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  2. Blue Green/Copper Red Glaze Cone 6 oxidation or reduction From Rick Malmgren, Ceramics Monthly, October 2000 Wright's Water Blue Glaze Ceramic Publications Company | 10 tried and true cone 6 glaze recipes Cone 6 Cone 6 Cone 6 X 5! three-month artist-in-residence program at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Visit our gallery to see these glazes affect. Oxidation Cone 6 Glaze Recipes: 1) Speckled Gold. Cone 5-6. Kona F-4 Feldspar. (Substitute: Soda Feldspar NC-4) Cornwall Stone. Whiting. OM-4 Ball Clay Jun 4, 2017 - Explore Connie King's board cone 6 reduction, followed by 127 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about ceramic glaze recipes, glaze recipe, cone This bowl with Malcolm Davis Shino Glaze was fired to Cone 6 in reduction. There seem to be a few obstacles in getting potters to convert to the idea of mid-range firing. First, there is the inertia of their current practice Here are a couple of cone 6 reduction glazes to try: Vivikas cone 2-6 reduction (Can go higher) 8.27 Zinc Oxide. 17.54 Colemanite. 6.71 Barium Carbonate. 6.44 Talc. 38.56 G200 Feldspar. 22.48 Flint. Add: 1% Bentonite

Although I have found the new cone 6 oxidation glazing very interesting, I am feeling the need to return to cone 10 reduction. At the time I was working, Kingman feldspar was what everyone was using. Also we recently moved and my glaze book is missing in action This article gave some recipes for Cone 9 Copper Red Glazes that had some interesting hues and effects! Article in Ceramics Monthly. Although many of the chemicals are not ones that I normally use, it might be worth giving them a try. Here are the recipes: A Rogue's Gallery of Reds-Page 1. A Rogue's Gallery of Reds-Page 2 Recipes Glaze List for Fundamentals of Glazing: The Basics MALCOLM'S SHINO. Cone 10 Reduction. 40.90 Nepheline Syenite 9.80 Kona F- 4 Feldspar 18.20 EPK Kaolin 13.20 Kentucky Ball Clay 17.30 Soda Ash. Add: 6.0 % Red Art (Optional ) ASLEIGH'S FAKE ASH Cone 6 (oxidation or reduction) 30.0 Whiting 5.0 Dolomite 10.0 Frit 3134 10.0 Silic

As a studio, we are working towards converting over to firing cone 6 reduction regularly, and reducing (HA!) the number of our cone 9 reduction firings. Shown are a few different shinos: Sprague Shino, Malcolm' Shino, and Carbon Trap Shino. All cone 9 reduction glazes, unaltered, fired to cone 6 in reduction. Another cone 9 glaze, Shaner's Red. Rutile Mat, cone 6, ox. 20 Whiting 56 Neph. Syenite 18 Kaolin 6 Silica ADD 7 Rutile 9 Zinc. Ox. Glaze test for Silky White, cone 6, ox. 48 Neph. Syenite 25 Silica 18 Whiting 8 Zinc 8 EPK Kaolin 4 Tin Oxide ===== 111 gr. Semi gloss, soft white glaze, even and covering. Regards from Alisa in Denmark Cone: 5-6 Finish: Tenmoku Atmosphere: Neutra Nov 1, 2019 - Explore Renee Baxter's board Cone 6 glaze recipes on Pinterest. See more ideas about ceramic glaze recipes, glaze, glaze recipe Heath Shino 3 ^6 Glaze Glaze. Ceramic Recipes 6 Ox. Hansen's Satin Matt base G1214Z Clear. Ceramic Recipes 10 ; Heino Turquoise ^10 Glaze. Ceramic Recipes. Test 6 ; Bailey's Red 2 Kaki, Tomato Red. Ceramic Recipes ? Peter Legstrump Fischer Rutile Blue Glaze Glaze. Ceramic Recipes 5-6 ; Jan's Barium Blue Matt Crater Crater. Cone 5/6 Glazes. All of these glaze recipes have been tested on white, mid-range clay fired to cone 5 in oxidation. Clay body: a white stoneware body for mid-range (cone 5/6), or so-called porcelain clay body (cone 5/6) commercially available.. Bisque firing temperatures: Cone 05 (1910F), fired in an automatic (computer-controlled) electric kiln for approximately 10 hours, after 6 - hours.

