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This is a video of a hen that is calling at our decoys. Listen and learn from this live turkey so your calling can sound just like her http://www.lostlakecustomcalls.com Turkey Calls Watch these wild turkey hens as they show you the proper way to cut and yelp. Learn from the best teachers i.. If you want to know what turkeys sound like when they are close, watch this clip. A hen at daylight walked right up to the camera clucking and purring. She.. Turkey Hen Yelping The yelp is a basic turkey sound. It is often delivered in a series of single note vocalizations and can have different meanings depending on how the hen uses it. Field recording by National Wild Turkey Federation

Turkey Hen Yelping. The yelp is a basic turkey sound. It is often delivered in a series of single note vocalizations and can have different meanings depending on how the hen uses it. Field recording by National Wild Turkey Federation The cluck is a call that is used by all adult birds, both gobblers and hens. When a gobbler is making a plain cluck, it's usually an indication that Hey there, I'm just here. It will come in a slower cadence often times with other turkey sounds like a yelp, or just by itself The two-note yelp might be the most basic turkey sound. Yelps can mean about anything depending on a variety of factors such as number, cadence, volume, and more. To keep it simple, just remember they're primarily used by hens as locator or brood-assembly calls, and they're also used as a vocal indicator that a female is ready to breed Although we think of the kee-kee lost call as a sound made by poults, turkeys kee-kee all year long, says Ruiz, and it's not only the young birds that make the sound. In the spring he will..

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The most commonly heard sound in the turkey woods is made by the hen, and it's called a yelp. Toms also yelp, but it's louder, raspier and often more drawn-out than that of hens. The yelp is usually delivered in a series of one-note tunes. However, yelps can take on various forms Gobbler clucks are often low-pitched when compared to a hen's. Clucks for both turkey hens and toms can be spaced out, often two to three seconds or more between calls. Sometimes the bird might make just one. This sound may be soft or loud, situation depending Plain Yelp of Hen The yelp is a basic turkey sound. It is often delivered in a series of single note vocalizations and can have different meanings depending on how the hen uses it. The audio is in the MP3 format A female turkey, or hen, makes a number of sounds, including a yelp, cackle, cutting, putt and purr. These sounds are used for specific purposes. The yelp is a series of single-note vocalizations that hens use under various circumstances, one of which is to reassemble a flock that has become scattered

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  1. Hen Cluck: Fall Jake Cutting Hen Purring Tom Gobbling Morning in a Turkey Roost Tom Gobbling and Jakes Yelping Barred Owl: Ocellated Turkey Sounds. To learn more about ocellated turkeys, or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hunt these exotic birds with Turkey & Turkey Hunting Contributing Editor Lovett E. Williams, Jr., click here
  2. As far as female turkey sounds go, hens usually purr when they are content and feeding. Purrs can be used as they move through a woodlot, for example, just to keep in touch. Gobblers also produce a fighting purr, but this is very different sounding and has a definitely different meaning
  3. Save the best for last. This is the sound you want to hear in the woods; it's obviously one of the principal vocalizations of the male turkey. This sound is an indication that a tom, or jake, is excited and wants a hen. It is used also to attract hens but also to deter other toms and jakes
  4. ESH Custom Calls Turkey Box Call for Hunting - Wooden Gobbler Turkey Caller with Realistic Hen Sounds - Turkey Hunting Accessories for Beginner and Pro Hunters. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 118. $44.49
  5. The striker can be used on both sides of the box, which allows you to sound like a sweet and loving hen or an old raspy tom. With a little practice, you can use the old faithful two-sided Lynch Box..
  6. Another very clean and mastered turkey hen calling. Can be used to call male Tom or Gobbler

