts! a. Auto post to Facebook Groups by specifying the time of publication. So, let's say, that in order to achieve a more effective communication strategy, you want to update different accounts with the same message, but have to auto post it to each Facebook groups at different times Create a facebook app on developer.facebook.com. Change the app status to live to make it public. Go to tools -> Graph Api explorer. Select your application. Select page access token and then select the page name on which you want to post message using python code. Select the 'i' icon at the start of access token Once all of your services are linked, IFTTT allows you to create recipes to create a chain reaction once one action is taken. For example, add a particular hashtag to a Google Calendar event and it will automatically post to Facebook. Or set up a rule so that any post you save on Feedly also gets saved to Buffer as a future social post. 6

How to auto-schedule Facebook posts in Hootsuite With Hootsuite's AutoSchedule feature , you can avoid gaps in your social media calendar. The tool will automatically schedule your posts for publication at optimal, high-engagement times When auto boosting a post, Revealbot takes the post ID and uses it to create an ad in a traditional Facebook ad campaign, which then allows you all the traditional ad targeting options. Here's an example in the auto post boosting settings where I've selected to target a lookalike audience

1 Answer1. Yes, you can do this. You'll need to do an initial to facebook through a webservice and request elevated rights (publish_stream and offline_access), and then save the authentication token that comes back. You can then reuse this token and post to a facebook wall without anyone having to explicitly to facebook How To Post To Facebook From WordPress Automatically . Although Facebook was initially designed and launched as a means of communication, it went beyond it, and its power was discovered by companies and businesses over the past years

Create an environment. On Windows: Install virtualenv. pip install virtualenv. Launch virtualenv. cd facebook-auto-post virtualenv venv venv\Scripts\activate.bat Auto Post - Master. 226 likes. Product/Service. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page From our Twitter, Facebook and TuneIn auto post services to our Mobile Apps and Alexa Radio Skill services we can enhance your Radio or TV station and take it to the next level! We also have many more services such as Widgets, Streaming server monitoring, Website monitoring, Silence Detection and Song Detection services How to Auto Post to Facebook. When your content is ready to schedule, you'll see an option to automatically post to facebook. Make sure the Auto Post to Facebook toggle is on, and schedule your desired date and time. Your content will automatically post to Facebook (as long as it meets all of the feature and image requirements) This lets you add the blog post link, title, date, and more. With that, Zapier will automatically fetch the blog post details and insert them into the Facebook page post. When you click on the Continue button, Zapier will ask you to test the connection. It will run a sample zap so you can see if the post appears on your Facebook page

Facebook might mistakenly do the translation of the post in a language, which you are not comfortable in, and that is where the problems come in. Fortunately, you can change the default language on Facebook for the purpose of translation so that posts that are in a different language will automatically be translated to a language that you are. Maintaining a WordPress blog can be tiresome. After spending hours of research, writing, and polishing a new post, you must then promote it through various content distribution channels, from mailing lists to social media networks. Facebook is one of the prime platforms for this task. According to Statista, the social media giant had around 1.94 [ How to Post Facebook Posts Automatically to Twitter Posted on February 25, 2020 by Mel Hawthorne 11 Comments Social media engagements are one of the main ways companies and businesses engage with their customers these days - and both Facebook and Twitter are important tools for this type of engagement But one of those features is Publicize, which will auto post to your social media. To use Jetpack you first need to create a WordPress.com account, but once that is set up you can then post your blog posts to the following social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Path and Google+ When I started this post I had the preconceived notion that automatically posting from Blogger to Facebook would not be an issue at all. For some reason in the back of my mind this was as simple as using email notification to the Facebook email-to-post feature, or using Google's Feedburner. Well, I was quite wrong about this

