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  1. Step 3A - Hold the edge of the graphic. Step 3B - Use the squeegee to apply the background to the tank. 4. Repeat Application. (A) With first side applied, remove masking tape strip and peel back the graphic. Remove the remaining backing ( seen above in blue ). (B) Repeat Step 3 to apply the remaining vinyl print
  2. Short video of applying vinyl to an aquarium. Shows you how easy it is! What you need:- Rubbing Alcohol- Vinyl with colour of your choice (Usually available.
  3. How to apply vinyl backing to aquariums. Today is a day of applying the backing to some of our new aquariums for the new store. What a transition blue backin..
  4. First get the background cut to the right dimensions. You will want it to slightly overlap both sides (you'll trim that later). Also, you'll be putting the background underneath the tank trim, so assume the background will go right to the top of the glass and cut accordingly
  5. Hello Everyone, In this video we show you how to make a vinyl aquarium background for your fish tank. Here is an Amazon affiliate link for the vinyl mentione..
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Blue Life Backing is a stick on background that makes it a easy to add a gorgeous blue background. In this how-to, we'll show you in real time, step by step. NOV 26 2012 Applying Signwriters' Vinyl as a Tank Background. As previously mentioned, I bought my vinyl online on the dreaded ebay. It was significantly cheaper to have it delivered from Singapore than to buy it here, and that's before calculating petrol costs & my time. However I live in.. We recommend putting the aquarium on its side so that the back of the aquarium is on the ground. Gravity will then assist you when you put the background on. Apply a thin layer of oil or other adhesive to the glass on the aquarium. A lot of people use olive oil which tends to work really well Aquarium Vinyl is the best online source for premium aquarium backgrounds and decals. Our self-adhering, easy-to-apply vinyl graphics are durable and long-lasting. Premium. Professional. Personalized. Customize your tank scape with unique designs. The vinyl is so vibrant and vivid, and the fit was perfect!

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Aquarium Background. Categories. Bold, self-adhering backgrounds for any size tank. Repositionable vinyl that goes on easy and comes off clean, no adhesives required. Saltwater. Plants. Reptile. Open Water. Decals & Stickers Florida. Oct 24, 2009. #5. It goes on the outside. You can use a spray bottle and mist the tank with water and the do the same to the background. You don't want it too wet, but the moisture makes it easier to smooth out any bubbles. After you apply it to the tank use a credit card or something similar to smooth out all the air bubbles A. Your aquarium background is specifically designed to install on the back of your tank. You simply attach the background to the back of your tank following our online Installation Instructions, securing it in place with tape and/or with our 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution I myself use vinyl photo backgrounds from my lfs and use seaview gel to secure them. This stuff seals aquarium backgrounds to the glass and really makes the picture vivid. No tape or silicone. Makes removal a snap if you want to change it. Here is a link: Aquarium Backgrounds: SeaView Gel Background Adhesive and Sealant from Seaview Inc

A. Aquarium Vinyl backgrounds are self-adhering using microsuction technology. They aren't static cling, and they don't require any glues or adhesives to apply! The vinyl will not come off the tank until you remove it, and it can be easily removed and re-applied On the low end of the cost spectrum, you can purchase aquarium background stickers that you can simply apply to the back of your aquarium tank. These stickers are made of vinyl and are available in a very wide assortment of colorful scenes depicting rocks as well as floral life Cling or Vinyl Background The Vinyl background is probably the cheapest and easiest option to insert into the aquarium. It is sold by the dimension that your aquarium required, which ensures that it will perfectly be inserted into the fish tank. 3D Background This is the most common aquarium background available in the pet store or online store Aquarium Vinyl created an item for me on a drop down menu that contained the Blue Cosmos background I wanted in my custom size. They made it such an easy process to order and installation was just as easy! The final product is perfect and it looks fantastic. 10 out of 10 on the product, and 12 out of 10 on customer service! Thanks Aquarium Vinyl Aquarium Background Fish Tank Decorations Pictures PVC Adhesive Poster Underwater Coral Backdrop Decoration Paper Cling Decals Sticker. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 177. $26.29. $26. . 29. This aquarium background is made of high-quality, waterproof paper, and PVC material. This aquarium background is made of high-quality, waterproof paper, and PVC.

