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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Chevrolete‬ CHEVROLET SILVERADO I have a 99 silverado, 5.3 liter 4x4 137k miles. Runs great when engine is cold. After about 10-15 minutes of driving when engine warms up, engine bogs down, idles rough, and dies when throttle is applied

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  1. It runs perfect when the outside ambient temperature drops below about 40 degrees everyday. So Halloween to April Fool's Day is great. However, as soon as that 60 degree air comes in to town, my truck starts up with a horrible idle and keeps it up until warmed up
  2. My Engine Runs Rough When It Gets Hot But Ok When Cold. Reader Question. I own a Chevy S10 and have my friends here that is the 2001 version and it has the plastic intake air set up on it, it is a 2.2 liter and here is what is happening to it
  3. utes across town and it acts up. Acts like it is choking or cutting out when accelerating
  4. utes and it miss fires with the engine code p0300 flashing
  5. Chevy Trucks 5.7L Running rough when warm
  6. g and its off tho when i ***** it to where it should be the truck sputters and dies. fuel pump and fuel filter are both new 1990 chevy truck just started running rough and back fire and has no power. sounds like it jumped time..

Runs Rough When Engine Is Warm: I Have a 99 Silverado, 5

It's having a problem with a rough idle in hot weather. Typically, at night or when day-time temps are below 90, it runs fine and I have no idle issues, even after the truck is warmed up. But, if the outside temperature gets into the upper 90s, I'll have the rough idle when I'm stopped at a red light somewhat consistently There are quite a few reasons why your Chevy Silverado could be idling rough. An internal combustion engine needs air, fuel, and spark in order to achieve ignition. When one or more of these variables is off it can lead to a rough idling condition 99 chev truck, runs rough... 99 chev truck, runs rough and will not accelerate when cold. After hot runs perfect it will pull my 25 ft camper up a hill and not miss a beat. Fuel pump pressure and regulator all check out In 20 seconds you can become part of the worlds largest and oldest community discussing General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC branded pickups, crossovers, and SUVs. From buying research to owner support, join 1.5 MILLION GM Truck Enthusiasts every month who use GM-Trucks.com as a daily part of their ownership experience Chevy 235 missing/running rough. Jump to Latest Follow As of right now, the whole truck shakes when it's running. I can stand there and watch it and feel it ain: zildjian4life218 said: Hot Rod Forum. A forum community dedicated to hot rod owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about restoration, builds, performance.

Sometimes the EGR valve fails internally and opens to soon. This can cause the rough run/hesitation you discribe. Disconnect and plug the vacuum hose to the EGR and test drive the truck a day or so. If the problem is gone, replace the valve with a DELCO valve My 1998 Chevy Silverado Z71 4x4 when started runs very rough acting like it wants too die but runs great going down the road. Black smoke is evident at startup. The exhaust is very pungent. Is the eng read mor

Before I get flamed for posting yet another rough idle post. Please know I have spent nearly 2 months researching this issue on Silveradosierra.com, gmfullsize.com, and a few others to no avail. The truck is a 2005 sierra 5.3, 4L60E, Z71, 4x4, has 79,000 miles 97 Chevy C1500 idles great, runs rough when put in gear 12 Answers. I've got a '97 C1500 that's been running great for me for the past 6 months. Just the other day I drove it down to my folks place and when I pulled in the driveway the engine started running rough.. 1997 chevy c1500 WT with 4.3 . This truck is killing me...over past 3 months it started dieing randomly more and more often.each time worse than last.it will shut down and crank back up but run like crap till it cools off..as of now it is at its best idle (all the work ive done)ever.till it gets to running temp where it goes to crap chokes down repeatedly only running a few seconds.and getting.

