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Natürliche Hautpflege f. jedes Alter. Bis zu 15% Rabatt auf alle Produkte. Gratisproben. 100% Demeter-zertifiziert - ohne Tierversuche! Für eine gesunde Haut im Gleichgewicht Große Auswahl, toller Service, superschneller Versand. Jetzt im Shop bestellen Plasma Pen / Fibroblast Skin Tightening Aftercare Gel. Ingredients: Highly purified structured water, organic aloe vera, sclerotium gum (mushroom-derived thickening agent), colloidal & ionic nano-silver. Directions: Apply generously as needed to skin to promote natural healing, providing long-lasting relief and protection • On day THREE you may start applying Aloe Vera gel to sooth and moisturize the area. • Please up your water intake during the first week of healing . • There may be mild to sever swelling - especially around the eyes and periorbital region. Swelling for 1 to 5 days post-treatment is normal Effects of plant sterols derived from Aloe vera gel on human dermal fibroblasts in vitro and on skin condition in Japanese women Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2015 Feb 20;8:95-104. doi: 10.2147/CCID.S75441. eCollection 2015. Authors Miyuki Tanaka 1.

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  1. Fibroblast Face Aftercare Dry healing is preferred but if your scabs become unbearably itchy, then you may safely apply aloe vera up to three times per day to help manage itchy sensation. Icing also helps manage itchiness. -You may book a Fibroblast Touchup no sooner than 90 days post last procedure
  2. Redness: Most redness resolves 7-10 days after treatment. A rosy glow can remain for several weeks after the treatment, again, depending on your healing ability, age, medications, metabolism, etc. Dry Skin: Your skin may feel dry, peel, or flake. You may notice a sand paper texture a few days after treatment
  3. Please find all aftercare information for all our treatments below. Ideally leave make up free as long as possible and use 100% Aloe Vera gel to aid the healing of the treatment site. for Fibroblast Plasma Pen Soft Surgery treatments on request. Address
  4. imum of 3 times a day. Eat a really clean diet, fresh fruit and vegetables for 21 days during your healing phase and you will give your body the best chance to give you a fantastic result
  5. Aloe Vera gel can be applied if newly opened to cool. No make up applied until the dots. Shed off. Aftercare sheet must be adhered to. Can view also on line. The majority of people are ok to drive as swelling of eye treatment will not occur until later after several hours from treatment time
  6. Like most skin rejuvenation treatments, there may be some side-effects post-treatment and recovery from Plasma Pen. You must follow these important guidelines care-fully if you wish to enjoy optimal results and protect your investment in Plasma Pen treatment. Although for most, Plasma Pen treatment is virtually pain-free, your own treatment may be moderately uncomfortable and [
  7. fibroblast aftercare. Fibroblast Face Aftercare. You will likely see immediate tightening and lifting, especially if you have crepe-like skin. Please remember: it takes at least 12 weeks to see final results, The healing cycle takes 12 weeks to complete. The most tightening and lifting happens in weeks 6 - 8. Improvements may continue for up to.

The Aloe vera gel was injected into the pockets with a syringe with blunt needle around the selected teeth in the treatment test sites [Figure 2]. The pockets were filled until the materials were detected at the gingival margin. To ensure that the Aloe vera gel stayed long enough to be effective in the pocket, a periodontal dressing (Coe pak. We also have other products such as the Plasma Pen Silver Colloidal Aloe Vera Gel and Aloe Vera Frozen Eye Masks. Besides these products, our experienced, fully qualified and insured skin therapists use pre-treatment plasma pen products such as Numb Freeze Step 1 and 2 Cream and Gel and pre-treatment gel for larger skin areas that need treatment In studies conducted by Dr. Ivan E. Danhof, M.D., Ph.D., president of North Texas Research Laboratories and a retired Professor of Physiology from the University of Texas, the interior gel from Aloe Vera was found to increase production of human fibroblast cells six to eight times faster than normal cell reproduction