Posted March 3, 2018. here is a red ^6 Oxidation glaze. Th recipe is in my gallery under forum discussions. The tin and chrome are in the stain. Recipe ^6 Oxidation red. This is using 10% deep crimson Mason stain in a glaze altered by Ron Roy for Sue Hintz. Version#2 ^6 OXIDATION Cone 6 Floating Blue Glaze Recipe Description. A discussion by Jonathan Kaplan on dealing the with fickle nature of this glaze. Article. The following is a submission from Jonathan Kaplan jonathan@csn.net to the Clayart discussion group on the Internet.. I've been a participant on this list for probably 5 years or so, and it amazes me that for this length of time, there are many re-occurring.

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  1. Recipe Name Cone 6 Surface Semiglossy Color medium blue Firing Reduction Denim Blue Recipe Set Pancioli ^6 Reduction Test Sample IDs 5/2/2008 Date Created 12/20/2008 Date Printed This is a Val Cushing glaze; the master has done it again
  2. Glazy Ceramics Pottery Recipe: Glaze, Chun, Cone 5, Oxidation. Deep Purple pg. 126 over Selsor Chun with 2% Copper Carb. Deep Purple Cone 6 Oxidation Custer Feldspar 27 Nepheline Syenite 14 Silica 33 Whiting 12 Magnesium Carbonate 1.7 Gerstley Borate 8.6 Lithium Carbonate 3.7 Add Tin Oxide 4.8 Chrome Oxide 0.17 Cobalt Carbonate 0.6 Bentonite 2.
  3. Julio Galloway, Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher Pitchers, 2010. 16 x 8 x 8 in. (40.6 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm). Porcelain; cone 6; neutral to oxidation atmosphere in soda. Photo by artist. (Glaze recipes on pages 162, 163, and 161.) Apply decals, china paints, and gold lusters: This is typically done on top of a glaze before a lower temperatur
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I too have been playing with temmoku glazes at cone 6 oxidation. I just took this pot out of the kiln over the weekend. It is a layer of modified (RIO up to 14%) Rick Malmgren's Temmoku, from CM 10/2000, with a rim dip and spatter of a second glaze on top UT CONE 10 GlAZES Revised Spring 2007 Ohata Khaki Custer Feldspar 49 E.P.K. Kaolin 6 Whiting 7 Talc 6 Flint 22 Bone Ash 10 Red Iron Oxide 10 Bentonite 2.00 Epsom salts 0.25 Reitz Purple Matte E.P.K. Kaolin 25 Whiting 5 Dolomite 20 Cornwall Stone 50 Cobalt Carbonate . Feb 24, 2021 - Explore Geni Stephenson's board clay cone 5 and 6 glaze recipes, followed by 275 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about ceramic glaze recipes, glaze, glaze recipe Subject: Cone 6 Reduction Glaze Recipes Does anyone have a few cone 6 reduction glaze recipes that they would share with me. I only want 2 or 3 and only ones that someone has used and are satisfie= d with. I know that doesn't guarentee success with my clay and circumstances, but I figure its a good start