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Aquarium backgrounds are an interesting and unique way to create some depth, add color, and bring some intrigue to your fish tank. They come in a wide range of options - everything from 3D rock formations to stick-on vinyl ocean floor motifs - and sizes and could be just the thing to add some punch to your aquatic hobby All you need to do to apply this background is cut it to size, spray some water on the glass, remove the back and smooth it out. It uses static adhesion to stick and needs to be smoothed out with a squeegee or credit card to get all the bubbles out. Removal is also easy and no mess is left behind. 4 Dec 9, 2019 - Explore Aquarium Vinyl's board Our Products on Pinterest. See more ideas about background, aquarium, aquarium backgrounds

Adhesive Vinyl Aquarium Backing, per Inch. OCEANVISIONS is a vinyl, waterproof 'sticker' background which eliminates water stains, salt/lime build-up, dirt and any other foreign matter from EVER appearing on the back glass of your aquarium! *Replaces dull weedy backgrounds with vibrant color. *Easy to apply - no tapes or glues required Dec 9, 2019 - Self-clinging, reusable vinyl aquarium background for unique, stylish and stand-out tanks. This background is a frosted vinyl, giving your tank the appearance of frosted glass. *NOTE: Tank sizes vary according to style, manufacturer, etc. Measure your tank before making a purchase. If you don't see your size, place Brilliant Backgrounds exclusively from SeaView. With over 13 years in the business and wordwide coverage, Seaview is the leading manufacturer of aquarium and terrarium backgrounds. Seaview Backgrounds are made of premium quality materials using state of the art printing technology. View Backgrounds. SeaView Solution. SeaView is exhibiting at CIPS

Aquarium Vinyl. 79 likes · 1 talking about this. Aquarium Vinyl is the best online source for premium aquarium backgrounds and decals. Our self-adhesive, ready-to-apply vinyl graphics are.. donau Blue/Black Aquarium Background Poster 2 Sides Glossy Fish Tank Decorative Backdrop Wall Paper Décor 12 16 20 24 High 4.1 out of 5 stars 45. $17.99. Baosity PVC 3D Adhesive Poster Seawater Image for Fish Tank Backdrop Background 4.2 out of 5 stars 26. $9.43. PVC Fish Tank Background Adhesive Underwater Forest Tank Background Poster. Wir liefern Aquarien zu Dir nach Hause. Jetzt im REWE Onlineshop kaufen. Jetzt Aquarien nach Hause liefern lassen. Exklusive Partner Produkte

Most commercial backgrounds are made of coated paper or plastic sheets that are attached to the outside of the aquarium. One could also use other plastic-coated papers, foil, or even just a couple of coats of paint - provided they are also applied on the outside. Installing the background. First, make sure the tank's back is very clean and dry Apply mineral oil to a cotton ball and rub a light layer of mineral oil to the entire surface of the background. Line the background up with the back of the fish tank so that the top edge fits underneath the aquarium trim piece. Smooth the background on by hand. It helps to start from one corner and work your way to the opposite side of the tank Step 12: Apply the Silicone to the Back. Next apply the silicone to the back of the background. Dont be shy about this step and add lots of silicone. Even though it has cement on it, these things still float like life preservers so dont get skimpy here. I ran a 1/4 inch bead about every 1/4 to 1/2 inch across

Cheap Aquarium Background DIY. 9. DIY Spraypaint Aquarium Background. 10. Simple DIY Aquarium Background. 1. DIY 3D Aquarium Background. Here's an amazing 3D aquarium background that was made for a 40-gallon size aquarium tank. You can also make it for your tank even though it's bigger, not light just costs you more than the original budget Gena said: I use scotch tape. Unsophisticated but practical and minimum effort required. =D. Background from PetSmart- Less the $10. Scotch tape from Target- $3. Labor time required- 5 minutes. IMO, cheapest way possible. Click to expand... I highly agree with your method, except Petco's custom cut backgrounds are cheaper, $2 per foot gm72. 09-21-2008, 04:39 PM. I have used vaseline on my backgrounds. Really makes them pop. I used a paper towel to put the vaseline on the background then applied it to the tank. I used tape to secure the edges on the long ends because otherwise it tended to roll up over time. ILuvMyGoldBarb. 09-21-2008, 05:23 PM