The Chevrolet Silverado is a rugged truck that is made for a tough workload. Coolant system failure can eventually cause major engine damage as running the truck hot can lead to head gasket failure or loss of power eventually causing the motor to stop running 1989 GMC C1500. V8. 2WD. AUTOMATIC. 249,000 MILES. I have an 89 GMC C1500 with a 305.When I bought it the guy said it had been sitting for 2 years. So I had to take the heads and intake manifold off for cleaning. I have it back up and running, but it runs rough, stalls often, and hesitates under acceleration

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This is a video about rough acceleration rough idle low idle and possible stallin I should add that when revving the engine in neutral at a constant 2500 rpms it will sound nice and constant and then sound like for a split second power was lost. This is so short that the rpm needle hardly drops any when it's back up to the constant 2500 rpm. This happens every 2-3 seconds while holding the revs constant and the truck is warm

In this video I show you the common problems that you might have if you own a 1988 to 1998 Chevrolet truck. General Motors trucks, including Chevrolet and GM.. My truck also ran rough until I pulled the plug wires off one at a time to determine if it made any difference in the way it ran. Got to the 5th plug and when I pulled it off the engine didn't run any worse, so I pulled the plug, put in a new one and fired it up. Ran like a top. The plugs were Delco R45's and had probably 50 miles on them Asked by John Dec 17, 2015 at 04:38 PM about the 1988 Chevrolet Blazer Silverado 2-Door 4WD. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. My truck runs strong when I first start it and. as soon as it warms up it begins to cut out n. just runs rough in general I put new pluggs. and wires in it

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Ok here is the deal. This truck has a good motor but it lacks power all the time not like barely moves but it won't burn rubber. Now when its cold it runs really rough coughing and sputtering. If you have the throttle just barely open it will smooth out until it upshifts then it does it again until the rpms build 454 loading up and pulsing at higher RPM's due to faulty TPS. Most of the time the TPS is not the issue but sometimes it can be. I put in new injectors as. If your chevy gm tbi is running rich this will help you trouble shoot it and fix itDon't Forget to Subscribe today for more fact or fiction, diy ,how to car. When the cars idle gets rough, it hard to comprehend the related causes. It is because rough idle when warm can either be caused by one faulty component or through series of problems.. However, it is easy to recognize the problem, as during rough idling either the engine would run at an irregular rate or it may have varying RPMs without your foot on the gas pedal

My Engine Runs Rough When It Gets Hot But Ok When Cold

My 1995 Chevrolet Silverado truck had a hesitation problem, which we were able to fix by replacing some parts. My Chevrolet truck would idle fine and passed. I am the original owner of a 1990 GMC Sierra K1500 5.7 with 115,700 miles. I am also the only person to work on this truck so I know everything that has ever been done to this truck. I have been trying to solve a rough/hunting idle that only happens when the engine is fully warmed up. I have had. Hey everyone. Ive got a 1980 454 in a 59 chevy truck. The engine began running rough a while back, not too bad, and its slowly gotten worse to the point where its time to get it figured out. I just checked for a bad head gasket with the combustion leak detector and it passes and the plugs looked decent as to show no bad head gasket

This will make for rough restarts. The way to find out is to put a fuel pressure gauge on it, get the truck up to temp and then shut it down and see how long it holds fuel pressure. It should hold it very well for a long time. If it falls off quickly then it is the fuel pump. For priming the fuel pump, btw, turning the key to run and pausing a. A cold motor needs more fuel to run. Chevrolet trucks are well known for fuel pump issues. The first thing I would do is test the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge. If you don't have a fuel pressure gauge, you can rent one from many auto parts stores. The fuel pressure specification for your truck is 55-62 psi with the motor off after. When the engine is warm, or it's a hot day, I'll have to hold the starter cranking for a lot longer than you would expect to be normal, and it will run rough for something like 3 or 4 seconds, and then is it fine. When it isn't hot out, and the engine is cold, it almost always starts right up almost instantly (like a new truck) Restoring a Holiday Rambler 1988 coach with 454 V8 in P30 chassis. Having a problem with the engine. When engine hot on the highway, when second venturi of carb is opened the engine seems to die momentarily. It soon recovers generally without stalling. This happens ofter when pulling up a rolling.. 4 Common Reasons Why Your Engine May Be Idling Rough. 1. Vacuum Leak. Most vehicles have a maze of hoses throughout which create a vacuum for both fuel and air. In older engines with a carburetor, this vacuum pulls the fuel into the engine. Most newer vehicles, however, have a throttle to regulate engine speed and airflow through the system

