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How to Work with your Existing Granite when Updating your Kitchen. This post s really informative! I inherited a busy granite countertop with plenty of orange from the previous owners of my house. The cabinets are already a warm white and the backsplash a fairly solid brown colour. The walls, however, are a cool grey/blue Whether you are trying to coordinate your backsplash with existing granite, or you are installing new granite, choose your backsplash carefully. Most people assume that they need to find a pattern backsplash to go with the pattern in their granite. Unlike fabrics, mixing tile patterns is not a good idea

Five things to do with your old granite countertops. #1. Trash the old granite countertops. The average life expectancy of a granite countertop is long. Remember, many stone countertops throughout the world are still around in historic buildings. Experts estimate that most natural stone countertops can last over 100 years But not ALL older granite countertops are a challenge and in fact, some are friggin' GORGEOUS and highly coveted. Others are maybe not coveted but are still easy enough to work with - the most TIMELESS and VERSATILE granite being BLACK.. However, even some of the BEST-INTENTIONED black granite countertops have flecks of pink, taupe, green and blue in them that severely limit their long.

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Here's my advice for a a two readers who want to know if a white kitchen will work with their existing granite countertops. Because, you cannot simply ignore your earthy granite countertops and just paint your cabinets white and/or install white subway tile and call it a white kitchen How to Work with your Existing Granite when Updating your Kitchen - Bella Tucker Most of the clients we work with are trying to bring their late 1990's- early 200o's Tuscan kitchen into the white/gray/cream updated kitchen of the moment Aug 23, 2017 - Most of the clients we work with are trying to bring their late 1990's- early 200o's Tuscan kitchen into the white/gray/cream updated kitchen of the moment. Many of them are also looking to update their backsplash, but keep the granite. One of my favorite color experts, Maria Kilim has coined the phrase, Bossy Gran

How to modify existing granite countertop? Answer this question. + 2. Answered. I have a dark granite counter top in the kitchen. Since I am updating the cabinet front to shaker style I would also like to eliminate the rounded edge of the countertop. Is there a way to do it w/o physically having to remove the granite Start out sanding the surface of the granite with 100-grit sandpaper until a consistent, gritty, unpolished or honed surface is achieved. Confirm that the majority of the shininess has been removed and manually sand corners or hard-to-reach spots with individual pieces of sandpaper. Click to see full answe Question by Guest_9570029: I am trying to find a contractor who can prep my existing granite counter with gas cooktop for the range top conversion. I Need a Contractor Who Can Cut and Modify Granite Counter on Site. | Angi [Angie's List

Granite - It's no doubt that one of the most popular kitchen surfaces on the market is also one that is durable, long lasting, and practically maintenance-free. In addition, granite countertops are known to not only add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, it also increases the value of your home.. It's featured everywhere on HGTV, retailers and newly remodeled homes, but what is. If you are trying to reuse the granite countertop in your new kitchen or bathroom design, you are limited to using the existing design footprint of the space so that the old granite will fit into the new space. Maintaining the same design footprint is particularly important if you have granite cutouts around sink or wet bar areas Countertop overlays cover your existing countertop in the form of large, pre-cast slabs of granite or quartz countertop material. Overlays are differentiated from countertop fixes such as Rustoleum's Countertop Transformations, a multi-stage liquid covering, or from thin, plastic adhesive sheets imprinted with an image of granite One possible option would be to choose countertops with inverse colors, such as white granite countertops with gray veins for one surface area, and gray granite with white veins for the other. With one of the configurations listed above, though, you're in an ideal position to move forward with a mix and match countertop design I'd install granite like Corian or estone, dime-sized dabs of silicone every foot or so. When the adhesive sets up it acts as a shim, which is important because no cabinets and granite fit perfectly to each other. Stone installed with no adhesive would also put more pressure on seams

Here are tips on how to prepare cabinets for granite countertops: Remove the old countertops. If you are replacing the countertops, you must first remove the old countertops before installing new ones. Start with removing the seal anchoring the countertops to the wall using a knife or any other sharp object Granite countertops, like almost all natural stone surfaces, need to be sealed to prevent stains and liquid damages. While this may sound like an inconvenience, the process of sealing granite is simple and quick, and you will typically only have to do it once a year. How often you have to re-seal the countertop will depend on what type of.