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Go to the page where you want to post. Depending on where you want to create your post, this will vary: Your page - You can create a post for your page from the top of the News Feed.; A friend's page - Click the search bar at the top of the screen, type in a friend's name, click their name, then click their profile image.; A group - Click Groups on the left side of the page, click the Groups. Description. A quick look into WP2Social Auto Publish : ★ Publish message to Facebook with image ★ Attach post or share link to Facebook ★ Filter items to be published based on categories ★ Filter items to be published based on custom post types ★ Enable or disable wordpress page publishing ★ Customizable message formats for Facebook

A Facebook auto poster is software that will publish pre-composed Facebook posts on your behalf at the time of your choosing. With an auto poster, you can create a Facebook post (or hundreds of posts) now and schedule it (or them) to automatically post at a strategic time in the future Here is how to auto-post from Facebook to LinkedIn. Many people have requests like this: I want to post to Facebook natively, but then have that post automatically go to LinkedIn as well. Here is how to do it with OneUp. First, you must go to RSS.app (which is free) and create an RSS feed of the social account you want to post FROM AccessPress Social Auto Post is an amazing designed WordPress plugin that is perfect for the auto-post to your Facebook account. With the help of this plugin, you can easily publish the pages, posts, and custom post types of your site to your Facebook profile and fan pages after you hit the publish button on your site Publish Posts on Facebook. To configure the auto-publication of your blog posts on Facebook in Magento 2 Blog follow these steps:. 1. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Blog and find the Publish Posts On Facebook section.Note: that this option is available for Blog Plus and Blog Extra users only.. 2. Enable the Auto Publish on Facebook option to be able to configure it Here is how to auto-post from Facebook to Google My Business. Many people have requests like this: I want to post to Facebook natively, but then have that post automatically go to Google My Business posts as well. (Or vice versa) Here is how to do it with OneUp

This is similar to the cross-post feature on Facebook, as that also allows you to post to Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. Moreover, with this option, you can customise your posts for Instagram and Facebook and schedule in advance. The tools will automatically post these on multiple platforms at the designated times Here's how to automatically post your Insta photos straight to your Facebook page. Launch the Instagram app from the Home screen of your iPhone. Tap on the Profile icon in the bottom navigation. It's the one to the far right. Tap on the Menu icon in the upper right corner. It looks like three lines on top of one another A Social Media Auto Post WordPress plugin is the one that posts blogs automatically from your website to varied social networks. Simply put, as soon as you publish a post , it'll be automatically shared ; on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others This free plugin will only post to three social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It will post with URL's and images. You can filter your posts based on custom post types and categories. You can create custom message formats for each network. If you want, you can disable auto-posting for any post

WP2Social Auto Publish. WP2FB Auto Publish is a great free WordPress plugin that can automatically publish your Facebook posts to Facebook. This plugin supports post filtering based on custom post types and categories. It comes with different types of filters to publish content Send a POST request to the /{page-id}/feed endpoint with the published parameter set to false and the scheduled_publish_time parameter set to the timestamp in any of the following formats:. An integer UNIX timestamp [in seconds] (e.g. 1530432000). An ISO 8061 timestamp string (e.g. 2018-09-01T10:15:30+01:00).; Any string otherwise parsable by PHP's strtotime() (e.g. +2 weeks, tomorrow)* When you're cross-posting from Instagram, the post is automated, but don't automate the description if you can avoid it. Create a unique description for the Facebook post. Make it look less like an Instagram post, is what I'm saying. Automate posts only. Don't automate things like comments and replies to comments 1. facebook page to blogger. by ycdrugstore. 4. Contact Hotmail Support Services UK Costumer Support UK 0800 112 0038 call for Any problem. by hotmailsupportuk. 1. FB page To Blogger. by mediateknik NetworkedBlogs allows you to automatically update your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your latest blog post. You will have to verify that you are the author of the blog by temporarily adding a widget to your blog or asking your Facebook friends to confirm that you are the author / owner