ESH Custom Calls Turkey Box Call for Hunting - Wooden Gobbler Turkey Caller with Realistic Hen Sounds - Turkey Hunting Accessories for Beginner and Pro Hunters. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 155. $74.99 An alarmed turkey will putt loudly. Both the hens and gobblers will make this sounds and it is a sound no turkey hunter wants to hear during the hunt as it usually means you have been spotted and the warning is going out to every other turkey within hearing range. The toms will drum, spit, gobble and putt loudly when alarmed Sounding like a real turkey is a matter of matching the tone and cadence. (Bill Konway photo) 1. You've Got Bad Rhythm. You can match turkey sounds perfectly, but if you're making them at the wrong cadence - too fast or too slow - you don't sound like a turkey, and so you'll rarely call one in Turkey Call Sounds | Effects | Sound Bites | Sound Clips from SoundBible.com Free. Get Very clean and mastered turkey hen calling. Can be used to call male Tom or Gobbler.

W hen it comes to calling turkeys in the spring, we 're being a bit unnatural. In the turkey woods, toms gather on strutting grounds and try to call hens to them. Hunters are doing just the opposite: making hen sounds to bring toms to them. For this reason, it pays to develop confident turkey calling skills The Serious Turkey Hunter's Audio Guides for Learning and Duplicating the Voices and Vocabulary of Wild Turkeys. The only audiocassette and CD recordings available of wild turkey vocalizations all recorded in 100% wild conditions. Great way to hear and learn what turkeys sound like and what their calls mea Cutt: Lonely, lost or excited hens use fast, irregular clucks when searching for other turkeys, especially in the spring. A series of cutts lasts 5 to 15 seconds and is usually loud and aggressive. Cackle: Hens cackle in 10- to 20-note series when flying up to and down from roost trees, and also when sailing across creeks, rivers, canyons and. Hen Calls Female adult turkeys, or hens, make many types of calls including clucks, purrs, putts, cutts and others. But the staple call they use to attract a potential mate is called the yelp. The Call: Yelp A yelp is a series of short, high-pitched sounds that a hen uses to call to its clutch, other hens and to gobblers in an effort to find a. Hen Yelp. Gobblers make yelps, just like hens do, but hen calls are usually higher pitched and faster than toms.They yelp to communicate with each other, and yelps are commonly used during the spring mating season (which is why it's so important to master for turkey hunting).Hens usually make yelps in a series of 5 to 6 notes at a time, with pauses between sequences

FREE Turkey Calling Sounds Starter Kit. Sign up now to download and listen to your turkey calling sounds kit, plus receive Turkey & Turkey Hunting's newsletter full of news, tips and offers. Our FREE package of turkey sounds will help you practice your turkey calling skills. It includes the following recordings: Young Turkey Keeing; Plain Hen. A cackle is comprised of fast, irregular clucks and yelps. It is followed up with more subtle clucks when the turkey hits the ground. This call varies quite a bit and I've included several samples of fly down cackles. Sound File - Fly Down Cackle. Sound File - Fly Down Cackle 2. Sound File - Fly Down Cackle 3 GarrettW. This is more of a story than a question, but one of my 13-week old turkeys (a hen) likes to talk to my 5-week old turkey poults. She makes a soft clucking sound at them like she is being friendly, but once she reaches them she'll start to peck them. I've just been thinking of it as her luring them into a false sense of security just.

One of turkey hunting's biggest draws is carrying on a conversation with a gobbler or old boss hen. Sure, you can call to all types of game, but turkey hunting is unique in that you can have a call-and-answer, one-on-one dialogue with a wild bird. Much like with people, some talks with turkeys are.. Male turkeys produce gobbling sounds (calls) to attract female turkeys. Male turkeys frequently court female turkeys in a group led by a dominant and highest-ranked wild turkey. Interestingly, in a single flock of wild turkeys, one matured tom (alpha) can rule over a harem of females Again, he called softly, adding non-vocal sounds with confidence the hen's daily dusting and preening rituals could help bring a gobbler within range. Pitman often said the best turkey hunters are the ones who hunt on turkey time