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To look at all these options would take a Remodeling, - Kitchen and Bath contractor or a Kitchen contractor which does both cabients and countertops maybe, if 1) gets into the picture. Of course, if 1) is used, you end up with small backsplash and floor areas exposed by shifting it over - easily covered but makes an additional work item to be done Work slowly, holding the blade to the granite with a light amount of pressure. Focus on keeping it on the guideline. This part can take a while, but it's worth it for a perfectly-cut countertop. As long as you hold the saw steady, it will cut through the tape and granite with relative ease

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Granite counters and flooring are popular among homebuilders and homeowners because of the material's attractiveness and durability. Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes and, despite being somewhat more expensive than most alternatives, it continues to be among the most popular materials in high-end building and remodeling projects How to Redo Countertops With Spray Granite. No matter how hard you work at updating the look and style of your kitchen, old countertops can stand out like a sore thumb, especially if you're. Design Tool. Contact. (336) 992-5214. FREE Quote! How to Mix and Match Kitchen Countertops. Among the growing trends in today's kitchens is mixing and matching materials. You've surely seen newer kitchen designs that have different upper and lower cabinets or a kitchen island that contrasts or coordinates with the wall cabinets That means putting a level across the top, and checking to make sure the cabinets are even from side to side AND from back to front. If they didn't make sure the new cabinets were level before leaving, they should come back and fix them. If they don't want to do this part of their job, you should insist. There is NO good reason for new.

When your granite countertop was being installed, the work was most probably done by more than two people who struggled to carry and safely install the countertop. A lot of coordination and care is required to ensure that the material doesn't crack. Now, when it comes to removing the countertops, the risk of damage is significantly higher Replacing granite countertop with existing cabinets sitting on top. Comments (27) I'm hoping you are all right. I made an appointment with a handyman that does cabinets on August 1st. That's the earliest I can get to the house. There's an electric box in there which I think feeds the under cabinet lights. It's mounted on the back panel of the. The thickness of laminate countertops is 1 ½ and granite, marble, or engineered surfaces, like Ceasarstone, are 1 ¼ thick. The replacement causes a visible gap of about ¼ between the new granite countertop and the existing tile. This scenario applies in cases where the tile goes all the way down to the countertops 2. Many countertop warranties assume you have new cabinets. If you're going for an expensive new countertop, such as granite or quartz, you're likely to get a warranty from the manufacturer to cover any damage or problems that aren't your fault. When you're spending a lot of money on a new countertop, it's good to know that you've got protection

  1. The new granite countertop will cover up any marks that may happen from the plaster. It's important that the cabinets are secure and level before the company can replace a kitchen counter. This will prevent the heaviness of the granite stone from tipping the cabinets over while the installation work is being done
  2. ate countertops, the kind we replace most, are 1.5″ thick
  3. Obviously, this type of work isn't a money-maker for a busy countertop shop. There is an exception - and I have done this myself. If the granite is a basic rectangle without any cutouts and is installed on a desk or an island. It is much more feasible to remove and reinstall this slab
  4. So let's start measuring your countertops! Make a sketch. Make a sketch of your existing countertop layout, to use as a diagram. You'll record your measurements directly on your sketch. Make sure your sketch indicates whether you are taking measurements from existing countertops or from the base cabinets alone
  5. This is a somewhat controversial and confusing topic because many people, even a lot of actual installers and fabricators, do not really understand the way in which sealers work or when sealing is really required in a granite countertop. The majority of granite countertops require sealing, although this is not the case with all varieties, with.
  6. How to Remove Sink From Granite Countertop. Before you can install a farmhouse sink in existing granite, you must remove the old sink. Removing a sink from a granite countertop is not that difficult. Make sure that you have your silicone removal tool, or knife alternative, ready. Now you can remove the sink. 1. Shut off the water supply. 2
  7. To get shiny wood countertops, start by removing stains with a fresh lemon. Wipe down and clean your countertop with a sponge and a non-toxic cleaner. After it's dry, sand the surface lightly (with the grain) thoroughly with 120 grit sandpaper. Sand again with 180 grit sandpaper until the wood is smooth