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An aquarium background has several benefits such as keeping your fish calm and making your tank more visually appealing. We recommend getting a external backdrop instead of an internal one as the former is easier to apply and manage. We also suggest getting a black background as it will help your fish color up while also hiding any unsightly. Place the background on a flat surface with the side you want to see in the back of your tank up. Put a glob of petrol jelly on the middle, and smooth it out to a very fine layer all over the front of the background. When its all smeared, place it on the back of your tank, leaving out all air bubbles All aquarium background sizes listed represent the specific tank they were designed to fit, though actual sizes will be a bit smaller to ensure a perfect fit based on many of today's most common and popular dimensions. If you need an exact size, please reference the custom backgrounds page on our website, or give us a call at 888-807-7011. I did this on my cichlids tank where the decor is minimalist, just sand and rocks, and I wanted my background to play a more prominent role. The fish even seem to notice the new wallpaper. Apply a very light film of the oil to the background with a paper towel, then stick the background to the glass. Use a credit card to squeegee out the air. 2. After selecting and purchasing the photo composition you like, you can proceed to the design. background and in the aquarium. First, thoroughly clean the rear window of dirt and dust. This can be done with a sponge and glass cleaner. 3. Then let the glass dry out and apply a special glue on it

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Aquarium backgrounds are easy to apply and there is no mess, waiting for the 2nd or third coat to dry, no taping or paint fumes to worry about, no paint, rollers or brushes to buy and you literally can't tell if the tank is painted or if the glass or acrylic is black or blue Aquarium Background: Hi, First Instructable here so be patient and I'll be grateful for any feedback and advice :).In this Instructrable I'm going to advise on how to fit an aquarium background suitable for tropical fish. The pictures throughout are of my own tank whic How to Apply Vinyl with the Hinge Method . Hello crafty friends! Today I'm going to show you how to apply adhesive vinyl using the hinge method. This will help you to apply your vinyl straight and without any wrinkles or bubbles, and it will work for just about any surface you could want to put vinyl decals on Fish Tank Backgrounds Change the look of their tank any time with our easy-to-install fish tank backgrounds. With naturalistic images and aquarium backgrounds featuring historic landmarks, beaches and rivers, realistic aquascapes and cartoon-style characters, you can give your fish tank a style that matches your style

Green and blue-green aquarium background. Green shades give more brightness to the tank and make dark-colored or non-colorful fish stand out. It gives you a nice natural impression. Keep in mind that, if you have a planted tank, green background might take some attention away of the plants and algae as they will easily blend in Take the background and tape it over one edge. Apply glycerin to the back wall. aquarium. For these purposes, you can use a brush, but it is better to apply glycerin with your hands, as the brush can leave dust and lint. On the smeared wall, begin to gradually impose a background 21. New York. Nov 17, 2014. #2. I used serrated kitchen shears, just outlined the slot where the filter would go and marked it with a fine sharpie. Cut along the lines and trimmed off any bits and pieces that were in the way if it didn't fit. Sent from my iPhone using MonsterAquariaNetwork app You could use the label graphic as a background for the tank by printing it out and having it laminated for durability, use a vinyl decal on the front of the tank, use the glass bottle as a tank decoration (you could use sand or a colored liquid inside the sealed bottle to look like whiskey), or use a shotglass or tumbler with the logo in the.

Installing a superior quality 3D aquarium background to your fish tank or reptile enclosure is a wonderful way to add new levels of detail and dimension, while enhancing appearance and providing a more natural setting for your fish and pets. All fish tank backgrounds from Universal Rocks are manufactured here at our Dallas Texas area. Selecting Aquarium: I suggest to select a decent size (35 Gal+) aquarium for this project. The old and used aquarium is a better option. The cement/concrete makes the water basic (High pH). The cement needs to be cured before putting fish in aquarium. So once the background is placed in the aquarium, it needs to be cured for at least 2-4 weeks An aquarium background also helps you control your fish's environment so they can remain in optimal health. For some fish, darkness helps them remain calm and safe, so a dark-colored background that imitates their natural habitat will help. If your fish seem to be rather unbothered by light or dark, you can also use a tank background to. Aquatic Creations Tropical Cling Backgrounds are static cling sheets that don't require or come with any sticky tape or messy gels. This highly detailed, high definition aquarium background adheres directly to the back of your fish tank or terrarium to provide a perfect backdrop! High definition aquarium background. Static cling - no tape or gels Jan 7, 2019 - Comparison between frosted and clear aquarium backgrounds. The frosted effect was achieved using vinyl contact window film

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For many aquarium hobbyists, the goal is to create a natural-looking aquarium environment. Begin by selecting an aquarium background that will support this theme - your two best options are a realistic photo background or a 3-D background. After selecting your background, choose realistic-looking decorations A concrete aquarium background gives your fish more areas to explore and hide while giving your tank a polished, professional appearance. This DIY project is an inexpensive way to hide unattractive pumps and filters and improve the look of your tank. Be sure to start this project at least a month before you need the.