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  1. Plasma Pen / Fibroblast Skin Tightening Aftercare Gel. Ingredients: Highly purified structured water, organic aloe vera, sclerotium gum (mushroom-derived thickening agent), colloidal & ionic nano-silver. Directions: Apply generously as needed to skin to promote natural healing, providing long-lasting relief and protection. 2 in stock. Silver.
  2. PLASMA-FIBROBLAST AFTERCARE Aftercare following a Plasma treatment is straightforward and mostly common sense. If you pay for an incredible treatment yet willfully ignore the strict instructions your technician will fully brief you on - perhaps by choosing to go in a sunbed or the ocean the next day - you will clearly imperil the outcome
  3. Aloe vera is a perennial, succulent plant that resembles a cactus and is used in traditional medicine throughout the world. The clear thick gel obtained from aloe leaves is used for wound healing, to treat burns, psoriasis, frostbite, ulcerative colitis, diabetes and to relieve constipation. Aloe demonstrated antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
  4. Aloe vera has both external and internal uses. Externally, one can apply Aloe vera gel as an ointment on the affected area. Internally, it can be taken orally in the form of juice or pills. There are two main preparations of Aloe vera available commercially: Aloe gel or Aloe juice. Aloe gel is extracted from the leaf pulp of the plant, Aloe.
  5. Aloe Vera gel can be used to relieve any discomfort or itching. You may experience some clear fluid however if the area is pusy or red and inflamed days after please contact us immediately as you may have an infection and need see a GP, this will not happen if you follow your aftercare carefully
  6. Our top tips for Plasma fibroblast aftercare. Keep the plasma crusts moist by applying our Plasma Pen aloe vera gel up to three times a day. This will provide relief from itching and assist the healing process. Apply arnica gel (chemist sells) and avoid blood thinners such as Panadol and alcohol, ensure to drink lots of water

black bottle) and Aloe Vera (in the RMD bottle, it is clear in color) as often as you feel any burning sensation (there is no limit to how many times a day you use this). The silver gel has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties that work in tandem with aloe to help heal the inflamed skin and speed up the healing process 100% HYALURONIC ACID & ALOE VERA SERUM TUB(50 ML) Suitable for all skin treatments.Multi-purpose and beneficial serum Product Benefits: Smooths fine lines and wrinkles Hydrates Repairs the barrier of our skin Plumps and softens skin Increases elasticity Heals damaged tissue Protects from UV rays Antioxidant Defense Water retention properties Anti-inflammatory properties ----- How to use for. Our deluxe 15ml Plasma Pen Silver Colloidal Gel with Aloe Vera is a soothing and transparent gel that can be sparingly applied as a topical agent post treatment. Once applied it leaves a protective coating which acts as a barrier against infection. It helps speed up skin healing and the two primary active substances work together to deliver rapid tissue healing, anti-inflammatory properties.

Very cheap way to dermaroll your skin dusing aloe vera.PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO:Thayers which hazel: http://tiny.cc/y5x44yIndividual needle Dermaroller: h.. Our deluxe box of 6 x 10ml Plasma Pen Silver Colloidal Gel's with Aloe Vera is a soothing and transparent gel that can be sparingly applied as a topical agent post treatment. Once applied it leaves a protective coating which acts as a barrier against infection. It helps speed up skin healing and the two primary active substances work together to deliver rapid tissue healing, anti. Aloe vera has been studied for its potential use in the prevention and treatment of radiation related adverse effects as it possesses a variety of properties and is considered an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Multiple controlled trials have been performed in order to evaluate the efficacy of aloe vera for the prevention and treatment. Aloe Vera Gel. Applying some aloe vera gel, either from a bottle like this product or straight from an aloe vera leaf, will soothe skin without causing breakouts. It also helps moisturize. Sudocrem. Using some Sudocrem after epilating on your skin will reduce irritation. It also has the added benefit of antiseptic ingredients so will help.

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Background. Aloe vera (A.v) have been used traditionally for topical treatment of wounds and burns in different countries for centuries, but the mechanism of this effect is not well understood. Various growth factors are implicated in the process of wound healing. Among the different growth factors involved in the process, TGFβ1 and bFGF are the most importantly expressed in fibroblast cells An excellent cooling, soothing gel which is quickly absorbed into the skin. Recommended for use after any type of hair removal. Also suitable for after sunbathing and general moisturising of the skin. Contains 95% liquid extract of Aloe Vera. Has a refreshing lemon grass fragrance. Also suitable after sunbathing and general moisturising of the. Aloe Vera is excellent for Tattoos. It's natural cooling and healing properties make it one of the best all natural aftercare remedies. Tattoos need aftercare with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties to ease pain and keep clean and Aloe Vera has all of those properties. Apply a small amount of aloe gel or juice to.