Alternatively, you can remove the existing granite countertop. Then, you can place some plywood as the base. Afterward, you can then set the overlay. Typically, with a granite countertop overlay, you get certain features. These features include: An overlay thickness of about 13 millimeters. A mildew and mold resistant countertop material How to Cut Granite. Step 1: Put on Safety Gear. To start, make sure you have your safety gear on (Goggles, dust mask, ear plugs). Step 2: Set Up Work Area. Next, you will set up your work area. Move the granite onto the workbench or other stable surface that you will be cutting on

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In this project a do-it-yourself granite countertop service provides the granite countertops, a modular system that eliminates expensive fabrication. The granite system requires sheets of ¾ plywood be laid on top of the cabinets to support the granite. Granite comes in a myriad styles and choices A: You can use Granite and TREND Transformations' products anywhere in your home including fireplaces, offices, bars, recreation rooms, mosaic feature walls and floors. If you are building an addition to your home, our countertop renovation service can create any kind of custom countertop, mosaic tile wall, or flooring that you need Whether you have jade green granite, Madura gold granite, or Alaska white granite countertops, haze doesn't discriminate by color, though it may be a bit more noticeable on darker colors. Today we will go over how to prevent and correct cloudy granite so that your surfaces look fresh and new once again Granite countertops will last indefinitely. If you want them to keep looking like they did the day you installed them, be sure to take care of them. Granite doesn't require much work. Seal them then keep them clean and dry and they'll look great. Avoid abrasive or acidic cleaners and use a grease-cutting soap to tackle oil-based spills and.

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If you have decided to keep your existing backsplash, then the thickness of your old countertop will be different from the granite you are having installed. The granite countertop will leave a gap between the wall and backsplash, which will need a matching grout caulk. The bottom gap can be re-caulked to match the rest of the grout While granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops, the high cost of materials and installation can put a big dent in your home improvement budget. A less expensive alternative to a pricey granite slab is to use 12x12 granite tiles instead. Not only do granite tiles make an attractive and durable countertop, they're easy to apply and weigh much less than a solid granite top. Homeowners from around the world prefer granite for their countertops for a plethora of reasons. Granite is a nonporous natural stone that is perfect for high traffic areas like your kitchen or bathroom. Granite countertops provide a clean aesthetic for your overall interior design. Granite countertops are easy to clean and require very little maintenance. [ Granite countertops add value—but only if the market says so. When it comes to style and function, granite countertops are the way to go. They're affordable, easy to maintain, and always in style. But when you get ready to sell your house, you need to make sure that money spent on upgrades are recovered in the sale price Cut granite slab outdoors if possible to simplify cleanup. STEP 2 Position the granite slab on a sturdy work surface, and use C-clamps, attaching one every couple of feet along the sides of the.