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  1. Glaze Recipes Prints and Drawings Keramisk Fotografi Internal Glaze: Celadon B. C3 Celadon B/Jun's A+++++ Celadon (Cone 6 Reduction) A Blue/Green Celadon, this glaze reacts strongly to the iron present in the clay body. White porcelains and stoneware with low iron content result in a strong blue
  2. Achieving Reduction Like Look with Cone 6 Oxidation! February 22, 2017 ~ potterybyshikha. Tea bowls, wheel thrown, faceted, sprayed with multiple glazes, cone 6 Oxidation. A few years ago I was showing my work at my favorite art show, the Texas Clay Festival. As people walked into my booth and handled my pots, the single most common question.
  3. 20 feb 06. cone 6 breaking glazes (free recipes help everyone) 1. cone 6, 2.. Cone 6, cone 10 and raku glaze recipes, with some photographs of results. Marilee's Lava Glaze, Cone 6, oxidation or reduction.. The potters that submitted these glaze recipes can not be held accountable for any problems you may have with their recipes! oxidation), submitted by Tom Gray

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Jun 6, 2019 - Explore Scott S's board Cone 6 Glazes on Pinterest. See more ideas about ceramic glaze recipes, pottery, glaze The Middle Glazes - The Story of Mid-Temperature Glazes. This self guided workshop is a comprehensive, 54 part study into Mid-Temperature glazes. Also known as Cone 6 or Cone 5-6, these glazes are one of the most popular firing temperatures in ceramics. They can be beautiful, enticing, engaging and incredibly frustrating A line blend of ash from 40-60% is a good place to start. Below are tests of a local Jiangxi stoneware body, Tianbao, mixed with unwashed ash from my wood stove. Glazes dipped onto bisqued porcelain and dark stoneware tiles, then fired in reduction to Orton Cone 10. Stoneware 40% Wood Ash 60%. Orton Cone 10 Reduction. Stoneware 40% Wood Ash 60% Custer Feldspar 36.00 Quartz 30.00 Whiting 22.00 OM-4 6.00 Wood Ash (unwashed) 3.00 Talc 2.00 Bone Ash 2.00 Notes: This a ∆10 Reduction glaze that will fire to a Creamy White with low gloss to satiny finish. Good over tenmoku, will run if applied too thick over thic Glorious Glazes With Great Working Properties. Imagine making your cone 10R glaze recipes typically using 90%+ of just one material and adding colorants, opacifiers, variegators, glossers or matters! Or doing the same at cone 6 with an additional 20% boron frit. Plus you get the bonus of great working properties!. At cone 10R

4. Base recipe thanks to Judith Marks. Crater Rim Ceramics, Hawaii. Majolica White - cone 6-7. The bottle on the right is coated with a thin spray of Majolica. The glaze was wiped off the design portion, to provide contrast, before a thin coat of glaze was added. Applied thick this is an opaque, white glaze Hi Tracey, love your glazes would love the recipe for Woo yellow please. Years ago I always fired to cone 10 reduction these days I have an electric kiln and fire to cone 6. I need some new recipes and just love your Woo yellow. many thanks. January 21, 2019 at 4:07 P

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The test tiles came out well. Most of the new glazes look useful, and one delightful discovery was that some of my Cone 10 glazes will fire happily at Cone 8, and a slightly modified Cone 6 glaze that I had made up a lot of some years ago will fire at cone 8. I will put up some recipes as time permits over the next few weeks Cone 9-10 redux. from Anderson Ranch Arts Center 1986 glaze recipes . Custer Feldspar 47. Whiting 13. Zinc ox 4.5. Talc 3.5. Kaolin 5.5. Silica 15. Frit 3110 9. add: Copper Carb 1%. Bentonite 3% . MAMO Copper Red. cone 9-1

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Some people are investigating creating celadons for cone 6 oxidation using stains to impart the color. Related Information. Example of a logo done using a polymer plate. The buff stoneware mug is fired at cone 10R and celadon glazed. The recesses were colored with a tenmoku glaze (on bisque by painting it into the recesses and sponging away the. However, it looks just a nice sitting on a table. I have glazed this piece using a Cone 6 glaze called Chrome Tin Red. Its one of the most reliable cone 6 glazes I have ever used and you can experiment as I have done, by over spraying with other glazes to see what happens. Here I have used 'Fake Blue Ash' and a glaze called 'Nutmeg' Glaze Recipe ­ Previous Next black blue blue glaze chloride color variations cone 6 cone 10 ferric flashing gas reduction glaze glaze recipe green green glaze juice off white oxidation pit fire pottery raku recipe red glaze reduction Shino slip swamp white white crackle yellow Chrome oxide gives a burgundy/red when combined with tin oxide at cone 6 in oxidation (see Raspberry, Cranberry or Chrome Red glazes). This iconic cone 6 glaze needs a specific formulation to be successful. First, there needs to be a specific ratio of tin oxide to chrome oxide. Start with 0.1-0.5% chrome oxide and 7.5-9.0% tin oxide