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Free Turkey Calls is a sound app that you have to have if you are out hunting for turkeys or if you want to annoy someone with the sounds of turkeys. Each call can be looped or play once. Users can select multiple calls and loop them all together. Features: - Cluck - Cluck and Purr - Cutting of Excited Hen - Fly Down Cackle - Adult Hen ASsembly. Wild Turkey Sounds From gathering poults to finding a mate, wild turkeys make a vast array of sounds. Below are common calls you can hear in the turkey woods. Cluck - The cluck consists of one or more short, staccato notes. The plain cluck, many times, includes two or three single note clucks Jensen Afield: The sweet sound of a hen turkey. Seated against a big pine tree, behind a ground blind, I was sending out a series of urgent yelps when I heard the distinct sound of a hen, off to my left. I turned my head to the direction of her high-pitched yelps and waited for her to appear Now turkey hunters have an easy-to-use call that reproduces that same sound. The call is easy to operate, as Salter demonstrated. Simply blow into the call while depressing the lever. This puts pressure on the internal Infinity Latex® reed and the high-pitched breeding hen sound is produced

No two hens sound the same, he says. So using more than one call type makes perfect sense while working a gobbler. I'll run a mouth call, slate call, and a box call almost simultaneously Bone Collector | Fully Loaded Turkey Calling Guide. Whatever level of turkey calling you are currently at, whether you sound like an eerily sounding sick, crippled hen, a near perfect lonesome lady, or a sweet sounding, seductive, fluent turkey talker, you could always use a little more practice in the final weeks before turkey season The Hen Box turkey call was first designed by Mr. Turpin back in the early 1900's. This is a hewn out box call with straight side walls, and no spring. The paddle can be canted inward to manipulate the call for a variety of hen sounds. These calls are known for their unique sound, and how well the turkeys respond to them Each sound has a general meaning and can be used for different situations. Male turkeys are notorious for their iconic gobble, which unlike other calls, is given with a fixed intensity. Listen to all the sounds made by the wild turkey on our Wild Turkey Sounds page. They Roost. Roosting in trees in an important element in the life of a wild turkey

Turkey hunters mimic various hen sounds like yelps, clucks, and purrs, to convince a male, or tom, turkey to come into shotgun or bow range. Many new turkey hunters are intimidated by the wide range of turkey sounds and the different types of man-made calls on the market Sounds of the wild turkey: Cluck, putt, purr, keekee and more. In addition to the familiar gobble of the male, wild turkeys produce a wide vocabulary of sounds, each communicating something exact.

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This Hen call is made from Red Cedar and features a Wild Cherry lid. Great little call will make all the turkey sounds you need in spite of it's amazingly small size. Big on sound and very easy to run. Comes with a call bag. Box is 6 long and lid is 8. Chalk included too. $ 50.00 ESH Turkey Mouth Calls - Must-Have Turkey Hunting Accessories - Foolproof Diaphragm Calls with Realistic Turkey Sounds for Beginner and Pro Hunters 4.4 out of 5 stars 265 $13.99 $ 13 . 99 - $76.99 $ 76 . 9

Merriam's hens don't have as sharp of a cut as other subspecies of turkey hens. It's more of a popping or pit sound. Listening to real Merriam's hen calls helps identify the difference in their calls versus other subspecies. To produce the pit sound, Grossenbacher blows the air through the side of the call and smacks his lips together. Turkey hunters commonly try and create hen turkey noises to call a gobbler into their hunting location. Below are some of the most common types of calls and sounds. Cluck: Clucks are a common call and very easy to make using all types of turkey calls. Purr: Purrs are a sound often made by hens when they are content and feeding. These can be.