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But the average cost of granite countertops, including labor, is around $3,250 installed, based on an average-sized countertop of 15 feet. If you're looking at any sort of speciality cuts, islands, or texture, expect to pay more. An island will likely cost at least another $1,000 Granite-like sheets from Granite Transformations can help you save money by avoiding the time and inconvenience associated with demolition and installation of ordinary slab granite. The sheets are custom-built to fit over your existing laminate countertops and engineered to resist heat, cold, scratches, stains, and more It's possible to bevel the edge of a granite countertop using an electric masonry polisher. Start with a very coarse wheel such as 150-grit to do the heavy work. Switch to increasingly finer grits until you complete the job. The progression might look like this: 150-grit, 300-grit, 500-grit, 800-grit, 1500-grit and 3000-grit The best glue for Granite Countertops depends on what specifically you need the glue for. For non-visible repairs/joins, where it doesn't matter if the seam is visible: For adhering your countertop to other surfaces like drywall or wood, or for any repairs that will be hidden from view the best option is Loctite PL530 Construction Adhesive Depending on the desired slab thickness, your countertop could cost $20-40 per square foot. A 2cm thick slab sits in the lower range, while a 3cm slab might cost $30-40 per square foot. From there, the cost is based on the size of your kitchen. In short, we love New Venetian Gold granite countertops due to the versatility of color and style

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  1. Diy Granite Countertops Paint. Allow the primer to dry for 24 hours, then apply a second coat. Apply 2 coats of primer to the countertop and allow them to dry. Source : www.pinterest.com Cleaning granite counters painting countertops granite countertops faux granite granite paint granite bathroom granite kitchen diy kit home remodeling diy. Follow the [
  2. Q: Tim, we just moved into an existing home that's got granite countertops.When we looked at the house, there were cleverly placed trivets in certain places. I've come to discover they were.
  3. There are so many options, it's easy to change when you get bored of it and your granite doesn't get ruined. I'm afraid concrete will have unwanted affects on it unless you cover the granite and seperately make concrete countertops to sit on the existing granite. Concrete countertops are quite a challenge to make

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Leathered granite will provide a smooth, non-reflective surface. Plus, this type of finish will give the stone a textured appearance - essentially giving your countertops a sense of character! This is largely an aesthetic difference, but a leathered finish actually provides a bit more functionality and benefits compared to a polished one With well under $1000 and a few good days of labor, many of the countertop refinishing products offer a very attractive alternative to replacing them. There are limits to the type of materials you can use to finish countertops with, but several work very well. Re-Laminate - One option is to add laminate sheets over existing laminate countertops Knowing How to Clean Granite Will Keep Countertops Looking Great for Years. Granite countertops are a major expense in a kitchen and you expect them to last quite a long time. To preserve your investment - and the beauty of this gorgeous stone - it quite literally pays to learn how to clean granite the right way. This is especially important for granite countertops because like other types. Whether you're putting granite over existing countertop with a granite looking paint process or opt for the granite overlay your kitchen will be transformed! So let's look at the pros and cons of both: There are a few different paint processes out there that transform an existing formica countertop. They range in price from $50 up to $300.

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existing countertops). If your project is an existing kitchen or remodel and your existing countertops cannot be removed before your scheduled template, the countertops must be cleared o and no fixtures, dishes, décor, etc. are to be left of the existing countertop. By choosing to template over an existing countertop, you are acknowledging. Corbels or L-brackets usually work the best. Remember that blue pearl 3cm thickness is about 19 pounds per square foot. If done creatively, it may actually enhance the design appeal and be a welcome addition to your kitchen and give you additional space. I did this once on an island on the long edge that faced and existing dining room If there is no existing countertop, make sure that your cabinets are installed properly and leveled. What you need to know before the INSTALLATION; If you have an existing countertop (kitchen or b athroom), make sure that your plumbing already unhooked. 301 Granite & Marble is NOT responsible for any plumbing work

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Darker granite colors (brown, blue, black) will be less porous, and staining is less likely. Some granite colors (like most black granite countertops) are so dense that they are nearly impossible to stain and do not need sealing. Lighter colors and in particular white granite countertops will be the most porous and the easiest to stain How It Works. Granite and TREND Transformations take the stress out of your renovation, since all of our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces can be installed right over you existing countertops as a countertop overlay - eliminating the need for messy and time-consuming demolition Kitchens that feature countertops in the same finish as the cabinets have a smart, uniform look. It's a good practice to follow when combining materials to avoid having the space look overcrowded