Give your aquarium the wow factor by choosing one of our fantastic aquarium backgrounds. Want your fish to appear that they are living with the dinosaurs? No problem. However, if you are more traditional and want your fish to be at one with the plants and rocks found in the sea, then why not choose one these fantastic backgrounds instead?. Online store offering custom size high quality static cling & non cling cage backgrounds. Upload your own picture for a one of a kind custom background. Petbackdrops backgrounds can be used behind glass, mesh or on wooden enclosures. Backgrounds are perfect behind any reptile enclosure. Fish aquarium backgrounds need a background too. Check out our stunning fish aquarium backgrounds Few aquarium backgrounds are all that expensive. However, if you're looking for the absolute best aquarium background for the money, this backdrop from GloFish is the answer to your prayers. At 12 by 18 inches, it's smaller than our #1 pick, but you get two backgrounds for the price of one Perfect to create a beautiful display and enhance the appearance of the aquarium. Easy to use - The aquarium sticker pattern side with glue, it's easy to apply and removes. You can apply it to the back side of the tank for a realistic look. Specification: Material: PVC Size: 61 x 30cm, 61 x 41cm, 76 x 46 cm, 91 x 50cm, 122 x 46cm (Optional.

A white background provides a lot more depth to the aquascape and showcases the plants and fish very well. WHile a dark background absorbs the colours and generally 'shrinks' the perspective,a white background on the other hand accentuates the colours well. I have experimented with both,beginning with a black background for my amazone biotope. Premium Vinyl Aquarium Background Poster | Fish Tank Background for 10 gallon 20 gallon 29 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon 75 gallon 90 gallon 120 gallon & 150 gallon fish tank Backgrounds Wallpaper. 4.4 out of 5 stars 171. $35.99 $ 35. 99. Get it as soon as Tue, Jul 27. FREE Shipping by Amazon Easy to apply / remove. Works on all our paper / vinyl backgrounds. Aquarium Tip. JUWEL Poster Fix creates a light, three-dimensional effect for your film backgrounds. Using Poster Fix gives you perfect fixing for your backgrounds and can be easily removed at a later date. £4.9

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About this item Easily adhesive straight to the fish tank, aquarium, wall, door, TV background, mirror or any smooth surfaces as you want. Easy to apply, easy to remove, better using a dryer to heat the glue Browse Our Range of Fish Tank & Aquarium Backdrops Online. As well as stocking a generous range of styles, we now have 3D fish tank backgrounds. All Pond Solutions aquarium and terrarium backgrounds can be purchased in sizes 60cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm and 200cm in the normal plastic style. For the 3D backgrounds please check sizes Self-Adhesive Vinyl Film. OYAMA stickers are long-lasting, fade-resistant vinyl stickers popularly used for dressing the aquarium background, base and sides. You can also use OYAMA stickers on windows and any smooth glass surfaces. Available in large formats up to 50 metres (164 feet) in width, OYAMA stickers are very easy to apply Rub on the vinyl. Starting in the middle, smooth the vinyl outward. Next, use a tennis ball or an old credit card to rub the back of the decal. The longer and more firmly you rub, the easier the vinyl will come off the transfer paper and stick to the canvas. Rubbing the decal helps the vinyl stick into any remaining crevices Simply apply an even coat to your fish tank background and apply to eliminate the refraction of light behind the glass. These aquarium background mounting solution sprays are usually easy to apply and remove and feature a non-toxic formula that prevents condensation. Many pet parents use a fish tank background to hide tubing, power cords and.