• Keep the crusts moist by applying small amounts of the Silver Colloidal Gel with Aloe Vera up to 3 times a day, until the carbon crusts have fallen off. Apply very small amounts only. The gel dries on your face and acts to protect the skin and provide relief from possible itching, as well as helps to speed up healing Take suggestions from dermatologist aftercare products. Use Aloe vera Gel. You can use Aloe Vera gel because after treatment skin will be dry. Applying aloe vera gel minimizes the irritation. Washing Hand. Hands should be washed and sanitized otherwise there is a high chance to get infected Plasma pen aftercare. After each Plasma Pen session, there will be small yellow spots on the treated area in lines. They stay visible on the skin up to 5 days after the treatment. After that, in 7 to 10 days after the treatment, they fall off and leave no mark after them. There is no serious side effect to the treatment

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The skin will look dry for few days and you can use Aloe Vera gel for better result. Use of sauna, a kind of steam bath and any other heat treatment is strictly prohibited at least 2 weeks post treatment. You cannot take part in sports, exercise or any type strenuous activity for 1 week after micro needling Fibroblast is a non-surgical revolutionary skin tightening cosmetic treatment Deep face cleaning (30min) aftercare mask and gel is included. Full treatment time (60min) Downtime 2-4 days. Treatment price only £50 Forever Aloe Vera Belfast 87 Dermott Hill Road Belfast, BT12 7GB . Forever Living Aloe Vera

Hyaluronic acid serums should be used post-microneedling. Use this from days 1 to 14 after microneedling to hydrate and replenish the skin. After 1 to 4 days, you can apply hyaluronic acid, toners, or moisturisers with a base of green tea extract, Vitamin E, kiwi oil, and linseed oil to the skin Plasma Fibroblast treatment is a revolutionary method for a perfect face and body rejuvenation. It is important to stress that Plasma Fibroblast is a non-surgical technique where no scalpels are used. What is the aftercare? Immediately after treatment, there may be a burning sensation. Organic Aloe Vera Gel is recommended. Avoid make up. Aloe vera helps to increase the number of fibroblast cells in the skin. Unlike other chemical products containing collagen, aloe ensures natural production of it. Aloe consists of more than 200 nutrients, 22 amino acids, and essential vitamins which provide the skin with the essential nutrients it needs

Wash the microbladed area twice per day followed by applying the microblading aftercare ointment. At the start and end of each day, use your clean fingertips and a mild antibacterial soap, like Cetaphil, to gently cleanse your eyebrows for 10-15 seconds. Avoid using any cleansing products that contain exfoliants or acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA) The benefits of aloe vera in helping to reverse the effects of skin aging were published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology. Scientists found that aloe vera stimulates fibroblast cells to increase collagen levels in the skin. Aloe vera also protects the skin from sun damage and its antioxidant properties help to rid the skin of free radicals. 1 There is a lot of confusion around the proper aftercare steps for PMU. Our most frequently asked questions always revolve around aftercare instructions, wet V.S. dry healing, which microblading products are best, and the day-by-day healing process itself. After 18 years in the industry, I've tried just about every aftercare process and procedure that there is: wet healing, dry healing. Made with natural ingredients like phytocannabinoids, aloe vera gel, chamomile, pycenogenol complex, and antioxidants. This calming serum soothes skin, relieves redness and inflammation, hydrates, nourishes, and improves overall skin health. It will work great to calm down skin after the microneedling procedure Developed with clinicians, SunBurnt After-Sun Gel instantly cools, soothes and nourishes skin with a unique, patented blend of nature's best healing and hydrating ingredients. SunBurnt is different. While other aloe gels, after sun lotions and even organic aloe can leave your skin feeling sticky, SunBurnt's unique formula was specially.