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Chinese Glazes Russet Ding. Left: Potash Feldspar 26, Silica 25.5, Kaolin 34.5, Dolomite 10, Titanium Dioxide 1, Red Iron Oxide 10. Right: Potash Feldspar 30.5, Silica 30, Kaolin 28.5, Dolomite 7, Titanium Dioxide 1, Red Iron Oxide 5.5. Chinese Glazes Russet Ding 1 1310 Reduction; Chinese Glazes Russet Ding 2 1310 Reduction Whether you're just getting started with making glazes or you're a seasoned pro, there's something for everyone in Cone 5-6 Glazes: Materials and Recipes.This book features the research of more than thirty potters and glaze enthusiasts who have dedicated hundreds of hours of research into finding and understanding materials and glazes that provide the right effect for their pots

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Try our exclusive line of beautiful Cone 6 glazes developed by Mark Lueders and available only at The Ceramic Shop. Glazes are sold dry by the pound. Discount Amaco glaze, discount spectrum glaze, 30 % off Speedball glaze every day, duncan glaze and more at low prices at The Ceramic Shop of Philadelphia The cone 6 oxidation glaze recipes in today's feature were this stoneware plate has the naragon white glaze over blue green glaze, fired to cone 6 . december 19 floating blue cone 5-6 g2826x randy's red cone 5. g2851i ravenscrag blue/green cone 6 matte. g2852b 3: mtr - medium temperature glaze recipes (typecodes This one is called Dan's Copper Teal and it is a lovely glaze. I don't remember where I got it from (or who Dan is ) so I can't source it at the moment, but I will as soon as I figure it out. Also the recipe calls for Barium, but I don't mess with that nasty stuff so I substituted for Strontium Carbonate. Dan's Copper Teal: Cone 9-10.

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French Stoneware Black Tenmoku Blue Crystals By Olaf Stevens. Latest Firing Results Gas Reduction Cone 10 Marian Williams Pottery. Blue Celadon Glaze Recipe Cone 6. See also Easy Healthy Ahi Tuna Recipes. Yohen Tenmoku Origin Ayakashi Ghost Guild Onmyouroku Wiki. Cone 6 Electric Blue Glaze Combinations You Glaze name: Granite Average recipe Cone: 10 Color: Testing: Untested Surface: Firing: Oxidation or Reduction GlazeType: Recipe: Percent custer Feldspar 61.58 EPK 8.59 Dolomite 3.97 Whiting 0.76 Red Iron Oxide 4.35 Silica 20.41 Titanium dioxide 0.34 Totals: 100 % . Glaze name: Mamo Matte II Cone: 10 Color: Testing: Untested Surface: matte Firing. May 1, 2012 - Get the glaze recipe for Marilee's Lava Glaze, Cone 6, oxidation or reduction right here Glaze name: Tenmoku Cone: 9 Color: brown to black Testing: Untested Surface: shiny, glossy Firing: reduction Recipe: Custer feldspar 56.00 Silica 20.50 Whiting 16.00 Ball clay 7.50 Red iron oxide 8.00 Bentonite 2.16 Wood's Black Slip Cone: 10 Color: Black Testing: Surface: Firing: Ox. or Red. Glaze type: Slip Transparency: Opaque Recipe: Redart. In Cone 5-6 Glazes you'll discover an easy way to test, tips for glazing, and insights into key glaze materials such as frits, feldspars, iron, commercial stains, and more. If you're looking for glazes with a special effect, you'll find snowflake crackles, crystals, Bristols, and saturated mattes just to name a few