In spring, mature turkey hens determine the timing of breeding. Toms begin their cacophonous gobbling sounds, alerting other males and females. In addition to gobbling, toms make elaborate displays to attract females. They strut, drag their wings and long tail feathers in the dirt, puff out their beards and most spectacularly, fan their. Life and Times of a Turkey Nest. Nesting on the ground is a risky business. Each day is full of danger and brings a new challenge for a nesting hen, which is what makes their feat so impressive. Poults are extremely susceptible to weather and predators in the first four weeks after they hatch. If they make it past that point, the production is. Each Turkey Call is crafted from premium materials and hand-tuned to produce realistic sounds that will bring in turkeys from afar. Includes Raspy Old Hen Box Call, Raspy Old Hen Glass Friction Call with Striker, and Premium Flex Raspy Old Hen Diaphragm Call. Raspy Old Hen Box Call: CNC machined from a solid billet of select cherry woo Some turkey calls even have gender differences, for example, female turkeys, or hens, may use a series of yelps to gather their young (called poults) while male turkeys are typically the gobblers, who use this vocalization as a sort of mating call. Kids and adults alike will enjoy learning about the wide range of turkey sounds

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Turkey Sounds. 6 Tracks 31214 Views. Turkey Talk. 2 Tracks 14023 Views. Bobcat sounds. 13 Tracks 922943 Views. Deer Sounds. 25 Tracks 1139565 Views. COMMENTS. RECOMMENDED SOUNDBOARDS. Ultimate Duke Nukem Soundboard. 58 Tracks. This is the ultimate Duke Nukem soundboard, with new stuff added as I find it.. ESH Custom Calls Turkey Box Call for Hunting - Wooden Gobbler Turkey Caller with Realistic Hen Sounds - Turkey Hunting Accessories for Beginner and Pro Hunters 4.5 out of 5 stars 156 $74.99 $ 74 . 9 Keep in mind the same growth that hides you can muffle turkey sounds and make it more challenging to zero in on them. Decoys. Use a single decoy - if any. And realism really helps now. More than ever, realistic decoys seem to aid the hunter greatly as that old gobbler eyeballs your setup to gauge the interest of the hen he hears A certain number of hens will also sport a beard at some point, which is why many regulations allow a bearded turkey during the turkey hunting season. In the video below, you'll see that while hunting these call-shy gobblers , in particular, there was a surprise super jake encounter Re-nesting rates vary by year, and the age of the hen is an important factor. Adult hens are more likely to lay a second clutch than juvenile hens, simply because they are more experienced nesters and are in better physical condition. Studies of Eastern wild turkey hen nesting indicate that 30 to 70 percent of adult hens that lost their first.

Hens, toms and jakes all yelp, but hens yelp the most. It's a loud, clear sound that turkeys use to find each other, making it a good call to mimic for spring tom hunting. Toms will gobble to yelping and hens will yelp on their way to a gobbling tom. So, once you have a gobble in answer to your yelps, cut back on the calls Thanks to its ease of use and realistic sounds, the pot call, also known as the friction call, is a favorite choice for both beginner and novice turkey hunters. Its ability to recreate a hen's yelps, cuts, clucks and purrs makes it a must-have piece of equipment for the turkey woods The sound — or lack of sounds — was frustrating to say the least. A gobbler that I had in my sights roosted the evening before had simply glanced around him in the faint morning's daylight, and then he stepped off the thick limb where he was perched. On outstretched wings that silent gobbler glided over to mingle with a large flock of turkey hens that were flying down from roosts and. And a sound like no other. The custom pot is built with stabilized Brazilian cherry and includes a custom Dymondwood® striker. It handles the elements without ever losing that consistent, true turkey sound. The slate calling surface produces the full range of hen turkey talk and gets results when other calls won't The design realistically produces the sounds of a hen on one side and the sounds of a gobbler on the other. A great call for a beginner or a seasoned veteran. The World Champion has been a favorite for more than 75 years. Model # 102 Legacy Collection Order No