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04-silverado. ·. Registered. Joined May 14, 2010. ·. 136 Posts. #10 · Jun 25, 2010. Hey, thanks for sharing! If S1 diagnosis for Rough, Unstable, or Incorrect Idle have been completed and are inconclusive, this should be considered an idle characteristic of the vehicle and no repairs should be attempted I have a 90 Chevy 2500 , 5.7. The truck runs fine when it is warm, but when it is cold it runs rough, rich and stalls . I have changed the idle air valve, the TPS, and the thermostat sensor without any results. Also, I have taken the truck to the dealer for a diagnostic check Q: Been having this issue with a 2007 F-150 (5.4L 3v) I bought back in July of 2016. When I start the truck cold, it will idle fine, can drive it, start, stop, and it will operate smoothly. Once it warms up though (after maybe 10.. This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2014-present). Big Chevy blocks produce a lot of horsepower and torque, and can definitely pull some weight. But albeit being strong, they are also known for their smooth revving and quiet running performance. Rough idling isn't only annoying, but it's more than just a vibration

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I just fought this demon with my 93 Blazer. Turns out there are two very common and easily correctable problems with tbi motors. First, the fuel pumps are extremely picky and prone to fail if run out of fuel. Sometimes it is no big thing, sometimes pressure/volume problems arise. Easy to replace, any junkyard with chevy/gmc trucks has a dozen. I have a 2001 chevy suburban 1500 2wd and I've replaced the plugs and wire set. Now the vehicle is running rough and the check engine light is on or blinking. I've checked for a possible bad wire and plug and they are fine. When I hold a spark indicator against each of the wires and only one will show a stronger spark Different owners seem to describe this problem using a variety of expressions. Here are some: Stalls at idle, stalls when I put the clutch in, stalls when I turn a corner, misfires, surges, no power, cuts out, no power at top revs, runs rough, etc. It may well be that these events are the hesitation & stumble problems described in this article 1988-1998 Chevrolet Pickup. Formally called the Chevrolet C/K, C/K is a series of trucks manufactured by General Motors and marketed under the Chevrolet and GMC brands. The C/K line includes pickup trucks, medium-duty, and heavy trucks

This causes the engine to run rough. As the engine warms, it not longer needs the richer cold idle mixture and the engine runs smoother. If the car idles rough this can also be indicative of bad plug wires, distributor, or rotor. One way to check for bad plug wires is to inspect the plug wire runs with the car running in a very dark area 8,870 Posts. #6 · Feb 1, 2012. TSimps7777 said: 2007 Colorado Z71 5cyl. automatic 86k mileage. When coming to a stop the rpm drops to 500 and feels like it is going to stall. It then jumps back up to about 750, but idles rough. The engine completely stalled one time as I was braking coming off of a freeway off-ramp into a turn About 2 1/2 years ago my truck was running bad, had new plugs, wires and distributor replaced. The bad ones would work when cool and screw up when the distributor bowl got warm or hot. Hi my name is Anthony I have a1992 chevy k1500 my truck started acting rough so I went to the shop and got the temp sensor replaced and a new fuel. Add me to the list. I have a 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab with 153K - The Traction Control/Stabilitrak light comes on - the truck has a rough idle and loud ticking from the engine - When the Stabilitrak shuts down it also stops the ABS braking system. My truck is currently at the Dealership being diagnosed Fixed the hesitation and the rough idle. The O2 sensor was cheap and I wasn't sure when (if ever) it was last replaced, so I tried that but the symptoms remained. Turned out to be a bad EGR valve that was leaking around the valve stem that connects to the diaphragm. I replaced that, the transducer and the gaskets and it runs great now