Facebook Auto Publish is a simple wordpress plugin that allows you to publish posts automatically from your blog to your Facebook pages or profile. The plugin saves you from the manual task of copying your blog updates and publishing them manually to your facebook account Share Facebook Posts to Instagram on Mobile. Since the Facebook mobile apps do not support the above methods, you can try an alternative way or a hack to cross-post Watch the top of the Page to see how you are logged in on Facebook. When you are logged in as your personal profile on your Page, you can see by the Voice indication how you will post on the Page. Right now the Voice indicator shows that if I post on the Page, I am posting as the Page Publicize makes it easy to share your site's posts on several social media networks automatically when you publish a new post. Our Security and Complete plan users can also share content that has already been published, and schedule their posts to be shared at a specific time. Go to Jetpack → Settings → Sharing in your site's WP Admin Here's how to send your Facebook posts automatically to Twitter and save time in the process. We've covered other services and apps that will get the same posts around on social networks like.

Facebook Auto Post is our service that allows you to post your Radio and TV stations 'Now Playing' songs and videos to your stations Facebook page. We offer a hosted service that can grab your 'Now Playing' song or video from any compatible streaming server (we support Shoutcast v1, Shoutcast v2, Icecast, Radionomy, RadioJar, SAM Cloud, Tikilive, Airtime Pro, Live365, Radio.co. Hi Beth — I've been using RSS Graffiti with Facebook and really love the interface. For many of my clients, they like the automatic posting to Facebook via an RSS feed and can feed different blogs to their Facebook page or pages and manage the # of posts per day as well as automatically bring in tweets to Facebook The first and the basic tasks include the download, install, and activation of the AccessPress Facebook Auto Post plugin. A new menu item labeled 'AccessPress Facebook Auto Post' can be discovered after activation in your WordPress admin bar. After you click on it you will be redirected to the plugin's Settings page To start auto posting to Facebook using MaherPost, here are the steps: Connected your Facebook account and load groups to MaherPost. Type your message or add your link, image, or video. Select groups to post to or create categories of groups. Schedule your posts by selecting scheduling time, delay, etc. Let's start step-by-step

How to automatically post your shopify blog to facebook. Once logged into Zapier, click Make a Zap! in the top right hand corner. Note: A paid premium Zapier account is required to create Shopify integrations. In the Zapier dashboard, search and click on Shopify. Next, click on Show Less Common Options You can schedule photo and video posts automatically to Instagram and Facebook through Iconosquare. Tag accounts and locations in your single-image posts when posting to Instagram using automatic publishing. Tag your location or mention other Facebook pages when posting to Facebook. You need to schedule Instagram Stories and carousels on the. 6.WP Facebook Auto Publish. As the name indicates, this plugin allows you to publish posts automatically from your blog to Facebook. So, if you want to publish your post to Facebook along with a message, image or attached link. WP Facebook Auto Publish is your ultimate need There is no tool for this, but twitch does have a setting that would do this for you. simply go to your twitch settings page and under connection, connect your facebook and enable that option. Here's the official twitch step by step for this. 3. level 1

How to auto-post new YouTube videos to Facebook Here is my method of posting my videos to my Facebook page . As someone who is a student, part time worker, streamer and YouTuber , time is short and this helps me get new videos to my Facebook page In this post I'll walk through the steps required to register a Facebook app, and post to your own Facebook wall using C# and Visual Studio 2010. Step 1: Before starting, you'll need to log on to the Facebook developer site and confirm your Facebook profile if you haven't already done so 4) Select your Facebook account as a destination and then click Start Posting. That's it! dlvr.it will automatically post new blog articles to your Facebook account. If you already have a dlvr.it account just add new Route using your blog or feed URL as the source and your Facebook account as the destination Facebook's Graph API represents pages, posts, comments, and other data as nodes in a graph. A simplified example of the Graph API. In order to post to a page, we must create a new post node connected to our page's node. We can do this using the Facebook API for authentication, and an official or third-party SDK to handle the graph manipulation 3. You May Have to (Unexpectedly) Re-Link Your Facebook Account to Hootsuite. One of the perils of using a scheduler like Hootsuite, or just about any other auto-posting program available, is that sometimes the link between Hootsuite and Facebook breaks. When the two can't communicate, your posts will not go live