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Very simple recipe- the ZNO and SiO2 are both high purity: 99.8% - not purchased through the ceramic industry. I have found that when you fire to cone 10; the purity levels are not required because the additional heat burns off/runs off alot of it. However, when you do flat work at cone 6 the impurities effect the glaze Coyote Glazes Cone 5-6 Glazes. Coyote provides bold, bright, colors for your ware. The look of reduction in an electric kiln. Durable and not runny, these glazes are equally suited to both decorative and practical ware. They combine great with other Coyote glazes, especially the Archie's and Shino series GLAZE FORMULAS. Listed below are some cone 10 reduction glaze formulas used at ASU. All formula amounts are weights of materials. Several I modified and tested, several were developed by students in Kurt Weiser's ceramics classes, and some are ASU studio glazes. If you adjust the formulas, please let me know about your results Super Secret Glaze Tech - Chemistry and Cups. Below are articles from Ceramics Monthly/other magazines that communicate glazes, recipes, techniques, and just raw information that I hope to provide as a resource for those in need. Soon to come (in addition to my CM articles) will be a series of glaze lists with corresponding color tiles

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Georgies Raku Glazes (Cone 06). More Georgies Glazes: Interactive Pigments • Sculptural/Textural • Raku • Tie-Dye & Satin . Our unique raku glazes are ready to use. Brush, dip, pour or overlap for dramatic effects -- and remember you can use the black color of the smoked clay body as a design element in your work Aug 18, 2017 - Matte cream cone 6 glazes Ivory Tan White. Aug 18, 2017 - Matte cream cone 6 glazes Ivory Tan White. Aug 18, 2017 - Matte cream cone 6 glazes Ivory Tan White. Pinterest. Today. Clay Projects Clay Crafts Ceramic Glaze Recipes Creamed Mushrooms Ceramic Pottery Recipies Ivory Fire Studio. More information.. Half of these glaze tests are mixed using one of the 8 base glazes, to which the oxides are added. Different ingredients in the bases enhance different oxides. The remaining test tiles are glazed using individual recipes, most of which are sourced from the internet. Thank you to the ceramicists who shared them Matt B Glaze Cone 6 oxidation From Geoffrey Wheeler, Ceramics Monthly, January 2001 Fake Ash Glaze Cone 6 reduction From Diana Pancioli, Ceramics Monthly, June 2006 Floating Blue Glaze Cone 6 oxidation From Jeff Zamek, Ceramics Monthly, October 2001 Frasca Wood Ash Cone 6 oxidation or reduction From Harry Spring, Ceramics Monthly, October 200 Here is a great collection of cone 6 reduction glazes that was put together by Diana Pancioli from Eastern Michigan University. Diana has been a regular at the GTF meetings since the beginning and much of her research into cone 6 is due to the awareness of gas use and our need to reduce

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There will also be Frit demonstrations, glaze recipes, slide presentation and plenty of time for questions on all types of glazes. We will be doing a cone 6 reduction firing for shino, celadon, and copper red glazes. Please bring bisque ware made of cone 6 clay, (either porcelain or white stoneware) which we will glaze on Friday evening 5:30pm. Cone 6 Oxidation to Reduction. Since settling into the Craven's old place, I'm eagerly making the return to the cone 10 reduction glazes of my college years. For the past 8 or so years, I've been firing electric to cone 6. I really like the cone 6 clay body I use for my garden pots, and their size limits me to one per glaze fire (they must be.