Chevy S10 Stalling Problem Causes. Here are some of the issues that cause the S10 to stall out. Remember, a vehicle needs air, fuel, and spark to run. It needs them in the right quantities and intervals, or it won't run right. Fuel. Fuel issues are one of the most common reasons that a vehicle would stall out, that includes your Chevy S10 818. Check your distributer advance, if you have a timing light fire it on the pointer while the engine is idling, bring revs up to 2000 rpm or so. The timing mark should advance smoothly beyond the pointer. If it's eratic theres your problem. Oh and safety first keep the wires and yourself out of the fan 1994 S-10 4x4 pickup, 4.3L, VIN W. 215,000 on the truck, 40 or so on a GM crate engine. A week or 2 ago the truck started missing and surging anywhere but idle or wot. Starts fine, even today when it was -15, fuel pressure 52 running, holds after shut down, newer plugs/wires/cap rotor, tested MAP sensor and tests good, tested resistance changes. Truck started running really rough and chugging pretty bad when leaving a stop light, but would idol and cruise at highway speeds fine. Finally died on the road last week so I took it in. The distributor shaft sprocket was worn down so bad that it had finally lost contact with the cam-shaft and stopped turning the distributor rotor

25 Responses to 95 Chevy 6.5 Turbo Diesel Smoke & Rough Start. deving68 September 29, 2009 at 8:13 pm #. Yeah the guys right the trucks were custom ordered like that. There are few out there but they do exist. Magganrchy October 4, 2009 at 6:40 pm #. Actually I am currently driving a Chevy 1500 1/2 ton with a 6.5L turbo Diesel I have a 2000 Chevy S10 4x4 4.3. The problem I am having is after the truck has been put away for the night around 5pm and sits all night in the garage and then when I go to drive it again the next day around 7:30am the engine is chugging when giving it gas. Once I arrive at work the truck sits again until about 1pm and you get in a it runs great

It's similar to the setup in the 2018 Silverado and can either run the truck on four or eight cylinders. The new setup, also on the 6.2-liter V-8, uses what Chevy is calling Dynamic Fuel Management I have a 92 Silverado 4.3 V6, 5-spd manual trans. Truck will not always start when turning the key, Dash lights and radio fire up but engine does not fire. Most of the time I hear a click and sometimes there is not click at all. If I let the truck sit for 5-15 minutes and try again, it starts right up After the engine is running, the alternator takes over. am driving a nissan hardbody ka 24 but the altinator pully becomes hot when the engine runs. I was driving my 1977 Chevy truck home from work one day on the highway all the sudden I lost all power and took me to the side of the road and died neck could never get started again might. I bought a newer work truck yesterday, an 05 Chevrolet Avalanche; 5.3 motor auto trans, 4WD. In good condition, but the truck has that smell of a vehicle that runs really rich, like the old carbureted vehicles smell when the choke is on. Everything looks stock under the hood with the..

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1930-48 Chevy Truck. Cadillac Engines. 425-500; Chevrolet/GMC Engines. Small Block 265-400; LS-Series. LS1 5.7L ONE: replace the lifters or TWO: adjust the valves using the HOT running method described below. TIP: One way to tell if this is occurring (bleeding off or no oil) is by watching the rocker arm while applying the 1/8 to 1/2 turn. runs really rough: 1996 Chevrolet Silverado: 1: engine runs rough: 1993 Chevrolet Silverado: 1: runs rough: 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500: 1: runs hot: 2005 Chevrolet SSR: 4: engine shakes and.