Aloe vera. Aloe vera gel has long been used for healing and soothing wounds. The reason it works to treat cuts and burns is because the aloe vera plant increases collagen production when applied. Sep 09, 2011 · Aloe Vera is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It relieves pain and itching, and delivers moisture deep beneath the skin's surface, while allowing skin to breathe. Many experts (tattoo artists and tattoo addicts) however, include Aloe on their list of what to avoid in caring for a new tattoo, usually without explanation Soothe minor vaginal irritations with aloe vera gel. Apply it around your vaginal area. 30. Drink 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice to relieve gastrointestinal disorders like indigestion and heartburn. 31. Sip 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice to aid in elimination, as it's well-known for its laxative effects. 32 Plasma Fibroblast treatments are a non-surgical, non-invasive treatments that shrink excess skin, bags and wrinkles. It is revolutionary in wrinkle smoothing and eyelid, jowl, neck tightening, dramatically reducing hooded eyelids, smokers lines and crows feet. The results are absolutely stunning, virtually immediate and typically last 2-3 years. In the case of acne and pimples, aloe vera gel for skin is a proven method to help diminish and even solve the problem. Aloe gel is a gentle alternative to traditional over the counter and prescription medications because it contains both anti-inflammatory agents and immune boosting properties

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  1. As Dr. Saedi mentioned, aloe vera is the key ingredient you should look for in a sunburn treatment. While other products use aloe powder, a less concentrated form of the plant, Seven Minerals Organic Aloe Vera Gel harvests theirs from freshly-cut, cold-pressed aloe plants, making it more potent than many competing products
  2. Objectives: The objective of this study was to elucidate the safety and effectiveness of acemannan, a polysaccharide extracted from Aloe vera, in the treatment of oral aphthous ulceration. Design: A skin patch test was performed on 100 healthy subjects, and 0.5% acemannan in Carbopol® 934P NF (Lubrizol Corporation, USA) was applied to the oral mucosa of the lower lip of 50 healthy.
  3. Aloe Vera ; Aloe vera is a perfect product that is used for skin ailments including the nose piercing scar. Aloe vera is a very mild plant and is effective in reduction of the inflammation. It equally prevents any infections and keeps the skin moisturized. Aloe vera gel is able to be used directly on the affected area
  4. g aftercare with Aloe Vera concentrate. A cooling gel to be applied immediately after IPL or laser. The formula contains a combination of the powerful anti-irritant antibacterial and redness reducing Canadian Willowherb and Aloe Vera powder concentrate to effectively soothe skin and
  5. All prices are inclusive of:-Face to face Medical consultation and history taking. Prescription writing. Anaesthetic (where required). Medico-legal Insuranc
  6. Plasma Pen is the world's most advanced, non-invasive, skin lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation device used to treat wrinkles, and sagging dull skin. The Plasma Pen is an FDA approved, CE approved device used to perform fibroblast therapy, a technique used to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. 20/11/2019
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Make Aloe Vera part of your succeed formula. There is no doubt that the commercialization of Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) is a success story. Products containing Aloe are found almost everywhere China Factory Supply Aloe Vera Extract, 100% Fully Soluble in Water Aloe Vera Gel Freeze Dried Powder with Cosmetic Grade, Find details about China Aloe Vera Extract, Aloe Vera Gel Freeze Dried Powde from Factory Supply Aloe Vera Extract, 100% Fully Soluble in Water Aloe Vera Gel Freeze Dried Powder with Cosmetic Grade - Shaanxi Honghao Bio-Tech Co., Ltd Die besten Aloe Gel im Test und Vergleich 2021. Aloe-Gel Test & Vergleich: Die besten Produkte aus 2021 gesucht Abstract. Aloe vera is a locally grown herbal plant.Aloe vera has historically been used to treat skin wounds. Investigations have discovered that Aloe vera can increase the number of fibroblasts, which play a key role in wound healing. The active ingredient in Aloe vera gel is acemannan. Acemannan is a polysaccharide located within the protoplast of the Aloe vera parenchyma cells