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Notes has a number of interesting uses, but if you dig just a bit you'll discover that you can add an RSS feed as a note. When you add the Notes application to your FanPage and add your blog's RSS feed as a new note, Facebook adds a tab that is the name of your blog and automatically updates your wall stream with the latest blog posts When you have an automatic liker feature like Zebrabuzz integrated into your Facebook page, you will increase the engagements on your page as every comment, photos, post or reply will be liked. Facebook algorithm is designed to reward pages with consistent likes and auto reactions through auto likes and auto followers

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Post to Facebook wall is useful when you want to post dynamic content to Facebook from the website. Here we'll build a simple PHP script to publish Facebook post from website using Facebook PHP SDK. This functionality lets the user submit the post (message, picture, link, text content) on their Facebook timeline from the website using PHP SDK. No, your Instagram posts won't be automatically shared to Facebook. But If you'd like your posts to be published to Facebook, you can schedule them to both profiles at once with Later!See how to schedule a post to multiple social profiles.. Note: Even if your Instagram is set up to automatically push posts to your Facebook, this feature won't work when Auto Publishing

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Facebook-Auto-Pilot. Automate common Facebook activities such as posting to groups & pages walls. Link: https://www.darwinmail.app. This script makes use of the Facebook API to effortlessly carry out certain tasks. Post to groups your a member or an admin of. Post to pages your a member or an admin of The removal of the functionality comes as a result of Facebook's API changes, which have been implemented in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. After their recent app review, Facebook opted to remove re-sharing functionality for many apps, including Twitter, in order to limit the activities of auto-posting spammers

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Facebook announced on Tuesday a series of updates to its developer platform. Probably the single biggest change: Apps can no longer automatically post to your Facebook profile. While it alleviates. The possibilities are countless. Whether you are a web developer, blogger, provide online services or own a small business offline, Facebook groups can help you get your business to your targeted audience without paying thousands of dollars in the process.. With MaherPost, you can auto join groups related to your business, then auto post to them one by one and get your message to the vast. Auto-posts to Facebook do not pull in Social Card images, but you can add images directly to your auto-post in the Campaign Builder. Facebook and Twitter posts are available for regular, plain-text, or RSS email campaigns. Instagram posts are available for regular email campaigns only Your Facebook followers need reminders, but creating and uploading posts means more work for you. This integration takes care of that for you, automatically creating posts on your Facebook page whenever a new Twitch stream matching any specified game and language goes live. Keep followers informed and your to-do list short

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To post to Facebook automatically, compose a new Instagram post and just before sharing it, turn on the Post to Facebook option, shown below. The Instagram post will now publish to both Instagram and Facebook. Publish a new Instagram post to your Facebook page automatically. Tip: As soon as you hit Publish, head over to Facebook and edit the. Due to updated policies, Facebook no longer allows tweets to be auto-posted to your Facebook profile, but you can make your Facebook status updates auto-post to Twitter. Visit Business Insider's. Beneath it, there is a toggle that says Auto-post. If your account is not yet set up to auto-post, this is where you can set it up. Click the toggle over to YES, and the prompts will guide you through the rest! You'll link your Facebook Page to your account through the prompts, which is necessary to authenticate your account in.

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The default WordPress setup doesn't give you the option to post on Facebook or any other social media platform auto-post. So, we will need to install a plugin to achieve that. There are a number of high-quality social media plugins these days that you can use to share your new or old content on social media sites like Facebook automatically Find the original post (you may have to go back through their Timeline) and then read on. This isn't exactly reposting, but it is the only way to bump a post to the top of people's feeds without losing the Likes and comments. If you use the Share feature on a post, it will make a new post and remove the likes and comments