Engine Shut Off Without Warning problem of the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 16. Failure Date: 12/14/2017. When variable timing of vehicle shuts down two cylinders, switching truck from v6 to v4 with rpm's at or below 1,500k, the truck begins to miss/shutter. This occurs and on road type, any weather condition The interior also got some updates, making the trucks more comfortable. Chevy also introduced its overhead valve V8 engine in 1955, a 265-cubic inch engine with 238 lb.-ft. of torque at 2,000 rpm. During this time, GMC produced its Blue Chip line of trucks, which were similar to Chevrolet's Task-Force trucks. 5. 1947-195 The 230-cubic-inch engine came in mid-1960s passenger cars like the Chevy II, Camaro, Chevelle, and some full-size cars as well. It was rated at 140 horsepower with a one-barrel and 155 horsepower with a two-barrel carburetor and 8.5:1 compression. All early Chevy six engines place the intake and exhaust manifolds on the driver side of the engine The heaters only run when the truck engine is running..The DEF tank will be brick of ice in 8 hours in below zero temperatures.. The heater in the tank will not thaw a solid block of ice.. I have a 2015.5 Chevy 3500 single rear wheels Car Stall problem of the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado 3. Failure Date: 11/27/2019. A faulty engine block heater caused the engine compartment to catch fire while the truck was parked, turned off and the factory installed engine block heater was plugged in. See all problems of the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado

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A Wonky fuel pressure regulator can cause rough idle when warm. Once again, this problem may not show up when cold because the computer commands a rich mixture and high idle when cold. Once warm, a bad fuel pressure regulator can cause a rough idle by leaning out the mixture due to low fuel pressure. What wouldn't cause a rough idle when war I have 07 Chevy impala LTZ. My rpm only runs high in the winter! During the day I can go multiple places but at night my rpm will run high. It's strange. Every time I stop it runs higher and doesn't go all the way down. Even when my car is off it's still high and takes an hour or so for it to come all the way down. Doesn't happen often But one of the flaws that plagues Chevy trucks is a faulty oil pressure switch or sensor. Older trucks, previous to the 2007 redesign, have an oil pressure switch that tends to fail. It's a minor problem that's a serious pain to fix because the switch is located behind the intake manifold

Turn it off and restart ii. It runs like a totally different truck. Rough idle,hesitationrich smell. now temp gauge barely moves but gets plenty hot. flushed system, no change. so is the pump shot possibly? i have a 2001 chevy 4×4 .and this code po140 keep coming up .and i have change all 4 of the sensor .4 time .i had heard of them. Premature injector failure was a critical problem for the 2001 to 2004 model year Duramax LB7. GM corrected the problem with an updated injector design and even extended the warranty on the new injector design to 7 years/200,000 miles. If you are buying a used truck, be warned that not all engines have been retrofitted with the new injector design The most common source of ECM failure is in one of the wiring harnesses. If the wires to the transmission or fuel injectors become corroded, they can lose conductivity, leading to a failure. Fortunately, these issues can usually be resolved by replacing the corroded wires. If one of the wires shorts out to the frame, the ECM may fail entirely

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7.4 Vortec misfire issue. ken_man_1. 11-24-2008, 01:09 PM. I know that the top thread on the forum states for 98 and older, but I am having an issue with really knowing where to post, so I hope I don't get hell in a handbasket for posting here. I've got a 99 C3500HD truck with the 7.4 Vortec, auto trans, 81,000 miles Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 14, 2012. Hi everyone. I've tried everything and hoping that you folks have heard of this issue. 1995 Chevy s10, 2.2 engine with about 100K miles. This is my dad's tru8ck and he was driving and it suddenly started to run rough. He got home and I looked it over, and it seemed to be fine, but still running rough The rough idle and hesitation/bucking are still there during light/part throttle accelerations, but she runs good down the highway at 65 on cruise. The entire trip, the CEL never came back on. I plugged in my code reader when I got back, and it was showing a P1391 Manufacturer Controlled Ignition or Misfire as a ghost code (CEL was not on)