- While dry healing is best, you may safely apply aloe vera up to three times per day to help manage itchy sensations. Icing the skin also helps manage itchiness. - Take collagen, vitamin c and L-lysine supplements to give your immune system and collagen production a boost. - Avoid smoking. - Avoid shaving over any treated area until skin heals This fast-absorbing aloe vera gel delivers long-lasting moisturization that calms irritated skin and provides a refreshing feeling to the skin. It's a great product that can be used by anyone wanting to keep their skin healthy. It's ideal for replenishing lost moisture and restoring your skin's soft silky feel withou It can be a good idea to apply some Aloe Vera gel before you go to sleep. Try to avoid sexual contact in order to prevent irritation, especially if you are after brazilian waxing. It is also good to avoid any physical exercising, gym or activities which may cause your skin sweating. Please stay away from swimming pools at day after sugaring Day 7-10: Scabs will continue to fall off. Continue to apply silver collodial gel with aloe vera, let that settle first, then apply sunscreen religiously. It is safe to reintroduce your regular AHA skin cleansing cleaners, creams and serums containing acids such as salicylic, glycolic, lactic, etc.. at the 8 week post treatment mark Continue applying Aloe Vera gel for the next 21 days. To prevent irritation and the spread of infection, do not pick spots or small blood scabs which may appear a couple of days after treatment and depending on the skin, may take between 7-21 days to heal

Promotes skin healing thanks to bioactive ingredients: pure aloe juice (self-made) and calendula flower. The cream is also suitable for skin healing after laser tattoo removal. After laser tattoo removal: After about 2 hours, clean and dry the area after tattooing, then apply a layer of cream and gently massage the skin. Repeat 3-4 times a day Aloe Vera Cream. A vital step in our Ziba Beauty threading service includes the application of cooling gel to the threaded skin. This gel includes aloe vera, which helps reduce inflammation and redness. At home, you can continue to apply an aloe vera cream to soothe your skin. Tea Tree Oi The addition of lavender is questionable safety wise. There is nothing here to effectively disperse and dilute the essential oil (neither witch hazel nor aloe vera gel do the job), meaning you are putting undiluted essential oils on the most sensitive area of your body and the time when it's most sensitive The base of organic aloe vera gel and organic witch hazel was superb at both soothing and encouraging my skin to exfoliate. ( Read my full review of Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel .) In the evenings during the latter part of my recovery, I opted for Mun No. 11 Anarose Rejuvenating Rose Toner , applied onto my skin with a cotton pad, to soothe and. Aloe Vera up to three times a day. Plasma Pen Treatments and Aftercare How to look after your skin for the first three months After the first 7-days, you should find that the carbon crusts have naturally fallen off, however your skin may be a little pink as it is essentially fresh, new and rejuvenated skin

Do apply aloe vera gel or calming creams for 3 days after the treatment. Do wear loose clothes to avoid friction on the treated area for 48 hours. Do keep treated area clean and dry for 48 hours. Do drink plenty of water. Do use at least SPF 50 sunscreen with Zinc for at least 2 weeks Apply a moisturizer such as aloe vera cream to the burn area. This can help keep the skin moist and reduce itching. Loose, soft clothing can also help relieve itching. Do not expose your wound to direct sunlight. For at least 12 months, apply sunblock to your wound every time you go outside during the day. Use a sunblock with an SPF of 25 or.

Our AP4 Aloe Vera Proprietary Complex contains 200 natural properties targeted to shorten healing time. We only use the finest aloe vera in our products, which promises a superior soothing experience, and works with herbal derived ingredients to provide medical grade aftercare for anti-itch, redness reduction, and other skincare issues that. There's a lot of confusion around the proper aftercare steps for permanent makeup. Our most frequently asked questions always revolve around aftercare instructions, wet V.S. dry healing, what products are best, and the day-by-day healing process itself. After 18 years in the industry, I've tried just about every after

This is why we now recommend it as part of the patient aftercare regime over dry healing. Aloe vera is known for its ability to regenerate cells, increase oxygen flow and stimulate fibroblasts which aid the production of collagen. It is a natural moisturizer and is a soothing and calming gel that promotes skin healing Aloe vera has been known for its healing properties. Aloe vera will help to remove the heat from the skin and reduce any lasting irritation. Also, it provides a protective layer to the skin which helps retain moisture. Because of its nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties, the skin heals more quickly

Microneedling Aftercare: Get The Most Out of Your Treatment Microneedling and the Vampire Facial. Microneedling is Collagen Induction Therapy.The most therapeutic devices are powered microneedling devices that use tiny needles to make micro-channels or injuries in the skin to then stimulate collagen and elastin formation, the building blocks of skin tissue Squeeze the flesh from the leaf of an aloe vera plant or buy aloe vera gel with as few added ingredients as possible. Apply liberal amounts of aloe vera gel to the scab by gently massaging the gel until it is absorbed by the skin. Repeat the aloe vera application 2-3 times a day to help get rid of the crusty scab quicker

