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My friend XMiner231 is trying to sell two of his legendary weapons, one is a wand and the other is a dagger. Locrian: For level min 57, Assassin/Ninja Priced at 2le. Stats: 27-30 Water Damage. 20-32 Air Damage. 15-50 Thunder Damage. +2/4s Mana Steal Wynncraft is the largest and the most popular RPG/MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game) server in Minecraft. It's a free to play game that requires an internet connection and a Minecraft account title pepega preferences: chakram only if level 70 or 71, not above, otherwise not massively bothered abt weapon (i have locrian already but meh), also would like some good spelldam/spellspam with a liiiittle melee and decent hp for cow (just not completely useless, 1k dps is fine lol) also yes i would like thunder/air mainl Daggers are weapons used by the Assassin and the Ninja class. Like other weapons, there are different rarities of daggers, and they range in damage, level and identifications. 1 Obtaining 2 Usage 2.1 Melee attack 2.2 Spells 2.3 Identifications 3 List of Daggers* 3.1 Depressing 3.2 Normal 3.3 Unique 3.4 Rare 3.5 Legendary 3.6 Mythic Daggers can be obtained in the following ways: Mob drops Loot. Legendary Items are the one of the best items available in terms of their damage/defense values and level minimum, and display the cyan words Legendary Item in their lore. Legendary items are more common than Fabled and Mythic items, but are rarer than all others. Many legendary armor pieces come with a huge health regeneration debuff (and a significant life steal buff), which makes play.

Explore Wynncraft's world! Crafter. Craft items like on Wynn! Custom Items. Generate custom items! Changes. Item Changes. Ingredients. Wynncraft's Ingredients Helmet 3. Minecraft: 2xTy. I started the game a few days ago and im at level 65 assassin now. I'm looking for a good assassin build in the level 65-70 region. I'm not sure if I should go for a mana build or a melee build, but I'd love to hear recommendations for either. 2xTy, Jun 4, 2021. #1 The Sodeta Boots are a pair of yellow legendary leather boots that is received as a reward for completing the Lost Soles quest, located in the Dernel Jungle. They were passed on to him from his family and are given to the player in exchange for the missing Abysso Galoshes. They provide several identification bonuses, including life steal, spell damage and regeneration buffs. It costs 352.

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  1. Olux's Prized Wand. Fire Damage: -10%. Air Defense: -10%. Impulse. Lore: Mere prolonged exposure to the corruption in war can often cause sudden bursts of madness in soldiers. As you begin your journey, you begin to notice its effects on you too..
  2. Super Slow Attack Speed Earth Damage: 274-297 Thunder Damage: 257-314 Water Damage: 269-303 Fire Damage: 280-291 Air Damage: 263-30
  3. All this information from the wiki, the forums, other theorists, item lore, and places that reference General Skien, can all be found on Wynncraft. So it appears that Skien was a great Tromsonian general who was probably in charge when the corrupted swarm that bust open Troms, which was deemed impenetrable, attacked
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