Disconnecting MAP sensor (wiring) makes engine run great. 1989 Ford F250 460 V8. 89000 miles, truck runs great, always starts, etc. Today it started up but would not idle properly. It acted like a vacuum leak, (you can keep it running by feathering the throttle). Runs great off idle, no black smoke, feels like it's lean at idle as if a hose. GM offers the following diagnostic steps in determining if this is the problem. 1. Perform a Cylinder Deactivation (Active Fuel Management) System Compression Test. If Problems regarding Chevy 5.3L engines, if the running compression of the misfiring cylinders stays below 25 PSI. Regardless of the AFM solenoid being commanded on or off

To be able to get it to start the truck has to be primed with the key and then put the gas pedal to the floor while cranking. I have recently replaced the fuel filter, air filter, and fuel pressure regulator in attempt to fix this problem. When the truck is turned off the fuel pressure reads strong but when running fuel pressure begins to drop off Running rough after refueling is usually caused by bad fuel, but you say it clears up, so that cannot be the case. Be sure you are not putting in E-85 gas, unless it is a Flex Fuel vehicle. If it is, and you are putting in a different type of fuel then is already in the tank. Example- if the tank of your Chevrolet Traverse already has E-85 gas. Re: 87 chevy fuel problems. « Reply #6 on: December 09, 2007, 06:29:53 PM ». This is how it works: When the ignition is cycled to the run position the ecm energizes the fuel pump relay for 2 seconds. It will not do this again unless the ignition is switched off for at least 15 seconds I just took my 2006 Colorado into the dealer due to rough idle also. It has 64,000 miles on it. You guessed it the head was bad. They are going to replace it for free. Would have been around $3000.00. If you have problems with your 5-cyl. engine idling rough make sure you tell the dealer that you know of this problem

Discussion Starter · #9 · Sep 5, 2007 (Edited) Re: 95 Chevy S-10 4.3L TBI - Idle troubles. Another Update, It looks like internet and my repair book is wrong on the subject of MAP sensor voltage. I was told that the MAP sensor puts out 1.2 - 1.6 volts at idle and around 4.2 - 4.5 at Wide open. This data is wrong An engine that hesitates, stumbles or misfires when accelerating or when it is under load, is an engine that is either sucking too much air, not getting enough fuel, or misfiring. If the Check Engine Light comes on, you may find any of the following codes: P0171, P0174 Lean fuel condition codes. P0120 to P0124 Throttle position sensor codes Yesterday on the way to work my 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD with the 4.8L V8 Vortec engine started flashing a check engine light. I read it and it was a P0300 Random/Multiple Misfire. I had experienced a slightly rough idle previously (nothing serious) and had been unable to track it down Sep 14, 2008. #1. Recently rebuilt the 454 in my 1990 TBI Burb. I am having a terrible time with getting it to idle smooth. The engine has a little over 500 miles on it. I have spent countless hours going over the engine looking for vacuum leaks and believe every thing is OK on that front. I have replaced the engine temp sensor, the connections. I am having a huge issue with my 05' Z85. I am having a rough idle on when I am stopped at a light or when I do a cold start. the tac stays at 600 rpm, then will dip below 500 rpm and bounce right back up.. back and forth, and obviously the truck runs very rough when it is below 500

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The next alert appeared 254 miles later. This time, there was a bright orange triangle surrounding an explanation point accompanied by the Fill diesel exhaust fluid tank message captured in. This can be a problem on trucks in the 1992 - 1998 model range with 4BD2engines - both the Isuzu NPR trucks, as well as the Chev W3 and W4 and the GMC W3500 and W4500 trucks. This does not apply to the GMC W5500. Overheating. One of the main causes of engine failure in this range is from the truck running hot Run the injector balance test, running the test hot (after a hard drive) and in drive will give the most consistent results. A missing or damaged chamber gasket or low compression could cause a miss. Crankcase overfull (fuel dilution) can also cause a rough run and balance rates out of specification Rough idle is about the same but hesitation is getting slighlty worst. Here is what was done. Taylor plug wires have 60,000 miles on them. No arcing observed. Delco O2 sensors have about 60,000 miles on them. ECT has 60,000 miles on it. EGR valve has 60,000 miles on it and tested good. Fuel filter has about 4,000 miles on it