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I don't want to remove the stove and lift the slab because of the thin sections around the range are glued down. The slab is 25 wide and backs into the kitchen wall. There is a short (1.5) stone backsplash and tile. I have spoken with a mason who recommends using a 4.5 grinder with a diamond blade for dry or wet cutting I took apart my entire kitchen, removed the granite countertops a piece at a time with putty knives and crowbar when needed. There was no damage to them, they all came apart from the silicone easily. The only difficulty was the epoxy mated seams, those needed to stay together to avoid damage constantly keep the cutting edge wet with a squirt bottle of water while cutting for best results. its easiest if you get a helper to run the squirt bottle for you if you can. re: Cost to cut hole in existing granite countertop? Posted. Anywhere from $100-$300 After cleaning granite countertops, gently wipe them down with alcohol or acetone. Use a sealer made especially for granite. Apply the sealer and let it set according to the manufacturer's directions. Wipe down with a clean, dry cloth. When it comes to the best way to clean granite counters, the choice is yours 4.Measure the countertop length from wall to wall (in inches). 5.Write down the length in the appropriate space on your drawing. 6.Measure the depth of the countertops from the wall. *Standard countertop depth is 26 inches (overhang of cabinets). 7.Repeat this process for every section of your countertop

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Typical kitchen remodels cost just under $23,000, while the average price of buying and installing granite countertops is approximately $3,100. The actual price of granite can range from $40 to $100 per square foot, depending on the grade of granite. In 2017, more than 50% of homeowners were encouraged to upgrade their kitchens before selling. Before installing the granite tile, you'll need to replace the countertop. You can either re-use the existing countertop as a base for the granite tile or use a new plywood board and backerboard. Backerboard will help create a moisture barrier between the tile and plywood, which is particularly useful for tiling around tubs or shower areas Countertop seams in granite or quartz are often necessary, particularly if your existing countertop or kitchen layout has a countertop run of more than 120 inches (10 feet). In cases where the old countertop is removed and discarded, this does inconvenience the homeowner because there will be no working kitchen sink Houzz reports that 43 percent of their survey participants said they were choosing engineered quartz for their countertops, compared to 34 percent who chose granite. And while 34 percent may sound like a decent number, Houzz notes that the material has been on a three-year decline (down from 45 percent in 2016). When looking at the average cost.

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However, you may also request to have the existing countertops removed at the same time the new granite countertops are being installed. The team will work to avoid damaging other sections of the job site, including cabinets, walls, and so on Also, what adhesive do you use for granite? By far the most common and best type of bond for granite will be an epoxy. It is a complex blend of resins and hardeners. Epoxy is structural glue and when cured this adhesive is a strong as the stone itself. This is of particular importance when working with a slab of granite.. do you have to glue down granite countertops

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In this case, the best way to match your granite to the chosen or existing cabinets is to physically compare the two next to each other. When going to visit the granite showroom, bring along either a sample of the cabinet material or unscrew a door from your existing cabinets. This will help you get the best comparison and choose a granite slab. Removing Existing Countertops. If you have existing countertops and you or your contractor does the removal of old countertops, they need to be removed completely before our team arrives at your home. Make sure that the countertops are removed entirely including any sinks or cooktop etc. so only cabinets are visible ANSWER: Yes, Tenax Ager is especially formulated to darken the cut edges of granite countertops so that the edges match the color of the top surface particularly if it has been resined. It is meant to be applied during the process of polishing the edges but can be applied at any time to any type of finish (honed, polished, etc.) Some granite slabs are pre-sealed during manufacture. They are extremely durable as the sealant penetrates the stone to a deep level and provides lasting protection. If you have pre-sealed granite countertops installed in your kitchen, you can expect them to remain in excellent condition for about 10-15 years, provided that the stone is diligently and properly cared for Peel and stick countertops are exactly what they sound like: a wallpaper-like material with a sticky backing that you adhere directly over your existing countertops. They come in a variety of colors and styles, including faux marble, granite, gold, soapstone, and concrete