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Lava Rock Aquarium Background: In this instructable i will show you how to make a cheap, and easy aquarium background. I use it in my 10 gallon nano saltwater tank, but you could easily make it to fit even the largest aquariums. Infact, i might even make one to fit my 55 gallon Static cling background is the perfect touch to enhance your saltwater or freshwater aquarium. Easy to apply straight out of the package with cling design, with no tape or glues needed. Adds depth and dimension to your aquarium by reducing background light and clutter from the surrounding room Aquarium Background Tank Backdrop Static Cling Wallpaper Beach 122x46cm: Description: Non-toxic, no bad smell and absolutely no influence to the water. 3D HD picture with bright colors,easy to use and make your aquarium more vivd. It is waterproof and easy to use, just sticking on the outside of the bowl. Self adhesive, easy to paste Static cling background is the perfect touch to enhance your saltwater or freshwater aquarium. Easy to apply straight out of the package with cling design-no tape or glue needed. Adds depth and dimension to your aquarium by reducing background light and clutter from the surrounding room Use vinyl paper in high-traffic rooms. Wallpaper made from paper absorbs moisture and can be hard to clean. Vinyl products are better suited for bathrooms and kitchen and hallways, but not all vinyl wallpapers are the same. Some are solid vinyl, others have a vinyl face with a paper backing, and some are mostly paper with a thin vinyl coating

Brand New Premium Vinyl Aquarium Background Poster | Fish Tank Background for 10 gallon 20 gallon 29 gallon 30 gallon 55 gallon 75 gallon 90 gallon 120 gallon & 150 gallon fish tank Backgrounds Wallpaper Manufacturer model: PREMIUM QUALITY: 720 DPI Printing. Double sided with 2 High definition Aquarium Background images to choose from 48 x 24 Kiama Background with base. This product is currently unavailable. Another unique rock formation taken from the coast of Australia. This is available with a base and works great for climbing reptiles or beautiful as an aquarium and home for your fish. Suitable for 90 AND 75 gallon tank Static cling background is the perfect touch to enhance your saltwater or freshwater aquarium. Easy to apply straight out of the package with cling design, with no tape or glues needed. Adds depth and dimension to your aquarium by reducing background light and clutter from the surrounding room. Keeps unsightly stains, electrical cords.

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Oceanvisions is a vinyl, water proof sticker background which eliminates water stains, salt/lime buildup, dirt and any other foreign matter from ever appearing on the back glass of your aquarium. The background is waterproof and lasts for years and it is easy to remove when redecorating your tank.Size: This background is 23 high. The quantity requested will determine the length of the. Angel Fish Aquarium Tropical Fish Silhouette Vinyl Decal Sticker / Decal For Cars, Laptops, Tumblers And More. FineLineFX. From shop FineLineFX. 5 out of 5 stars. (2,852) 2,852 reviews. Sale Price $1.69. $1.69 $1.99 The adhesive on vinyl is designed for outdoor use in extremely cold and hot tempatures, and the coloring is guaranteed not to fade for 5 to 10 years or more. There would be absolutely no problem for use on the exterior of aquarium glass, easy as pie to remove, and you can use a razorblade if need be Over the years I've tried every method I could find in search of the best aquarium background that withstood the test of time and was easy to apply. Heavy duty tapes don't last on 'cut to size' backgrounds, 'peel and stick' backgrounds are a nightmare to work with and fixing an accidental scuff overtime proved troublesome

This page describes aquarium backgrounds - options that fish keepers are given along with advantages and disadvantages. If you came here searching for online suppliers of aquarium backgrounds, simply follow this link. You should also visit the following 2 pages: Aquarium Backgrounds Guide and DIY Aquarium Backgrounds Posted July 19, 2013. On 7/19/2013 at 7:28 AM, RM81 said: Petsmart was having a sale on static cling backgrounds. I use them and haven't had any problems with them. Apply them using soapy water on the outside of the tank. This is easier to do when the tank is empty though so you can get behind it

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Hey all! This is a pretty silly question, but I was wondering if anyone with more design knowledge than me had an opinion on what color background I should use for my new tank. Originally, I was going to put white Caribsea sand and a black plant soil in, and do a black background, but I.. Installing a superior quality 3D aquarium background to your fish tank or reptile enclosure is a wonderful way to add new levels of detail and dimension, while enhancing appearance and providing a more natural setting for your fish and pets. All fish tank backgrounds from Universal Rocks are manufactured here at our Dallas Texas area. Download and use these scenes from Georgia Aquarium for your virtual backgrounds and wallpapers. Great for your next virtual meeting or video conference Just try putting black aquarium background into the search engine. Hope this helps SamB Fishaholic. Joined May 19, 2013 Messages 475 Reaction score 0 Location US. Jul 1, 2013 #9 Joeb, run to walmart and get black poster board. It's all I use on my tanks. costs like 70 cents. DrRob It's life Jim, but not as we know it..