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These 15 low-fire glaze recipes are arranged from a lower temperature to higher, with the firing range given in cones. The percentages given in these recipes are by weight, not by volume. Your glaze batches should be mixed using distilled water. Whenever you are trying out a new glaze, make small batches and test them Feb 1, 2021 - Explore principalpotter's board Cone 6 Glazes, followed by 1493 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about ceramic glaze recipes, glaze, glaze recipe As a studio, we are working towards converting over to firing cone 6 reduction regularly, and reducing (HA!) the number of our cone 9 reduction firings. Shown are a few different shinos: Sprague Shino, Malcolm' Shino, and Carbon Trap Shino. All cone 9 reduction glazes, unaltered, fired to cone 6 in reduction Tenmoku Glaze Recipe, ∆10 reduction. Notes: This is a ∆10 Reduction glaze that will fire to a dark brown to black and will break on edges with a shiny finish. Will run if applied too thick and/or over fired. As always, test for your ingredients and firing conditions. Note: This glaze adds up to 99% not 100%, that's how it was given to me.

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cone 6- oxidation/reduction . Ceday Heights redart 27.15 dolomite 23.80 barium sulfate 12.20 (I used strontium carb 9.15) ball clay 20.40 lithium carb 1.71 gerstely borate 9.64 bone ash 5.10 add: bentonite 1.00 epsom salts (to water) 1.00 . Pinnell strontium Matt glaze, cone 6 oxidation( good - needs to be thick and go to true ^6) lithium. Perhaps there remains the belief that cone six glazing materials are more costly than cone 10 glazes thus the perceived cost savings is dulled. I am not sure about that. Any non-fritted cone 6 glaze runs the same cost as a cone 10 glaze. The only exception being cone 11 translucent porcelains. But even here I am skeptical Recipes. Slips for cone 04-10 *Dense, white background for glazes in cone 03 electric. White to toasty brown/orange in cone 6 soda. Works well in a wide temp range in oxidation or reduction.* Slip Trailing Slip cone 04-10-I use a higher temperature clay body than I am firing to (e.g. cone 10 porcelain for cone 6 slip trailing slip and for. Reduction cycles are generally done from a half-hour to an hour and a half during the very last stages of the firing, before shutting the kiln down to cool. Do check your cone packs at least every fifteen minutes. Reduction causes most ceramic materials (such as your glazes) to melt faster

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Line blend tests using 5% - 15% of an equal - parts mixture of barium carbonate, dolomite, Gerstley borate and zinc oxide should result in interesting lower - temperature glazes. Green/Brown Glaze. (Cone 8 -9, reduction) Whiting. Albany Slip. Kentucky Ball Clay (OM 4) For a deeper brown, add 1% red iron Oxide. 15% cone packs after a C/9½ firing : KNaO .3 Al2O3 .5 SiO2 4.0 CaO .7 Here is the recipe after rounding up or down : Custer spar 45 Whiting 17 EPK 14 Silica 24 These glazes were fired at C/9½ redux. QIT Red Dust : QIT stands for Quebec Iron and Titanium. QIT owns an ilmenite mine in northeastern Quebec Crater glazes (cone 4-6) The ones used successfully contain cryolite. They are fired to mid-range cones (4-6), and require experimentation while firing, for the desired results. These two recipes are from the CM Handbook (1977), Ceramic Glazemaking, by. Richard Behrens, and are amongst many crater glazes (some with extinct o Studio Hints - Opalescent Chun Glaze - cone 5-6 Studio Hints from the Fall 2004 CAU Newsletter: Opalescent Mid-Fire Chun This translucent glaze has a brilliant, smooth gloss surface with an opalescent shimmer. Reduction fire to cone 5-6. Ferro Frit 3269 40 Whiting 9 Lithium carb. 2 EPK 9 Talc 7 Silica 33 Add: .5% cobalt carb. for royal blue with lavender/pink shimmer or 2% copper carb. for. Mar 30, 2015 - Cone 6 Oxidation Results Group 1 by Terry Rorison Since I have made the decision to concentrate on firing at Cone 6... Pinterest. Today. Explore. Glazes For Pottery Ceramic Pottery Ceramic Glaze Recipes Ceramic Techniques Juicy Fruit Pennsylvania Community Ethnic Recipes Group. More information..