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  1. TURKEY FACT #4: Tom turkeys aren't the only ones that swagger and fan their tail feathers to woo mates and ward off rivals. Some hens strut, too. A wild turkey investigates a sound at Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge in New Hampshire. (Photo: Matt Poole/USFWS) TURKEY FACT #5: Young turkeys — called poults — scarf down insects like candy.
  2. What sound does a female turkey make. Turkeys can make a wide range of sounds like gobbling, putt,pur, kee, clicks, and cutting sound. All these sounds are different in meaning and situation. The Assembly call of hens for poults is loud yelp to gather young ones. Here is a video of the best wild hen turkey sound calling poult
  3. The Thunder Ridge hardwood turkey call is made with a two-piece hardwood striker and a specific conditioning pad that produces hen turkey vocalizations. It has a two-piece hardwood striker fitted with an EZ-Gripper ring and a built-in striker conditioning pocket for improved grip
  4. The calls to make in the fall are also different from the spring calls. The hunter is merely trying to imitate the sound of a hen turkey that is trying to locate other birds from its flock. The most common calls to imitate in the fall are the adult hen assembly yelp, the juvenile hen kee-kee, or in the case of mature toms, coarse gobbler.

The mating ritual of wild turkeys is an interesting dance. Certainly it begins with the gobbler displaying for hens. Out of the mix a receptive hen will parade close to her suitor. She will circle him, get his attention and once he becomes interested the two become locked in a beautiful ballet The turkey hunter's goal is to sound like a lonely hen ready for a springtime courtship rendezvous. The male wild turkey uses his gobble to entice a harem of hens while also trying to sound.

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Turkey hunting takes a lot of patience, but it's great to be out in the woods early in the morning watching and listening for wildlife. Spring turkey hunting involves making hen turkey sounds to try to get a gobbler to come near you. In the fall turkeys aren't mating, so making hen sounds won't bring gobblers to you Putt: Turkey hens signal danger with a single or several sharp putts. Spit and drum: Toms make this soft, guttural sound when strutting. Yelp: This series of single notes is the most common sound wild turkeys make. It's used by a hen looking for a tom or by a turkey to let other turkeys know it's nearby. A turkey assembly call is a series. FoxPro has presented a slate turkey call with a Diamondwood striker. An eye catchy laser etched design with sound ports are built on the back of a call. It is called as a burnt osage pot call. The striker can produce a variety of hen turkey sound variations

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To use a turkey call, start by listening to recordings of wild turkeys to hear what they actually sound like. Then, get a box call and wipe down the moving surfaces with a wax-free chalk. To do a yelp call, hold the box in one hand and the lid in the other, and slowly slide the lid across the open box with pressure The push button call is probably the easiest turkey call to use. Made from wood (primarily walnut) and/or plastic, push button calls can produce realistic sounds imitating turkey hen clucks, purrs, and yelps. Since they are so easy to use, push button calls are very popular among new turkey hunters Most North American kids learn turkey identification early, by tracing outlines of their hands to make Thanksgiving cards. These big, spectacular birds are an increasingly common sight the rest of the year, too, as flocks stride around woods and clearings like miniature dinosaurs. Courting males puff themselves into feathery balls and fill the air with exuberant gobbling This call produces crisp and clean sounds of the Wild Turkey such as clucks, flydowns and cutting of an excited hen. It also produces a higher pitched hem yelpthat absolutely drives the gobbler crazy.Field tested and proven, this is one call that you will want in your turkey vest for both spring and fall seasons. Item No. 310 $39.99

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Only about 10 percent of hens have beards. Box call: A turkey hunting classic, the box call was patented by Henry Gibson in 1897. As the name implies, the call is a small coffin-shaped box that creates a sound chamber and is operated by running the lid of the call along the edges of the box McGraw: If I were told I could do only use one sound this year while hunting, it would be the plain hen yelp. That is the sound that I hear most often from hens during the spring

