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  1. em attacks - every story has at least two sides to it..
  2. r/CredibleDefense: *This is a subreddit dedicated to collating articles and opinion pieces relating to national security issues. *This is not at all
  3. Plaintiff attorney credibility, defense attorney credibility, and strength of evidence interacted with one another for liability verdicts. In the strong evidence condition, the likelihood of a liable verdict was higher for a credible plaintiff attorney than a non‐credible plaintiff attorney when facing a non‐credible defense attorney
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  5. Army. Forum for Chinese Ground Forces, chinese army (PLA), the peoeple's armed police and the special forces. Discuss topics related to army's equipment and weapon systems, force size, mobility and firepower. Discuss army's logistics and engineering as well as combat tactics deployed by the infantry, artillery and armored divisions. Threads. 360
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  1. Reddit Reacts™. 2021-05-07 21:50:42 Facebook's Oversight Board upholds Trump's Facebook (temporary) and Twitter ban. Trump complains (Total disgrace and embarrassment to the US) and launches a new site (blog) while Reddit either praises or slams it, link the board to Soros, and demand with Republicans that the company be broken up
  2. Biden declares the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021 the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War. Reddit either agrees or join the pile-on by citing what they feel are worse: 9/11 and other terrorist attacks, BLM riots, Hitler, Presidential killings, past lack of women's/Black rights, etc
  3. Decision‐making in civil litigation: Effects of attorney
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Biden's approval rating is polled at 60%

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