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Facebook Auto Publish. This free plugin lets you publish your posts to Facebook automatically as a text message, text message with image, or as an attached link. You can filter posts based on custom post types and as categories. You can also post to specific pages on Facebook In this article, we are going to learn how to comment automatically in a Facebook post. You can use this method to wish your friends a happy birthday or just comment on anything. It is useful when you want to comment a number of times on a post. You just need to specify the count and message that will be automatically commented on a time-interval

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How to post a blog feed to Facebook. Facebook offers plenty of tools for sharing thoughts and pictures with your people, but importing a blog feed to your Wall is not intuitive Facebook Auto Post WordPress Plugin - Social Auto Poster. Social Auto Poster - is a perfect WordPress plugin to auto post all your website content to your Facebook Profile and Fan pages. The posting process is fully automated and as easy as 1, 2, 3! Configure your facebook account on which you want to auto post. Define your content Facebook Auto Post,Facebook Auto Post Groups. Facebook Auto Post - Hello friends, this time Akuh.net will provide various Facebook auto-posts, automatically and can be used in many accounts at once with automatic logi Facebook does allow third-party apps to interact with Facebook pages (the business version of personal profiles), and you can post directly to Instagram if you have an Instagram business profile Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) is a unique technology that gives you an ability to automatically post your messages, links, posts, images to the most popular Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger, Xing, Flipboard et

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Specifically, you can configure your accounts such that when you post on Instagram, that post is automatically shared to Facebook. Unfortunately, it doesn't work the other way around. In part this is due to Instagram's history as a closed, mobile-only platform, and in part it's because Instagram is an image-focused site Thanks to the Publicize feature, you can automatically publish each one of your blog posts to one of the Facebook Pages you manage.. Facebook has made a change to their platform: third-party tools can no longer automatically share posts to Facebook Profiles.This includes Publicize. If you'd like to share your concerns with Facebook, head to their Help Community Capture, edit and save them to PDF/JPEG/GIF/PNG, upload, print, send to OneNote, clipboard or email. Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account. Best screen recorder for Chrome. Create, edit, and share your professional looking videos instantly Share existing Instagram post to Facebook and Twitter. To share existing Instagram posts, go to your Instagram profile and select an image you want to share. Tap the three dots on the top right.

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Buy auto likes for Facebook and get your posts the exposure they should have. This is a monthly subscription plan meaning that for the length of your membership we will include the defined quantity of likes per post up to a maximum of 5 posts per day About Facebook & Twitter Auto Post >>>Click GET APP to get FREE Plan now!!! It only takes you a few minutes to schedule and post automatically on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter (Instagram and Pinterest are coming soon)

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Automatic Facebook Bot is the best solution if you are looking to: Publish scheduled posts, links, videos or images on ALL your Facebook groups. Post your ads on multiple groups using different Facebook accounts. Automatically update your fan pages news feed using your page name (post as fan page feature) The photos are uploaded in the default album Timeline Photos and you want a mechanism which can automatically copy or post uploaded photos from the specific album Timeline photos to your WordPress blog as a new blog post. Use WordPress Plugins To Auto Post Facebook Photo Uploads In WordPress. There are some really useful WordPress. These tools are like Facebook's cross-posting feature, and they allow you to post to Instagram and Facebook simultaneously. One great benefit of using such tools is that you can tailor and schedule your post (for Facebook and Instagram) in advance. That way, your post will be automatically uploaded on the specified platforms at the designated. This article demonstrates how to post content (status, image, video, URL) to a user's Facebook wall using ASP.Net. Since I was thinking of implementing this feature in my current project, I found something cool and decided to share it with C# Corner readers Social Cards and Auto-posts . When you connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts directly to Mailchimp, you can auto-post your campaign URL to one or both platforms at the same time you send your campaign. If you auto-post with Social Cards enabled, the way it displays will depend on the content of your auto-post Share new Facebook posts to Telegram. Every time a new post is published on Facebook, Integromat will automatically send a message in Telegram. 449. Triggers. Watch Photos. Triggers when a new photo is added. Watch Posts. Triggers when a new post is added. Watch Videos