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  1. One of turkey hunting's biggest draws is carrying on a conversation with a gobbler or old boss hen. Sure, you can call to all types of game, but turkey hunting is unique in that you can have a call-and-answer, one-on-one dialogue with a wild bird. Much like with people, some talks with turkeys are easier than others
  2. e the lower breast feathers. The tips of male turkeys are black whereas in hens they are white or buff colored
  3. Ring-necked Pheasants stride across open fields and weedy roadsides in the U.S. and southern Canada. Males sport iridescent copper-and-gold plumage, a red face, and a crisp white collar; their rooster-like crowing can be heard from up to a mile away. The brown females blend in with their field habitat. Introduced to the U.S. from Asia in the 1880s, pheasants quickly became one of North America.
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Look for the presence of leg spurs to spot a male turkey. The legs of a male turkey will have spurs, which are small spike-shaped bumps near the foot. They range from less than 1 ⁄ 2 inch (1.3 cm) in male turkeys that are less than a year old up to 2 inches (5.1 cm) in turkeys over 4 years old. On older turkeys they should be visible from a. An underrated spring and fall sound Perhaps the most underutilized sound that will achieve our objectives in both the spring and the fall is a simple purr, the soft, contented sound that turkeys emit when they are feeding. If turkeys of any age or either sex have been pursued hard, the sounds of a relaxed turkey purring is enough to calm the most over agitated gobbler or hen A male turkey is called a tom or a gobbler, a female turkey a hen, and a baby turkey a poult or chick. A young male turkey is called a jake and a young female is called a jenny. A group of wild turkeys is called a flock, a group of domesticated turkeys is commonly referred to as a rafter

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  1. The Raspy Old Hen Combo includes the Raspy Old Hen box and glass friction turkey calls and a Premium Flex diaphragm call. The Raspy Old Hen box call is only available in this combo pack. This box call is a custom handmade, hybrid boat-paddle-style design. It easily produces high-pitched front-end notes on yelps and raspy, high-pitched cutting. The call is constructed with a one-piece cherry.
  2. Probably the best way to learn the yelping sequence of the hen turkey is to listen to a good caller or to a turkey-calling instructional record. If you are halfway serious about learning the basic calls, practice the yelping sequence outdoors throughout the year and don't wait until the day before the hunt to review your calling instructions.
  3. Mom talk. Cluck-Short, low-pitched and repetitive sounds that says Stay close. Food call-Short, high-pitched and staccato tuck-tuck-tuck that says Come get the food I just found!. Hush sound-Soft, vibrating errrr that sends chicks running for mom's feathers or flattening silently to the ground. It says Stay put, there's danger
  4. Turkey Sounds Benefits: Ability to work in the background. Off-line operation, no data connection needed After Download. No in-app fees (totally free app) Set any Turkey Sounds as Ringtone, Alarm tone, Notification tone. So install Turkey ringtone today for your phone. Make your phone ringtone different from the other

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Hen turkey and poults by Tim Venchus Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0. Sounds: Turkeys use a variety of sounds for communication. The gobble is the most well-known, but they also use other calls such as yelps, clucks, purrs, and putts to attract mates, signal danger, or just keep in touch with the rest of the flock The real hen is made with 3.5 reeds of Prophylactic with a deep V cut. Seasoned hunters know that when Prophylactic is stretched properly it can produce the most realistic sounds available in a mouth call. If the TOP CALLS staff had to carry just one mouth call in the woods, it would be the Real Hen Hunter's Specialties® Squealing Hen Wild Turkey Call. Innovative design, simple to use, deadly results! Reproduces the sound a hen turkey makes during breeding, triggering an internal frenzied response from gobblers to seek and find the source of the sound. The Squealing Hen call was developed by H.S. pro staffer Eddie Salter Hens, toms and jakes all yelp, but hens yelp the most. It's a loud, clear sound that turkeys use to find each other, making it a good call to mimic for spring tom hunting. Toms will gobble to yelping and hens will yelp on their way to a gobbling tom. So, once you have a gobble in answer to your yelps, cut back on the calls