A rough engine idle, can be caused by, spark plugs or wires. Spark plugs use the electrical current; received from ignition coils to ignite the air/fuel mixture, within the combustion chamber. A plug that is damaged or installed incorrectly, can result in fuel being burned at an inconsistent rate Turbo Diesel Running Very Rough and Misfiring . We took off the valve covers and found two of the rocker-arm bolts were loose. That could be causing the misfires. 94 NA Won't Start While it's Hot . The truck starts fine when cold. After it's hot it won't start until you throw a bucket of water on the engine. This engine doesn't have an FSD. 2004 chevy trailblazer 4.2L, about 200k miles, two issues, 1st shuts off on red lights and stops signs when ac is on, no codes present or check eng light came on yet, 2nd when ac is on lack of power on local driving and on Highway, paddle down and like nothing, turn the ac off, power is back, also one I park the truck after a little driving can. I have a 2009 Chevy 1500 my truck starts up then after 5 or so seconds it dies the engine light comes on and also the traction control light comes on then it dies now sometimes when I hit the gas real fast on and off it starts and stays running but the computer says reduced engine power and the same lights come on


I have a 1985 Chevy c10 with a 305 and a 4bbl Rochester Quadrajet. When I first bought it (in February), it would idle very rough and was slightly hard to start when cold. But, it would turn over on the first crank once it had warmed up. Now, the problem has progressed to being extremely hard to start after the truck sits for 6 hours or more Solution: If your car hooks up hard enough to uncover the jet at launch, setting the float level higher-about 3/4 up the sight glass-is a quick fix. An even better solution is installing a set of. 454 Backfires - Problem Identified. Hello All - Newbie Here - wanting to share a recent find. Recently I started experiencing backfires on my 454, so the first thing I did is read all the related threads posted on this board, and began checking the recommended items (carb, distributor, vacumn leaks, valve springs, etc) The most common cause of engine ticking is a noisy valve train. Your valves have to open and close once for every 2 times your engine spins around. In an overhead cam engine, the camshaft lobes themselves depresses the valve while in single cam engines, the cam actuates push rods that open the valves by moving a lever called the rocker arm

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Good oil pressure on the 5.3 Chevy is said to be anything from 25 PSI and above at hot idle and with new engine oil. If oil pressure shows 21 PSI or below that with new engine oil, then the pressure is low, and damage could occur. Some of the ways to control oil pressure include; Making use of a mechanical oil pressure gauge to check for oil. Jerry. The murder victim was drowned in a bathtub full of Rice Krispies and milk. The coroner blamed the crime on a cereal killer! Cringe and wail in fear, Eloi- - - - -we Morlocks are on the hunt! Copy Link to Clipboard. Re: Setting The Timing on a Chevy 235. Hotrod Lincoln #851158 Sun May 13 2012 04:54 AM A failing oxygen sensor can also cause a car to run rough while idling, but it won't affect the car while driving. A bad hose in any part of the engine is easy to fix. Sometimes, vacuum lines cause a rough idle due to a vacuum leak, and these lines are also simple to replace. A common cause of an engine running rough is faulty ignition timing 2. Your truck consumes at least 2 quarts of oil between oil changes. We mentioned earlier in this article that older trucks consume synthetic oil faster than conventional oil. If your truck already consumes more conventional oil than usual, then there's no sense in splurging on synthetic oil if it's just going to run right through your truck Jul 21, 2009. #6. Try a new or smaller power valve. If the engine coughed during the new start up it prob blew the power valve. Its easy to change, just take off the front fuel bowl then the metering block. Use a 1 wrench to take it off. Make sure the gasket is round outer and a triangle inner hole