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If you want to use a background with a scene on it, like a background covered in plants, make sure the plants match the ones in your tank. That way, the background will look like an extension of the tank instead of something you've stuck on the back of it. You can find a variety of aquarium backgrounds online or at your local pet store The app is called 'Aquarium Live Wallpaper' 'Fish Tank Background' and it offers live wallpaper aquarium photo collection. If you like screen lock and photography, you will love this fish aquarium.

5. Amazon sword. One of the most well-known plants in the aquarium hobby is the Amazon sword or Echinodorus amazonicus. While some background plants like vallisneria are tall and narrow in profile, sword plants have big, board leaves and can grow into giant bushes. They prefer to feed from their roots rather than the water column, so provide. Use a piece of fabric to change the appearance of your aquarium tank! Cut a piece of fabric to the size of your tank and tape the fabric to the back of the tank. Change the background for environment enrichment and holiday decor

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As fellow aquarium enthusiasts, we at Universal Rocks understand how seriously so many take the unique appearance of their fish tanks. For those seeking something outside the traditional sizes, Universal Rocks offers a great selection of custom fish tank backgrounds in different styles and your choice of 3 unique color schemes Aquarium Backgrounds at the lowest prices online and up to 60% off everyday at That Fish Place - That Pet Place. Free Shipping over $75 everday with code 'FREE75'. Call 1-888-THAT-PET to order today Whichever of the DIY aquarium backgrounds you choose to use attempt to plan for it prior to starting your aquarium. It is much easier to paint the aquarium when it is empty and not in it's final position. Peter Cunningham and John Cunningham combined have been keeping salt water aquariums for nearly 35 years How To Use. 1.Simply strap them onto one upright of backdrop stand, clip them on the side of backdrop, and then pull the rope to make the background tight. 2. Use clips to hold backdrop straight, in order to avoid the wrinkles when you set or replace the backdrops during the sessions

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Check price. Cyanoacrylate gel. Better known as super glue gel! I love that they come in a pack of 12 for one low price. And, considering that you can use this glue for more than just your aquarium, keeping spare tubes on hand always comes in handy. Affordable and effective, it's all you'll ever need Aquarium Background - Easy to Apply and Remove Fish Tank Background with HD Images, Static Cling Fish Aquarium Wallpaper Background, Classic Black, 24x12 by Aquatic Creations 3.9 out of 5 stars 1

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Penn Plax Double-Back Aquarium Background Tropical Blue / Shalescape Description Turn your fish tank into a stunning underwater world with Penn Plax Double-Back Aquarium Backgrounds. Each side features a high definition aquatic scene that will instantly add depth, beauty and naturalism to your aquarium habitat Juwel Background Type 2 60 x 30cm. £4.99. 3 Days*. A double sided background designed to enhance the look of your aquarium, bringing out the detail of your ornaments and fish inside. Both sides are seascapes, one which is a deeper blue, and the other with the shimmer of the sun shining through the water. Total size is 60 cm wide by 30cm tall The most trusted DIY aquarium hobbyist on the planet and famous vlogger Joey Mullen also known as the king of DIY did an amazing review of our products. In case you don't know who Joey Mullen is, he is a young YouTube star who is well known for his The king of DIY channel.His passion for Aquarium DIY and numerous useful tutorials resulted in more than half a million subscribers and. Whether you apply the vinyl wet or dry, removing the application tape can cause just enough stress to cause bubbles. Here's a link to a simple tip that shows how to eliminate this problem by softening the tape's adhesive with application fluid. Speaking of fluids, if you do use a wet application, remember to get all the fluid off the substrate Aquarium Live Wallpaper Windows 10. We present you our collection of desktop wallpaper theme: Aquarium Live Wallpaper Windows 10. You will definitely choose from a huge number of pictures that option that will suit you exactly! If there is no picture in this collection that you like, also look at other collections of backgrounds on our site Polyresin Background Aquarium Decorations. Polyresin backgrounds are 3D and designed to fit inside your tank against the rear wall. Installation is easy, even if the tank is already full. The background simply slides into place at the aquariums rear and is embedded into the gravel or substrate to provide some support