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Guy Zuck talks turkey, literally—and he doesn't need a call to sound better than your most practiced reed. Guy competed in voice calling competitions in his youth, placing second in the World Voice Calling Championship in 1991. When he puts a reed in his mouth, he somehow sounds even more like a turkey—a super sexy hen turkey to be exact in the turkey woods. Made by a male turkey, the sound of this call is what gives the male the nickname Gobbler. It is the male turkey's mating call, a way to tell the hens, Hey! I've arrived! A female turkey is called a hen and the male turkey is called a gobbler and for a good reason. Only male turkeys make that adorable gobbling sound; hens cluck and make small, chirp-like noises Vintage Lee's Champion Gobble Box Hen Turkey Calls This listing is for this vintage call box for hunting turkey. It was made by Lee Call. Inc. It more is called Lee's Champion Gobble Box. It is a well crafted piece with great call sounds. It is in very nice condition and hardly used. It measures approximately 9 inches long

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  1. The app also includes helpful calling sequences from Scott Ellis' hunts so you can see how to use these sounds in your calling, including: Hen in the Cover Aggressive Calling Talking to the Hens Distance of a Gobbler Turkey Tech has two additional how-to videos that teach you how to choose and use a mouth call
  2. Only the adult male turkey makes the gobbler, gobble sound. The adult male is called the tom turkey. The female or hen turkey makes a gentle clucking or clicking sound. The hen never gobbles. Strutting His Stuff. In pictures and drawings, the male turkey is usually shown in his proudest moment
  3. Mix sounds together if you like but be careful not to scare away a tom! If this is your first time to use turkey it is recommended that you do a bit of research before using them. Calls in the app:-Cluck & Purr-Clucks-Tree Calling-Crow sounds-Fly down cackles-Gobbling-Kee Run-Old Hen Assembly-Owl Hooting-Plain Hen Yelp-Purrs 1-Purrs 2-Putts-Callin
  4. The Pro Crystal turkey call is a great call for the beginner because it is so easy to learn.This call is compact and it comes with a crystal pot, wood striker and sanding tool. I will make realistic sounds of a hen turkey and tone pitch can vary as you move across the crystal surface
  5. Hen- A hen is an adult female turkey. During the mating season, the gobbler uses specific sounds to attract the hen. Jake- A jake is a young immature male turkey. A jake does not gobble as much as a gobbler due to its age. Jenny- A jenny is a young female turkey which is less than a year old
  6. Wild Turkey Hen Calling and Yelping Sounds. App Features: - Play/Stop, random sound - Offline - Favorites - Auto replay - Set as ringtone, notification and alarm clock
  7. 6. Mimic other turkey sounds besides calls. If birds are quiet from hard hunting pressure, forget calling or call just one time. Then cup your hand and pull back leaves sharply to simulate a hen scratching for food. Also try flapping a turkey wing carried in your vest to imitate a hen stretching her wings. 7
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Sound is obviously an important aspect, since that is what your turkey box call is going to produce. The best box will produce a wide range of sounds like yelping, cutting, clucking, purring, and even gobble. Turkeys are very vocal animals, and this range of sounds along with volume, tone, and range are all important considerations The Perfect Turkey Calls. We've developed some of the best turkey calls in the United States, giving the WoodHaven brand the name and recognition you've already come to know. We have committed ourselves to be the best turkey call manufacturer and developers out there, and the proof is in the sound quality and realism built into each call It is used by lost or lonely hens searching for other turkeys, and is also used by hens in the Spring to announce to males that they are ready to mate. Excited Yelp. Click Here to Play Sound. The excited yelp indicates that a turkey is worked up about something. Kee Kee Run or Lost Call Click Here to Play Sound

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It's the little things that will help pull that turkey within range. Decoying: Hens have yet to be bred. Gobblers' testosterone is high and caution is low. So fights are frequent. The most effective decoy set for early-season gobblers is a strutting decoy, accompanied with a hen. Place the hen decoy in feeding or alert mode Vintage KNIGHT & HALE LONESOME HEN MODEL 169 TURKEY CALL Sounds Great. $53.85 + $5.00 shipping + $5.00 shipping + $5.00 shipping. Knight & Hale KH105 Squeeze Box Turkey Call. $5.00 + shipping + shipping + shipping. Knight & Hale - KH 114 Box Call MINI JENNY Turkey Call. $30.00