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E45 cream, Aloe Vera gel or Vaseline can be used to relieve the itching which normally occurs 3 - 5 days after the treatment. Avoid direct exposure to the sun for 2 months after the procedure. If it is necessary to be in the sun, a sunscreen with SPF 25 or greater must be used. Some people develop blisters, crusts, or scabs within 8-72 hours. The best part is that aloe vera can even be used for sensitive skin without any harmful effects. What you need to do • In a bowl of cold water, soak the aloe vera leaf for 15 minutes. • After 15 minutes, take out the leaf and extract the gel from the leaf. • Apply the gel on the affected area. This is especially useful for pierced ears Use a moisturizer that contains aloe vera or soy to help soothe sunburned skin. If a particular area feels especially uncomfortable, you may want to apply a hydrocortisone cream that you can buy without a prescription. Do not treat sunburn with -caine products (such as benzocaine), as these may irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction

Aloe vera soothes this symptom, it also refreshes the area. In case the itching does not stop, wash the tattoo quickly with fresh running water and reapply a generous amount of gel. Healing times range from 20 to 30 days depending on the area where the tattoo was made and its size. Aloe vera gel speeds up this process and also reduces symptoms However, Aloe Cadabra saves you from such infection as well. A healthy vaginal pH balance has to between 3.5 to 4.5. To maintain the balance, you must use an organic lubricant like Aloe Cadabra. Otherwise, the ordinary lubricant may imbalance the pH and eventually, which will turn into bacterial vaginosis

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Vaseline isn't the best choice for tattoo aftercare. Petroleum jelly traps moisture and bacteria, which can lead to infections and scarring if your tattoo doesn't get enough air while it's. Aloe vera: This plant has vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that soothe and moisturize the skin. It's used to treat many types of skin conditions, including bruises 100% Aloe Vera Gel 150ml. 100% Aloe Vera Gel 150ml. Regular price £9.99 Sale price £9.99 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Arnica Gel 150ml. Arnica Gel 150ml. Regular price £9.99 Sale price £9.99 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Gel Removal Soak Off Kit. Gel Removal Soak Off Kit. Regular price £9.99 Sale. Acne prevention: Aloe vera gel has antibacterial properties, and this gel contains an acid known as salicylic acid, which is a natural exfoliant that helps open pores. 6. Delaying the appearance of signs of aging: Aloe vera stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, which increases the production of collagen, and elastin fibers in the body, which.

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BENEFITS FOREVER ALOE VERA GEL AND REASON TO BUY Our Forever Aloe Vera Gel made from 96.2% pure aloe. Almost like slicing open an aloe leaf and consuming the gel directly from the plant. Formulated in a base of stabilized aloe vera gel. There are no chemicals added at processing. Only pure natural ingredients used. The aloe leaf contains 200 health promoting compounds, including 12 vitamins. That aloe vera is a staple in the beauty and skincare industries is a known fact. However, recent studies prove that its gel has a host of benefits when it comes to treating hair conditions such. Contains Aloe Vera, Sage and Green Tea Extract to soothe and calm the skin. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties while Green Tea is a potent antioxidant. This water based gel is safe to use in oily skin conditions and can be worn under make-up or as a masque

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Transform your skin with Able Skincare's Fibroblast Collagen Full Neck & Chin Therapy. Formulated with Cosmetic Drone™, the most advanced delivery system for active ingredients, this innovative serum delivers Retinol to visibly increase firmne.. Bahan aloe vera sudah terkenal akan kehandalannya dalam mengatasi kulit kering. Lidah buaya sejak dulu memang sudah dimanfaatkan menjadi berbagai produk perawatan kulit. Selain bisa melembabkan bagian kuku yang kering, gel aloe vera ini juga dapat merawat kuku yang telah rapuh dan rusak. Bioaqua memiliki banyak manfaat untuk kulit anda 2.1. Aloe vera. Extensive study results showed that herbs especially A. vera has an effective anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect. A. vera belongs to the Liliaceal family, which is a perennial succulent plant [].It origins from South Africa, widely used in conventional therapy and of great interest for several biomedical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic applications []